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Gibby the spoiled squirrel

Let’s finish up this hot Sunday with a video featuring Gibby the Terribly Spoiled Squirrel, also an Honorary Cat™.   h/t: Diane G.

Squirrels can solve mazes: quickly

Reader Michael: sent this video of a squirrel faced with a maze that has only one way to the nut reward at the end. This is from the BBC television show “The Super Squirrels”, which you can watch here (but only if you’re in the UK).  The observers conclude that at least this squirrel learns […]

Tuesday: Duck and squirrel report

The pictures in the duck reports usually come from the previous day, and here are Monday’s duck snaps. I have found that sexing these little buggers is no easy task. The best way is to pick them up and inspect (and squeeze) the genitals, or somehow force them to make a noise. Female ducklings will […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I’ve received several batches of wildlife photos on the road, but haven’t posted them as it takes a long time to do the travel posts, which I put together in my motel in the evening. Today’s post, from reader Don Bredes in Wheelock, Vermont, is an easy one, though, as it has only two photos. […]

Karamel the squirrel gets a wheelchair

I believe this is the world’s first squirrel to get a set of prosthetic limbs—or wheels. Apparently his front limbs were caught in a trap in the city of Batman (yes, that’s a city in Turkey) and had to be amputated.  As Global News (origin: Reuters) reports: “A young man rescued him from the trap […]

Monday duck report (with an interloper!)

I hadn’t seen Trixie or Norton for three days, and was beginning to get worried. But they showed up at today’s afternoon feeding—at least I think it was Trixie and Norton. Norton appeared to have a scar or slight wound on his chest (maybe it’s just the feather pattern), and now Trixie looks as if […]

Saturday squirrels

I haven’t neglected my squirrels, who get sunflower seeds, peanuts, and fresh water at least twice a day. Sometimes in the morning, when I haven’t yet fed them, they tap or bang on my office window to remind me that they’re hungry (they’re fed next door, in the lab). I’ll hear a banging or scratching, […]

The bill is gone

I have the Walking Duck Blues, as I haven’t seen my lovely pair of canards in three days.  Still, twice a day I walk to the pond with mealworms and corn, hoping they’ll be there. The weather is cold, and they’re doing construction on the sidewalk nearby, so they may have been spooked. When I […]

Nice man rescues two baby squirrels

I can’t resist putting up a good squirrel rescue video, this one sent by reader Michael.  Here a would-be actor rescues two squirrels: Daisy and Petunia (great names!).

Readers’ wildlife photos

I have a few things I want to post (and also want to conserve readers’ wildlife photos—send ’em in!), so we’ll have a short wildlife post today.  We have our first animal selfie from reader Rob Kraft, whose note is indented (he adds that the time and date stamp are incorrect): I captured this photo […]