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Spot the gorilla!

While I write a new post, here’s some fun. Reader Roger sent a photo of his cat with a “spot the. . .” quiz and a note. I think this would be classified as “dead easy”: For a bit of weekday morning fun, Aeryn invites you to play “Spot the gorilla.” A bit more about […]

Here’s the frog!

Did you find it? I think this one was about medium in difficulty.

Spot the frog!

From reader Paul Mosquin, we have a cryptic frog with this information: “Some photos attached of a frog hiding by the shore of a North Carolina stream.”  After you find it, tell me the species, as I don’t know it. Answer at 2 pm Chicago time.

Spot the leopard!

(The title could refer to the name of a cat, but it doesn’t.) This is part of a series by famed wildlife photographer Art Wolfe, who has a series of hard-to-see wildlife (I’m not gonna tell you where it is, as that would spoil future fun). Can you spot the leopard (Panthera pardus)? This is […]

Here’s the leopard!

Did you spot the Persian leopard in the tweet-picture below? استار یعنی این …. می تونین پلنگ را بین صخره ها پیدا کنین ؟Incredible camouflage of a Persian #leopard at #Tandoureh NE #Iran — Mohammad Farhadinia (@MSFarhadinia) January 20, 2018 Here it is!

Spot the Persian leopard!

(Note: the original title, which went out over email, was “spot the snow leopard,” but this is a regular leopard; see below.) Here’s a tweet from Mohammad Farhadinia asking you to spot the Persian leopard (Panthera pardus tulliana; I had no idea that “African” leopards were in Asia, which shows how ignorant I am).  I’ll put […]

Here are the bugwalleys!

Did you spot the lizards? One was obvious; the other not. Here’s the reveal from reader Michelle Pearse: I’ve enlarged the section at the upper left showing the hard-to-spot one, raised up on its front legs: And the bird, as several readers guessed, was a ruddy turnstone (Arenaria interpes) in winter plumage.

Spot the bugwallys!

We have two biology quizzes today. This one is a “spot the. . .” post, but Matthew has a more challenging quiz to follow shortly. First, what is a bugwally? Reader Michelle Pearce, who sent the photo, explains: Seen on a recent Turks and Caicos island escape from the cold Canadian winter: spot the curly-tailed lizards! […]

Spot the seals!

Reader Peter sent a “spot the” photo from Kiwiland. His notes: I took this photo of three seals lying on the rocks at Oamaru, New Zealand. Click to enlarge: Can you spot all three? Because this isn’t too hard, I’ll put the reveal below the fold.

Here are the snow leopards and their prey!

by Matthew Cobb From top left: a group of bharal (or Himalayan blue sheep), a Himalayan ibex, snow leopard 1, snow leopard 2. There is also a blob at about 4 o’clock of snow leopard 1 that is probably a rock, but if you squint, looks like a third cat…