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Spot the fish!

Here’s a small (about 1.5 cm) camouflaged fish that I spotted in a lava tide pool along the beach south of Captain Cook. Can you spot it? It may be “pretty easy,” but the camouflage, I thought, was remarkable. If you spot it and can identify the species, let me know (but please don’t reveal […]

Here’s the gecko!

I’m sure you spootted the Gold dust day gecko earlier today. I’ll reproduce the original photo, and then give a three-part reveal showing this lovely animal. There it is—at about 2 o’clock. More pictures of this wonderful creature:    

Spot the Gold dust day gecko

At our wonderful accommodation in Hilo, the Dolphin Bay Hotel, there are free fruits from the garden laid out for ad lib consumption. Today there was a stalk of bananas and a pile of ripe papaya, but among the papayas lurked a cute reptile. Can you spot the Gold dust day gecko (Phelsuma laticauda), also […]

Here’s the white tern chick!

Did you find the month-old white tern chick in the photo I posted earlier today? Here are a series of photos zeroing in on it:

Spot the white tern chick!

Later today I’ll have a series of gorgeous pictures taken on yesterday’s White Tern walk run by the local Audubon society. For now I have one rather mediocre “spot the. . .” photo and some mediocre reveals, but trust me, the ones from my “Hawaii: Days 5 and 6” post will be much better. In […]

Here’s the mongoose!

Did you spot it in this morning’s post? Here’s the reveal and an enlargement.    

Spot the mongoose!

Yesterday, at the Koko Crater Botanical Garden, we spotted a mongoose darting furtively through the underbrush. Mongooses (mongeese?) aren’t native to Hawaii, but were introduced in a disasterous plan to control rodents. As reports: The mongooses found in Hawai’i are native to India and were originally introduced to Hawai’i Island in 1883 by the […]

Here’s the walking stick!

Did you spot it? First I’ll show the original photo, then Mark’s reveal. Mark’s reveal and notes: Here she is! I also include another picture of her in the hand. The species is Diapheromera femorata.

Spot the walking stick!

Mark Sturtevant sent in a “Spot the. . . ” photo (click to enlarge).  I’ll reveal the elusive phasmid at noon Chicago time. Mark’s notes (and yes, abide by his Rool). I think this one is rated “hard.” Can you spot the walking stick? Late last summer I found a large walking stick, and of […]

Here are the frogs!

Did you spot any frogs in this morning’s challenge?  There are at least two, which I’ve circled, and there may be more. (If you spotted more, let us know.) Here’s Peter’s photo from Japan with two frogs circled. Enlarge the photo to get a better look: