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Spot the animal!

Biologist Anne Houde sent a photo with a hidden animal. She added that because this was not too difficult (I think it’s “medium hard”), she’d say only that this animal is from the New World. Can you spot it? (Click on the photo to enlarge.) Don’t give it away in the comments, though you can […]

Here are the caterpillars and milkweed bugs!

Did you spot all eight caterpillars and the three milkweed bugs in Leo Glenn’s photo this morning? If not, here’s the reveal. Click on the screenshot to enlarge it. Caterpillars are indicated with white arrows. The large milkweed bug is indicated with a red arrow.  

Spot the caterpillars (and milkweed bug)

Reader Leo Glenn sent a photo in which are hidden eight Monarch butterfly caterpillars, which look like the photo below, and three milkweed bugs (two obvious, one hidden), which look like the photo below that. Your job is to find all the insects before I give the reveal later today. Monarch caterpillar: Large milkweed bug: […]

Spot the duckling!

Duckling in the lily pads! Can you spot it? (Click photo to enlarge.) Answer at 3 pm Chicago time.

Spot the paraglider!

Matthew originated the “Spot the. . . ” posts, and they’ve always been wildlife. But here’s one he took from his hotel balcony in Zermatt, and it’s SPOT THE PARAGLIDER.  Can you see it? Click photo to enlarge: The answer is below the fold:

Here’s the luna moth!

Did you spot the luna moth in Mark Sturtevant’s photo? Here’s the original picture again (click all photos to enlarge): And the reveal. Mark notes, “There she is! I have also included a second picture that provides a closeup.”

Spot the luna moth!

I still have a decent backlog of readers’ wildlife photos, but will post a “spot the” puzzle today. This one comes from reader Mark Sturtevant, who has graced us with many insect photos before. Click on the photo (twice) to make it really big. Mark’s notes: I had a batch of luna cocoons (Actias luna) […]

Here’s the anole!

Did you spot the Anolis carolinensis in this morning’s pair of photos? Here’s the reveal (click to enlarge, click twice to make it REALLY BIG):  

Spot the anole!

Reader Barn Owl sent two phots of an Anolis lizard. These aren’t too hard, but can you spot them? Barn Owl’s notes: Attached are two “Spot the X, Suburban Backyard Edition” photos for your consideration.  Both photos include the same American anole (Anolis carolinensis), but are taken from different angles (and the animal moved in-between). Answer at […]

Here’s the bird!

Did you spot it? Here’s the original photograph by Diane G. (click to enlarge): And here’s the bird! But what is it? It’s this: Got the species yet? Diane gives us the answer: The bird is a Curve-billed Thrasher (Toxostoma curvirostre).  Attached our shot of a couple of the Thrashers peeking out of their saguaro home, […]