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Here are the sparrows!

Did you find the three sparrows from today’s earlier “spot the. . .” puzzle? Here they are:

Spot the sparrows!

Robert S. sent a picture of a tree in which there are three sparrows (there may be more). Can you find them all? Reveal at noon Chicago time.

Spot the stick insects!

How many giant Australian stick insects can you spot in this photo, taken yesterday at the Auckland Zoo?  This is rated “dead easy.” And do you see anything unusual about the species?

Here’s the tiger!

Here’s the tiger–yawning–from the photo taken by Michelle Pearce and posted earlier. Did you spot the sleepy felid?  

Spot the tiger!

This picture has a TIGER in it, and reader Michelle Pearce gives this information: The picture was taken in Ranthambore Reserve: according to my Google locator, at Kacheeda Kalan, Rajasthan, India, on March 28, 2017. Can you see it? I don’t think it’s too hard, but it’s our first tiger. Reveal at noon Chicago time.

Here’s the snake!

by Matthew Cobb No one could see the snake (me neither). So I asked Sky for the answer. It’s a black racer snake (she was out looking for rattlers). You can just about make it out if you click through to the large version of the photo. Sky said on other tw**ts that she heard […]

Spot the snake!

by Matthew Cobb Sky Stevens’s Tw*tter bio reads: “MSc in Wildlife Biology, currently field tech tracking timber rattlesnakes in Ohio.” And she spotted this snake. I can’t see it. Can you? Click on the pic to see a larger version. There is a snake in this picture. 😁@am_anatiala @AlongsideWild @Peterman_Lab #fieldherping #HERper #fieldwork — […]

Spot the grasshopper!

by Matthew Cobb This, from ‘naturalist, biologist, environmentalist, nature photographer, musician’ Nash Turley. Spot the grasshopper. #floridanature #insect #orthoptera #camouflage — Nash Turley (@NashTurley) April 1, 2017

Here’s the katydid!

Did you spot it this time? I doubt it! Here’s the original photo (click to enlarge) and the reveal:

Spot the katydid!

Mark Sturtevant is giving readers another chance—a harder one—to spot the cryptic insect. Click photo to enlarge. Mark’s notes are indented, and I would rate this one “very hard”. I had recently posted a Spot the Katydid, and that one seemed far too easy for the sharp-eyed readers of WEIT. So this one is harder. Can […]