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Intrepid squirrel drives away burglar, gets rewarded with Whoppers

From WXPI in Idaho, we hear of a Hero Squirrel named Joey who drove a burglar, apparently attacking and biting the intruder. Adam Pearl, Joey’s owner, came home and found scratches on his gun case, with a few items missing. Apparently the police found the intruder, who confessed to the crime after the cops noticed he bore […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Cameron Way of Fort Collins, Colorado sent a passel of photos that, he said, depicted “playing” in his backyard. He identifies them as fox squirrels (Sciurus niger), but isn’t sure. When I asked him if they were playing or fighting, he responded, “I don’t know if they were fighting, but there was a lot of this, […]

How squirrels make their nests

Squirrels get a bad rap in many places, but I won’t stand for them being dissed here, especially because I take care of the local ones. And, like all animals, when you see them regularly and close up, you learn a lot of cool biology. In case you didn’t know, squirrels do build nests to protect […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Ed Kroc sent some photos showing color variants of the eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). Sadly, I lost his email, but the photos came with descriptions. A species showing variation like this, if it’s sufficiently common and pretty discrete, is called polymorphic (Greek for “many forms”). Humans, for instance, are polymorphic for hair and eye color. […]

Winner: Squirrel appreciation contest

Sadly, there was only one entry in my contest on Squirrel Appreciation Day, involving readers sending a good picture of themselves helping squirrels. (Don’t you people like squirrels?) The good news is that the single entry was a great picture, and so reader Christopher Moss wins a free copy of Faith Versus Fact with a fact-based squirrel drawn […]

It’s National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

How could I forget? Well, I am still feeding my gang 3 times per day: sunflower seeds, pecans, and peanuts. Be good to your squirrels, even though there are some nasty people on the Internet who want to hurt them.  And you can get bonus points here if you do something nice for a squirrel. […]

Friday squirrel feeding

My squirrels are all depressed today: they’re worried about whether Donald Trump might grab their nuts. Fortunately, Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) is around to assure them of a full larder during the hard winter. Here’s a timid and hyperactive squirrel snatching a pecan from my hand. (The pecans were a generous gift from reader Barn Owl.)

His first pecan

Reader Barn Owl kindly sent me a big bag of pecans to give to my squirrels, and I’ve started them in on the good stuff. They learned quickly that a pecan is infinitely superior to a sunflower seed or even a peanut, and I have to ration them carefully. Here’s one about to grab his […]

B-day treats for the squirrels

In honor of the last day of Koynezaa, all my squirrels get an extra ration of peanuts today. I’ve taught most of them to take the nuts from my hand, though there are still a few shy ones out there. But here’s the usual regimen: For an article on me and my squirrels in the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos and hummingbird cam

We have two Squirrel Photographers today, and an animal cam at the bottom. These two pictures are from reader Justin Martin: As part of your creature feature, I think you may enjoy these, since you seem to also have an affinity for squirrels as I do. This particular squirrel I believe is an Andean squirrel (Sciurus […]