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The Red Giant—a machine that grinds up cars

Reader Merilee sent me a link to this video, and the machine is flipping amazing—it grinds up whole cars into fragments, glass, wheels, and engines. Be sure to watch toward the end when the Beast pulverizes a bunch of engine blocks.  I don’t know how the Red Giant does it, but the YouTube video comes with […]

Isaac Asimov’s predictions for 2014

Roughly 50 years ago, on August 16, 1964, Isaac Asimov wrote an essay in the New York Times predicting what the world would be like fifty years hence. (He was inspired by the World’s Fair of 1964, to which my sister and I were taken by our parents.) It’s a longish piece, and concentrates on […]

Elizabeth Hasselbeck interviews (and praises) Ken Ham

This was, of course, on Fox News. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who was the immensely annoying conservative foil on the chat show The View, and was subsequently fired, has now found an appropriate home at “Fox & Friends”, a morning chat/news show.  And although she avers that she’s neither conservative nor liberal, she shows her true colors […]

A Rube Goldberg pancake machine

If you’re of a certain age (an age even bigger than mine, but I read old stuff), you’ll know about the amazing and amusing inventions—most of them imaginary—of cartoonist Reuben Garrett Lucius “Rube” Goldberg (1883 – 1970).  Here’s one example of his imaginary devices: an alarm clock triggered by the arrival of the early bird catching a […]

What kind of computer does the Mars rover use?

Although we never talk about computers here, I’m absolutely sure that many readers are into them.  And even I was curious to know what kind of computer was onboard the Mars rover Curiosity.  Well, it turns out that, much to my delight (I’ve always been an Macintosh man), it’s an Apple “Airport Extreme”.  The description […]

Recognizing a cat

Elebenty gazillion readers sent me this story (with diverse links) over the last ten days.  Thanks to all of you, who are now too numerous to name. (See links at The New York Times, Wired Science, and the BBC, among others.) The interesting results are encoded in scientific language in the abstract of a yet-unpublished […]


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