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Trevor Noah blows it by calling French soccer team an “African” team

The other day Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, celebrated France’s victory in the World Cup by saying that “Africa won the World Cup” and “They have to say it’s the French team, but look at those guys”, referring to the black players on the team.  Although the Daily Show seems to have removed […]

Final result: World Cup contest

Our Head Contest Honcho George has this final report on the dismal outcome of our contest: The World Cup is over.  Congratulations to the six (non-winning) entries in the Second Quadrennial WEIT World Cup Contest who picked France to win.  They were:  notsecurelyanchored (over Argentina 2-1),  Lorinnor (over Belgium 2-1) , wiltez (over Brazil 1-0), […]

David Bentley Hart makes a fool of himself, and so does the New York Times

I don’t want to believe what is happening to the New York Times: its journalistic standards are declining, it fired its public editor for finding flaws in the paper’s coverage, and it’s becoming more and more Authoritarian Left. One would think from the outset that publishing an article by a theologian wouldn’t comport with Control-Leftism, […]

Belgium beats England 2-0 to take third place in the World Cup

If you missed the game, watch this quickly, as FIFA will ensure it’s taken down. Here’s a precis of the match:

Our World Cup Contest ends without a winner

Reader George, the Boss Honcho of the World Cup Contest, has some sad news. For the first time in our two contests, we don’t have a winner. George’s announcement (with a blurb for RUGBY at the end): Sadly, it is over. When Belgium lost to France on Tuesday, the Second Quadrennial WEIT World Cup Contest […]

The World Cup Contest: where you stand

Reader George is kindly totting up the results of the WEIT 2018 World Cup Contest and scratching off the many who have lost. But some are still in the running! Here’s his latest report to me: The Second Quadrennial WEIT World Cup Contest is not doing well.  It will probably suffer an untimely death.  There […]

England beats Colombia on penalty kicks

After tying 1-1 after regular time, England beat Colombia 4-3 on penalty kicks. Farewell Colombia and good-o on England, though I hate seeing matches decided by penalty kicks. Here’s the schedule for the quarter finals. Not many people who entered our World Cup contest are still eligible to win:

Belgium, down two goals, gets three to beat Japan

This was a squeaker: after being down two goals against Japan, Belgium scored three—one in the four minutes of added 90+ time, to save a spot in the World Cup. Japan goes home, and now Belgium faces Brazil in the quarter finals on Friday. An exciting game, and my condolences to the Japanese, who played […]

Russia knocks Spain out of World Cup

This is a World Cup of topsy turvy results. I’ve been able to watch only one game, but I follow the results, and this is an unexpected one. Yesterday, after tying Spain 1-1 in regular time, Russia beat them 4-3 in the penalty kick phase. What with Germany, Argentina, and Portugal out, few potential winners […]

Spot the paraglider!

Matthew originated the “Spot the. . . ” posts, and they’ve always been wildlife. But here’s one he took from his hotel balcony in Zermatt, and it’s SPOT THE PARAGLIDER.  Can you see it? Click photo to enlarge: The answer is below the fold: