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Self-aggrandizement: Paperback of FvF comes out, and two upcoming talks

Tomorrow, May 17, is the release date of the paperback of Faith Versus Fact—one year after the hardback. If you couldn’t afford the hardback, now’s your chance to get the book more cheaply. Buy it at any of the sites on the right sidebar, or as Hitchens used to say, at fine bookstores everywhere. And, I have […]

Sold out!

by Grania Jerry’s venturing downtown this afternoon, and spotted this and asked me to post it. My first thought was “There’s a play about Neil deGrasse Tyson?” But of course, it isn’t a play but a talk, although Chicago Theater is particularly coy about saying what he will be talking about. It is heartening to see […]

Obama speaks out for free speech

Just a quick note, thanks to reader Barry who alerted me to this item. On last evening’s news, I watched part of Obama’s commencement address to the graduates of Howard University (a historically black college in Washington, D.C.), and I have to say that it was pretty stirring.  Now, as his term comes to an end, […]

Talks: Portland next week, Chicago later

Just a note to those who live around Portland, Oregon: I’ll be there next week to speak for the Center for Inquiry, talking about free will (or rather, its absence) on Friday, April 22 at 7 p.m.  The announcement is here, and the venue appears to be the Lucky Labrador Beer Hall (!). It’ll cost you $5 […]

Houston this weekend

The Lone Star College Book Fair starts tomorrow in Houston, Texas, and if you live there, drop by and say hi. I’m speaking (or rather discussing) on Saturday at 12:30; it will be a conversation with Dan Barker, who’s discussing his own new book, God: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction, at 3:15 the same […]

Book talk: Houston, April

I love going to Texas. What’s not to like about good BBQ, good scenery, friendly people (I avoid the Republicans), and cowboy boots as an everyday item of clothing? I’ll be in Houston April 9-10 as a “keynote speaker” at the Lone Star Book Fair (see more here), discussing Faith versus Fact with Dan Barker, who’s supposed to […]

My Darwin Day talk for the British Humanists

On February 12, I presented the Darwin Day Lecture, an annual event of the estimable British Humanist Association (BHA). The venue was The Institute of Education, part of University College London, and my  title was “Evolution and Atheism: Best friends forever?” I originally didn’t have the question mark, but they asked me to put it in, […]

A quick glimpse of tonight’s talk at BHA Humanists

JAC: I have little to add to what Grania wrote. It was a great time. I came early and signed every copy of Faith versus Fact in Britain (no kidding; the Humanists bought every one in Old Blighty), as well as many copies of WEIT. They all sold out, too, which was gratifying. The audience was 1000, with […]

Update: Darwin Day event tomorrow in London

My Darwin Day lecture for the British Humanists, set tomorrow for 7:30 at the Institute of Education in London, is now sold out, which pleases me greatly as it seats 1000 people. The announcement is here, but I wanted to add a last-minute note. I will have to depart for a “do” soon after the […]

An Oxford event

One week from today, while I’m visiting that Meyer Wolfsheim called “Oggsford” in The Great Gatsby, I’ll be doing a book event at Blackwell’s, sponsored by Five Books. The announcement is below (click on screenshot to go to the page). Since the London Darwin Day talk is sold out, this is a cheaper alternative: only […]


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