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Spot the peacock!

This is for beginners and those new to this site. At the Waimea Valley yesterday, I was walking beneath the trees and heard a scream from above. A male peacock had flown up into the branches. Can you spot him? This is rated “dead easy,” but I’d never seen a peacock in a tree before: […]

Here’s the primate!

Did you find him? He’s circled in the photo below, and Chuck Jones adds: The guy was wearing a bright blue jacket, and was moving (albeit slowly at this distance), which helped me find him with my binoculars. Sorry about having him centered in the photo—I wasn’t planning ahead.

Find the primate!

There is a hominin primate in this picture taken by reader Chuck Jones. As he noted, This photo contains a young male bipedal primate who separated from the rest of his group hiking the Beartooth Plateau along the Montana/Wyoming border. Can you spot him?  As a field trip leader, would you like to be responsible […]

Here’s the owl!

I hope you found the owl in Stephen Barnard’s photo this morning. It wasn’t all that hard, I think. He’s circled it in the reveal below (click to enlarge): What’s the species? Stephen reveals it below with a photo he’s taken of this individual: I’ve attached another photo of the Great Horned Owl [Bubo virginianus] […]

Spot the owl!

Stephen Barnard sent a “spot the. . .” photo from Idaho, and in it, somewhere, lurks an owl (I don’t know the species, but I’ll ask). Click on the photo to enlarge it (twice to make it really big), and I’ll post a reveal at noon Chicago time. This one ranks as “medium”, but please […]

Here’s the tree frog!

Did you spot the tree from in Mark Sturtevant’s photo this morning? Here it is! (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Find the tree frog!

Reader Mark Sturtevant sent a “spot the. . . ” photo. You can enlarge the photo (and you must) by clicking on it. His notes: I came across a tree frog that had been chomped on by a couple carpenter ants. The ants were dead, due to the toxic skin, but they were in a […]

Here’s the animal!

Did you spot the animal in the photo sent by Anne Houde? Here’s the reveal, an enlargement, and a photo of the animal out of hiding. It’s a jaguar (Panthera onca)!   And the animal out of hiding: Anne said “I shot the photos along the Tambopata River in Peru.”

Spot the animal!

Biologist Anne Houde sent a photo with a hidden animal. She added that because this was not too difficult (I think it’s “medium hard”), she’d say only that this animal is from the New World. Can you spot it? (Click on the photo to enlarge.) Don’t give it away in the comments, though you can […]

Here are the caterpillars and milkweed bugs!

Did you spot all eight caterpillars and the three milkweed bugs in Leo Glenn’s photo this morning? If not, here’s the reveal. Click on the screenshot to enlarge it. Caterpillars are indicated with white arrows. The large milkweed bug is indicated with a red arrow.