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Spot the frogs!

Reader Peter took this photo today, and it contains frogs. Can you find at least two? (I’ve seen two but no more.) Be sure to enlarge the photo for your hunt. I’ll post the reveal at noon Chicago time.  I’d call this one pretty difficult. If you saw them, let us know in the comments, […]

Here’s the lizard!

Did you spot the Anolis lizard in the earlier post? If not, here it is, circled. It’s head down with its tail straight up. Enlarge the photo if you want to see more.

Spot the lizard!

Reader Kurt Helf said that he’s in Jamaica now and “loving the birds and lizards I’m seeing.” Speaking of seeing lizards, Kurt sent this photo and asked readers to spot the lizard. Can you see it? Answer at 1:15 p.m. Chicago time. It’s in the genus Anolis, but I doubt that will help you.  Click […]

Spot the mountain goat!

Reader Piet spotted an Iberian mountain goat (Capra pyrenaica) while cycling; can you see it too? I consider this medium to easy, and so won’t give a reveal. Here’s Piet’s notes: At about the 900km mark of a cycling tour I am making along the Spanish coast from Barcelona to Cadiz I came across this […]

Here’s the fisherman!

Did you spot the fisherman in this morning’s post? Here he is. First, the diagram: Here’s the fisherman, sitting on tank “A” at the middle top: And the fisherman:

Spot the fisherman!

Reader Michael alerted me to this diagram from Futility Closet. He added that it took him fully ten minutes to find the man fishing with the rod and line? Can you spot him? Answer at 1 pm Chicago time. The backstory: From the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chemistry World blog: In 1955, when impish graduate student […]

Here’s the cat!

Did you spot the cat? This was one of those cases, at least for me, when the cat is obvious but you miss it. I’ve circled it below; it’s reclining on a tree branch. The cat’s name is Cupcake, she’s part Siamese, and here she is:

Spot the cat!

Reader Margaret sent a “spot the cat” picture. Can you see it? I didn’t until it was pointed out to me. I’ll put up the reveal at 10 am Chicago time.

Spot the Persian leopard

Matthew sent me this tweet, but I thought it deserved to be elevated to a “Spot the. . ” post. Can you spot the Persian leopard? (It’s a subspecies of Panthera pardus, which includes the familiar African leopard.) There will be no reveal as this is of medium difficulty. But it does show how well […]

Spot the climber

This is the path to the Ka’ena Point Albatross Sanctuary. A 12-year old boy is climbing the rock cliff in the picture below. Can you spot him? This is about medium easy, and the reveal is below the fold.