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Here’s the damned squirrel!

by Matthew Cobb This picture is so rubbish I’m not sure it was actually worth posting as a quiz, but somewhere in this red oval is a squirrel, heading from left to right…

Cold Spring Harbor perambulations

by Matthew Cobb I am staying a few days at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, where I gave a talk wrapping up my Sydney Brenner Research Scholarship here. My work was on how Brenner and Francis Crick, pioneer molecular biologists, collaborated together – they shared an office for 20 years and constantly talked […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and video)

We have photos from a new contributor today: Neil Dawe. And it is OWLS, which are H0norary Cats™. Neil’s notes are indented, and be sure to see his pair of “spot the owl” pictures at the end. All these photos were taken on Vancouver Island in a small wooded area in Parksville, BC. My wife and I […]

Spot the owls!

In the Home Depot here in Las Cruces, the shed that abuts the garden section—thus having free access to outside—has harbored for years a pair of Great Horned Owls (Bubo virginianus), the most widely distributed owl in North America and the second heaviest (after the Snowy Owl). Owls have been resident here for about 25 […]

Spot the animal!

Matthew sent me this tweet, and he clearly meant me to find the hidden animal. But as it’s in Japanese, I didn’t have a search image, or know what the creature was. Can you find it? There won’t be a reveal as you will see it if you look long enough. クワエダシャクがどんどん食べるので葉が出た桑の枝を追加。まったく動く気配がないが、気付くと葉がなくなっている、 — mouuuusa […]

Spot the timber rattlesnake!

by Matthew Cobb This was posted on Tw*tter by James Green (@jameskelangreen), who’s from Texas and describes himself as “Nature Fanatic. Tree Guy. Mediator between man and nature. Polyamorous. Godless.” Somewhere in James’s pic is a timber rattlesnake… I’ll post the answer in a couple of hours.

Spot the Tiktaalik!

As you probably know, my colleague Neil Shubin was on the team of biologists and paleontologists who uncovered the fossil Tiktaalik, a lobe-finned fish that lived about 375 million years ago. Three skeletons of this species are now known, all found on Ellesmere Island, part of the Canadian territory of Nunavet. Below in red is […]

Here’s the nightjar!

Did you spot it here? "Find the nightjar" It's almost that time of year again when I drive myself mad looking for Nightjars on the ground. Here's a photo of one grounded. Good luck! — Lee Gardiner (@Wildwood_photos) April 4, 2018 I didn’t, despite Matthew saying it was “easy”. So I got him to […]

Spot the nightjar!

The nightjar was the original “spot the” animal, and our own Matthew Cobb was the instigator of that series. Well, we have another “spot the nightjar”, coming from this tweet: "Find the nightjar" It's almost that time of year again when I drive myself mad looking for Nightjars on the ground. Here's a photo of […]

Here’s the snake!

Did you spot the rough-scaled snake? As msn news noted in its reveal, it was “hiding underneath the palm tree near the browning leaf to the left. . . The snake is gray in color and curled up, with its recognizable risen scales seen poking through the foliage.” The location is circled, and an enlargement, […]