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Monday: Hili dialogue (plus bonus video)

It’s Monday again, and that means it’s the week of Darwin Day, the anniversary of the day he was born, which happens to be this Thursday. All over the U.S., evolutionists will fan out to give lectures celebrating the marvel that is evolution. (I’ll be at Southern Mississippi University, talking on Friday). You can find […]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s talk at Yale: no “hate speech” in evidence

Well, Ayaan Hirsi spoke at Yale two days ago, and the Apocalypse didn’t happen. Here’s an account of what she said from the Yale Daily News: The talk was attended by over 300 individuals, with lines to enter the auditorium stretching more than a block. While the MSA [Muslim Students’ Association] did not organize any formal demonstration during […]

Pennsylvania State Atheist and Humanist Conference avec moi

For a couple of days in late August I’ll be returning to my roots: Pittsburgh, where I spent much of my time as a kid and where many of my relatives still live. My return, however, will be to promote godlessness in the Keystone State, for, along with many others, I’ll be speaking at the Pennsylvania State Atheist […]

Genie Scott at Kamloops: How do you get people to accept evolution, and is theistic evolution “science”?

Dr. Eugenie Scott, former head of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) and known as “Genie” to everyone, gave the keynote address on Sunday at the Kamloops “Imagine No Religion” meeting. Her title was “Why do people reject good science? Reflections on the evolution and climate science wars.” And it was a good talk, […]

Two talks to attend: Portland and Minneapolis

As a courtesy to readers in the Midwest or Pacific Northwest, I’ll announce two upcoming talks, one on free will and the other on the failures of faith. The first is near Minneapolis, and is this coming Sunday: “The Illusion of Free Will & its Impact on Moral Responsibility“ Presented by August Berkshire Sunday, May 18, 2014, Roseville […]

My Storer Lectures are online

They don’t mess around here at Davis: the morning after my second Storer lecture, the videos of both had been put online. And they did a good job; the lecturer (i.e., me) is on a split screen alongside the slides, so you can watch both at once. The whole archive of past Storer lectures is here, and […]

The most salacious scientific lecture in history

This is the story of how a professor was so intent on convincing the public of his findings that he put on the most bizarre and salacious public display conceivable, completely oblivious to what he was doing. I’d heard of this before, but today’s “Seriously Science” column at Discover Magazine recounts a lecture given in […]

Talk venue changed for tomorrow

The interesting news first: I’m been informed that about a third of the flyers posted around the UC Campus advertising my talk on theology and science have been removed.  The person who told me this suspects (as do I) that they’re being torn down by members of some student religious groups, of which there are many on […]

Talks in Kentucky, a single origin of life, and other stuff

If you happen to live anywhere near Murray, Kentucky—and the chances of that are almost nil—I’ll be giving two lectures at Murray State University this Thursday and Friday. I leave tomorrow, flying to the Paducah, Kentucky airport (one flight a day from Chicago O’Hare) and will return Saturday, so posting may be light, though the […]

The good Christians of Kentucky deface my posters again

I’m speaking at Murray State University in Kentucky on Nov. 21 and 22 (stay tuned for BBQ reports) under the aegis of the Murray State University Student Organization for Reason and Science. The head of that group just told me that the posters for one of my talks are being removed and defaced.  This is […]


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