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Here’s the fisherman!

Did you spot the fisherman in this morning’s post? Here he is. First, the diagram: Here’s the fisherman, sitting on tank “A” at the middle top: And the fisherman:

Spot the fisherman!

Reader Michael alerted me to this diagram from Futility Closet. He added that it took him fully ten minutes to find the man fishing with the rod and line? Can you spot him? Answer at 1 pm Chicago time. The backstory: From the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chemistry World blog: In 1955, when impish graduate student […]

Here’s the cat!

Did you spot the cat? This was one of those cases, at least for me, when the cat is obvious but you miss it. I’ve circled it below; it’s reclining on a tree branch. The cat’s name is Cupcake, she’s part Siamese, and here she is:

Spot the cat!

Reader Margaret sent a “spot the cat” picture. Can you see it? I didn’t until it was pointed out to me. I’ll put up the reveal at 10 am Chicago time.

Spot the Persian leopard

Matthew sent me this tweet, but I thought it deserved to be elevated to a “Spot the. . ” post. Can you spot the Persian leopard? (It’s a subspecies of Panthera pardus, which includes the familiar African leopard.) There will be no reveal as this is of medium difficulty. But it does show how well […]

Spot the climber

This is the path to the Ka’ena Point Albatross Sanctuary. A 12-year old boy is climbing the rock cliff in the picture below. Can you spot him? This is about medium easy, and the reveal is below the fold.

Spot the peacock!

This is for beginners and those new to this site. At the Waimea Valley yesterday, I was walking beneath the trees and heard a scream from above. A male peacock had flown up into the branches. Can you spot him? This is rated “dead easy,” but I’d never seen a peacock in a tree before: […]

Here’s the primate!

Did you find him? He’s circled in the photo below, and Chuck Jones adds: The guy was wearing a bright blue jacket, and was moving (albeit slowly at this distance), which helped me find him with my binoculars. Sorry about having him centered in the photo—I wasn’t planning ahead.

Find the primate!

There is a hominin primate in this picture taken by reader Chuck Jones. As he noted, This photo contains a young male bipedal primate who separated from the rest of his group hiking the Beartooth Plateau along the Montana/Wyoming border. Can you spot him?  As a field trip leader, would you like to be responsible […]

Here’s the owl!

I hope you found the owl in Stephen Barnard’s photo this morning. It wasn’t all that hard, I think. He’s circled it in the reveal below (click to enlarge): What’s the species? Stephen reveals it below with a photo he’s taken of this individual: I’ve attached another photo of the Great Horned Owl [Bubo virginianus] […]