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A visit to Japan’s Kinka Squirrel Village

I’m worn out from politics and want to take a break today with ducks, squirrels, and other persiflage. Rachel and Jun are a couple in Japan (she’s American, he’s Japanese), known to me from Jun’s videos showing him shopping with his cat and then cooking in front of his cat, letting the cat sniff each […]

Stubs the squirrel

So many squirrels are eating nuts and seeds on my windowsill that I can’t recognize them all. There are babies, old adults, and battle-scarred veterans. This is one of the latter, and a squirrel I can easily recognize. I call it “Stubs” because a big chunk of its tail is missing (you can see the […]

Squirrel massage

Okay, is this squirrel a pet, is it sick, or what? No normal squirrel would allow you to do this to it! h/t: Blue

Criminal squirrel gang purloins chocolate bars in Toronto

I am feeling better, thank you, and we’re up to 48,939 subscribers, so my bucket list goal of 50,000 seems within reach. Let’s celebrate with two things everyone loves (except miscreants): chocolate and squirrels. In January the CBC News reported that a squirrel, or more likely a maurading gang of mixed race squirrels (black and gray) […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Kurt Helf sent some photos and captions (the latter indented): This past spring the family and I went to Destin, FL for my daughter’s last cheerleading competition.  I visited Gulf Islands National Seashore and took the first two snaps. These smooth goose barnacles (Lepas anatifera) had colonized a long piece of wood drifting in the […]

Collecting a cold moggie, and a squirrel with a green mustache

This short video of how a Russian tabby comes home from the snow was tweeted by Dick King-Smith and sent to me by Matthew. How clever! That cat could make a good jailbreak, too! Here’s a squirrel named Seymour who’s enjoying a treat of avocado. In the process, he gives himself a green mustache!  

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have some photos sent by reader Darrell Ernst in Florida (as noted, they were taken by his daughter). His comments are indented. Here are a few from our local area, not all birds! (All taken by my daughter Brianna). This Eastern Gray Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis, doesn’t seem to be the trusting sort. This Florida […]

Squirrel update

What with the warm weather and the 35-pound bag of sunflower seeds I bought, along with weekly purchases of peanuts, I’m attracting a lot of squirrels to my windowsill. I leave the window propped open when I sweep the sunflower-seed husks off their ledge and replenish their water dish, and when I do that they […]

End of Saturday Squirrel

I’m busy at the INR meeting, and am putting the finishing touches on my talk for tomorrow. In the meantime, what a privilege it is to be the hiding place for a squirrel’s food (tw**t sent by Matthew Cobb, of course): I must hide this cheeto for later consumption😁 — Gaml .y (@m_yosry2012) June […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Time to send in your wildlife photos. I’ve a decent backlog, but can always use more. Today we’ll have urban wildlife: a series sent in by reader Darrell Ernst. His notes are indented. Our cat, Coco Chanel, likes to go outside though she doesn’t go very far. Usually not out of sight of the door let […]