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We’ll be right back after this brief announcement about soccer and North Korea

If you’re a soccer fan, you’ll know that FIFA has awarded the World Cup venue for 2022 to the nation of Qatar. (It’ll be held in November and December because of Quatar’s dire summer weather.) Sadly, much of the work on building the stadiums (stadia?) is being done by North Korean slave laborers, who must […]

Joey Chestnut downs 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes, winning the Nathan’s holiday pigging contest for the tenth time

I’d be remiss if I didn’t post this today. Joey Chestnut, 33, a professional competitive eater (and not fat!), just won his tenth July 4 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island, New York. And it was a record: 72 dogs (with buns) in 10 minutes: that’s 8.33 seconds per dog! Watch how he […]

Last post of the workweek: ducks and skipping

It’s the end of the week and a heavy thunderstorm in Chicago has become a hot and humid day. To end the week, I’ll first show how my mallard ducklings have grown. This picture, with Mother Duck, was taken on May 31 when they were fuzzy little shavers: And this picture was taken today: June […]

Fastest pit stop ever

Today was a potpourri of stuff; not much substantive as I had a piece to finish for another venue (more on that later). Randy Schenck called my attention to a video here showing a remarkably fast pit stop; it took place at the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada. Randy said this: I provide this […]

Are you big in Japan?

Note by JAC: Greg has just returned from two weeks in Japan and will be writing us several posts about his experiences there. This one features soccer, a sport Greg plays. by Greg Mayer Are you big in Japan? Cristiano Ronaldo is, at least as judged by the prominence of his much-larger-than-life visage on the […]

Google Doodle celebrates ICC Cricket Championship

Today’s interactive Google Doodle celebrates the ICC Champions Trophy, and I have no idea what that is. (I’m sure many readers will!), You can play cricket yourself (as an animal) by simply pressing the button to swing when the ball approaches you, and score runs! I haven’t time to play a lot, but I’ll try […]

A first: rock climber Alex Honnold free-solos El Capitan

Alex Honnold, perhaps the greatest pure rock climber in history, broke new ground Saturday when he free-soloed the face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. That means he climbed the sheer granite face (3000 feet high) alone, and without any safety equipment. That has never been done before, as it’s extremely dangerous: one mistake […]

A great last-second goal by Messi

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid—Ronaldo vs Messi—fighting for the La Liga title. It looked like a tie (which would give Madrid the title) until the last ten seconds of injury time. Then Messi, battered in the game and possibly having lost teeth to an elbow, came through, scoring a seemingly effortless left-footed goal to give Barca a […]

An artist made a bust of Cristiano Ronaldo, and you won’t believe what happened next!

Yes, that’s a clickbait headline, but a bust that Portuguese artist Emanuel Santos made of his famous soccer-star countryman, Cristiano Ronaldo, didn’t turn out so well. As the Guardian reports: The sculptor who made the bronze bust of Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that his creation may not be to everybody’s taste but insisted the Real Madrid striker […]

Nike markets “pro hijab,” goes after Muslim women’s sporting franchise

According to the New York Times, in 2018 Nike will begin marketing a “Pro Hijab”: a hijab made for Muslim women to compete in sports while still remaining “modest”. Featuring the prominent Nike “swoosh,” it’s made of a light and breathable fabric that can be tucked into clothing. It’s expected to cost about $35. Recognizing […]