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Here’s the katydid!

As promised, here’s the hidden katydid, photographed by Mark Sturtevant, that was presented this morning. Did you find it? Click photo to enlarge.

Spot the katydid!

Reader Mark Sturtevant has another puzzler for us today. Can you spot the katydid? Click twice in succession (with a pause between clicks) to enlarge the photo. I’d rank this one “moderately difficult.” I’ll put up the answer at noon Chicago time.

Here’s the fossa!

I bet you didn’t spot the fossa in this morning’s post, as that was a hard one. Here’s the answer, with the fossa circled (click to enlarge). There’s also a gif: Here's a gif showing the fosa in action. They're semi-arboreal; you're just as likely to see them in trees as on the ground. […]

Find the fossa!

Here’s a tweet from Asia Murphy, sent by Matthew Cobb, who loves “find the. . .” photos. Matthew adds that Asia is doing a Ph.D. on the mammals of Madagascar. Matthew tells us NOT to go looking for the answer on Asia’s Twitter feed, as that would spoil the fun. For this #FosaFriday, I'm going […]

Spot the shore crab!

by Matthew Cobb From the tw*tter feed of Martin Stevens, who started the whole ‘spot the’ business with his work on nightjars, here’s a cracker. I have no idea where the pesky crustacean is… Spot the shore crab. #colsci — Martin Stevens (@SensoryEcology) January 13, 2017

Here’s the mantis!

Here’s the reveal from the “find the mantis” photo that Mark Sturtevant submitted earlier today. Did you find it?

Spot the mantis!

Here’s the first “spot the” for 2017, and it comes from reader Mark Sturtevant. His note and photo: It has been an age since I did one of these. Can the readers of WEIT spot the praying mantis? As with one of the others I did, this is probably a European mantis (Mantis religiosa) that […]

Here’s the frogfish!

This morning’s post showed a bizarre frogfish, but there was a hidden one in there, too—perhaps the male mate of the obvious one. Reader Carl sent both the photo and the reveal (below). Did you spot the smaller one? Here it is—tail up:

Spot the second frogfish!

Reader Carl sent us what I think is our first underwater “Spot the. . . ” feature. I’ll reveal the answer at noon Chicago time. First, Carl’s notes (indented), and then the photo: It seems the “Find the —” appeals to many of us, although with well camo’d critters, I’m generally trying to demonstrate their presence […]

Here’s the moose!

Did you spot the moose from the photograph posted at noon? Here it is, circled. And after it ran away (I didn’t show you that one, but the difference between the two photos clearly tells you where the moose is):