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“Where money acquires a patina of virtue”: The Simpsons takes on Yale

This segment of a recent “The Simpsons” video was posted only a month ago, and has racked up over 1.1 million views. The writers have clearly kept their eye on what’s happening at Yale—and other colleges.

Critic of Islam is excoriated by Georgetown students for being “Islamophobic” and promulgating “hate speech”

Nonie Darwish is an Egyptian-American who converted to Christianity from Islam, wrote several books criticizing Islam, its treatment of women and sharia law, and is the director of Former Muslims United. Given that her father was assassinated by the Israeli Defense Force for Islamic terrorism, you’d think she’d be violently anti-Israel, but that doesn’t seem to […]

Mob at Middlebury college attacks speaker Charles Murray, injures his host

Charles Murray is a conservative political scientist and author, perhaps most famous for his book The Bell Curve, co-written with Richard Herrnstein. I confess that I haven’t read it, but I’ve certainly read enough to about it to know that Murray and Herrnstein’s hereditarian views of IQ have been strongly attacked by some other scholars, largely […]

Protests against Trump at the University of Chicago

I read the twice-weekly University of Chicago student newspaper, the Chicago Maroon, and have noticed over the past few years a clear movement towards identity politics and Regressive Leftism. There is pretty much a unanimity of opinion among its writers, with little attempt to present alternative viewpoints, and many of the op-ed pieces are written by privileged […]

Chinese students object to Dalai Lama’s graduation speech because it violates tolerance and diversity

When a tactic proves politically successful for one group, others often adopt it.  Students all over the US and UK, for instance, have taken a page from the extremist Muslim playbook, equating “I’m offended” with “I have been injured”—a justification for censoring others. And in Berkeley, the anarchists go further, threatening violence when they’re offended, like […]

University of London students demand that white philosophers be excised from curriculum

A caveat first: this article comes from The Daily Mail, and I haven’t been able to verify it from other news sources. On the other hand, I have verified the students’ demands to which it refers (see below). Further, the Mail article gives quotes from the likes of Sir Roger Scruton, which would have to have been fabricated by […]

Student vice-president at University of Houston punished and publicly shamed for posting “all lives matter”

Most people who post or cry “All Lives Matter” in response to the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) slogan are, I think, either obtuse or bigoted. What “Black Live Matter” really means is “Black Lives Matter Too“—that African-Americans are marginalized in society. That is, despite the big gains in civil rights over the last fifty years, there is […]

More bigotry at Britain’s National Union of Students

On the Right we have a bunch of regressive conservatives who demonize minorities and women and have no sympathy for the downtrodden, while on the Left we have regressive Leftists who try to censor people’s speech, take the side of extremist Islamists against women and gays, and shut down disagreement by other Leftists who aren’t pure enough. […]

The University of Chicago gets serious about student disruptions

Over the past few years at the University of Chicago we’ve had several talks disrupted and prematurely ended by student protests. On February 21 of this year, for instance, Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid was shouted down and threatened by the some of the audience because he opposed the BDS movement and said some good things […]

Most British students favor NUS’s “no platforming” policy

Well, the no-platforming policy of British students continues apace. This time it involves rescinding a speaking invitation to the Donald Trump of England—London mayor Boris Johnson (they’re both clowns, but Johnson’s hair is marginally better). Johnson was set to take part in debates at King’s College London about whether Britain should dissociate itself from the EU. […]