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Here’s the frog!

Did you spot the frog in Douglas Pew’s photo this morning? Here’s the reveal: Ha! Here is the frog, crouched near the bones of the unfortunate fellow. [A predecessor who didn’t get out.]

Spot the frog!

Reader Douglas Pew sent a “spot the. . ” photo, this time an amphibian. The first picture is the puzzle, while the second shows the rescued frog. As I finished clearing out the leaves of my window well I noticed this heretofore unseen inhabitant.  Either it leapt into the now leafless depression or I was […]

Here’s the hot chocolate!

Did you spot the penguin holding the hot chocolate from this morning’s post? Here it is, circled!

Find the hot chocolate!

Here’s a tweet from Mr. Lumpy & Friends, which shows a cartoon of a bunch of penguins. One of them is holding a mug of hot chocolate. Can you find the penguin with the libation?  I’ll enlarge the photo below. (h/t: Matthew). Reveal at 11 a.m. Chicago time. Another one folks. Find the mug of […]

Here’s the heron!

Did you spot the grey heron in Matthew’s photo? Here’s the reveal (click to enlarge).

Spot the heron!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a “spot the” contest, and Matthew has obliged by taking a photo on a walk yesterday. This photo, which contains a heron, was taken only 5 minutes from his house in Manchester. Can you spot the Grey Heron (Ardea cineria)? Click to enlarge. Answer at noon Chicago time. […]

Spot the antlion!

Matthew sent this tweet which shows a cryptic antlion—the predatory larva of a neuropteran insect in the family Myrmeleontidae, whose flying adult looks like a lacewing. (The adults are much less well known than these predatory larvae, which I used to keep as pets as a child). This is rated very easy, but we haven’t […]

Here’s the leopard!

Did you spot the leopard? I’ll show the original photo and then, below that, the hard-to-see leopard. Voilà!

Spot the leopard!

I’m conserving my readers’ wildlife photos because few are coming in. (Send me some, please!) Today we shall have a “spot the. . . ” post, one found on Twitter by gravelinspector. It’s a hidden leopard (Panthera pardus), and the title of this post is thus a triple entendre. I’ve enlarged the photo below the […]

Spot the insect, from Piotr Naskrecki

Here are two lovely photos of a mimic taken by photographer/biologist/naturalist Piotr Naskrecki in Gorongosa Park in Mozambique. These appeared on his Facebook page, and I asked for permission to reproduce them. I give his captions below. I’ve also turned this into a “spot the. . .” quiz for those who want a not-too-hard puzzle. […]