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Here’s the luna moth!

Did you spot the luna moth in Mark Sturtevant’s photo? Here’s the original picture again (click all photos to enlarge): And the reveal. Mark notes, “There she is! I have also included a second picture that provides a closeup.”

Spot the luna moth!

I still have a decent backlog of readers’ wildlife photos, but will post a “spot the” puzzle today. This one comes from reader Mark Sturtevant, who has graced us with many insect photos before. Click on the photo (twice) to make it really big. Mark’s notes: I had a batch of luna cocoons (Actias luna) […]

Here’s the anole!

Did you spot the Anolis carolinensis in this morning’s pair of photos? Here’s the reveal (click to enlarge, click twice to make it REALLY BIG):  

Spot the anole!

Reader Barn Owl sent two phots of an Anolis lizard. These aren’t too hard, but can you spot them? Barn Owl’s notes: Attached are two “Spot the X, Suburban Backyard Edition” photos for your consideration.  Both photos include the same American anole (Anolis carolinensis), but are taken from different angles (and the animal moved in-between). Answer at […]

Here’s the bird!

Did you spot it? Here’s the original photograph by Diane G. (click to enlarge): And here’s the bird! But what is it? It’s this: Got the species yet? Diane gives us the answer: The bird is a Curve-billed Thrasher (Toxostoma curvirostre).  Attached our shot of a couple of the Thrashers peeking out of their saguaro home, […]

Spot the bird!

This photo comes from reader Diane G., who tells us there’s a bird in it, but she isn’t going to identify it here. Her notes: My son and I did some birding in Arizona Memorial Day week-end, and as always we took tons of pics at several different venues.  Sorting through them later, I  came […]

Here’s the beetle!

How many of you spotted the beetle in this picture? Here’s the original: And the reveal: And the beetle again:

Spot the beetle!

Reader Gabe McNett sent us a “spot the. . .” stumper. His notes: I thought I would pass along a contribution for you to consider in your ongoing “Spot the …” series. Four pictures are attached. Two for your audience to use for guessing, and another two if they’re helpful. One is a picture of this […]

Here’s the damned squirrel!

by Matthew Cobb This picture is so rubbish I’m not sure it was actually worth posting as a quiz, but somewhere in this red oval is a squirrel, heading from left to right…

Cold Spring Harbor perambulations

by Matthew Cobb I am staying a few days at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, where I gave a talk wrapping up my Sydney Brenner Research Scholarship here. My work was on how Brenner and Francis Crick, pioneer molecular biologists, collaborated together – they shared an office for 20 years and constantly talked […]