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Central Park squirrel census

Because of a paucity of readers’ wildlife photos (I do have some, so if you sent them have patience), I’m deferring posting those till tomorrow, replacing them with a SQUIRREL CENSUS post by Greg: by Greg Mayer We’ve long been fans of squirrels here at WEIT, and so I was quite pleased to come across […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have several photos of a rodential nature, and from two readers, whose comments are indented. As lagniappe, there’s a crustacean and a bird. The first batch comes from Gary Womble: Only whole grains for this little guy: I would not want to get between him/her and those nuggets: And finally, the kill! A […]

The squirrels of San Diego

 by Greg Mayer A trip to San Diego last month gave me the opportunity to check out the squirrel situation there. The native vegetation is coastal sage scrub and chapparal, with oaks and pines in higher and wetter areas, and desert to the south and west—very different from the deciduous woodlands of eastern North America […]

A squirrel treat

by Greg Mayer Pulling into the parking lot behind my office this morning, an eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) sat in the middle of the road, blocking my way. This is an unusually bold posture for a squirrel– they are usually darting across roadways and parking lots: perhaps it knew it was Sunday, and wasn’t […]

Reader’s bird feeder attacked by parkouring squirrel

Reader Lee Eberly from Iowa City sent a video of a most enterprising squirrel. His notes: Gotta love ’em!  Had not anticipated that when I installed the handrail. Sorry about the quality.  Shot with iphone through plastic and window. The video, posted on Susan Eberly’s YouTube feed, came with this description: Did you know that […]

Squirrels on PBS tonight

Yep, there’s a whole one-hour PBS show on sciurids, “A Squirrel’s Guide to Success” (including chipmunks and other relatives) on PBS tonight. Go here to see when it’s playing in your area.  It’s also available here after it airs. To whet your appetite, here’s an excerpt demonstrating squirrel intelligence: h/t: Tom

Gibby the spoiled squirrel

Let’s finish up this hot Sunday with a video featuring Gibby the Terribly Spoiled Squirrel, also an Honorary Cat™.   h/t: Diane G.

Squirrels can solve mazes: quickly

Reader Michael: sent this video of a squirrel faced with a maze that has only one way to the nut reward at the end. This is from the BBC television show “The Super Squirrels”, which you can watch here (but only if you’re in the UK).  The observers conclude that at least this squirrel learns […]

Tuesday: Duck and squirrel report

The pictures in the duck reports usually come from the previous day, and here are Monday’s duck snaps. I have found that sexing these little buggers is no easy task. The best way is to pick them up and inspect (and squeeze) the genitals, or somehow force them to make a noise. Female ducklings will […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I’ve received several batches of wildlife photos on the road, but haven’t posted them as it takes a long time to do the travel posts, which I put together in my motel in the evening. Today’s post, from reader Don Bredes in Wheelock, Vermont, is an easy one, though, as it has only two photos. […]