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Boston and Cambridge: Random photos

Actually, these are nonrandom photos—I constantly hear people misusing the word “random” all the time. First, today’s morning Easter Coffee, complete with a Marshmallow Peep® (I have to admit that I absolutely love these sugary death-bombs): Garcia, the resident cat: We took a walk through Cambridge and then across the river to Boston yesterday. Along the […]

Skier blithely passes mountain lion

I presume this skier in Utah was wearing a GoPro camera, and see what he goes by about seven seconds in. It’s a resting Puma concolor! h/t: Melissa

Dear Kitten. . . . Superbowl version

ZeFrank’s video shows an older cat enlightening a kitten about the mysteries of today’s Big Game.

Packers quarterback commits blasphemy by saying that God doesn’t care about football

If there’s one thing sacred in America besides God himself, it’s football. In fact, the two are routinely combined, not only with players praying en masse in the locker room and “Tebowing” on the field, and half of American sports fans (and 55% of football fans) believing that “the supernatural” plays a role in sports. In fact, […]

Ex-pitcher Curt Schilling blames criticism of his creationism on “atheists, liberals, and Democrats”

You all know (or should, if you’ve been reading here) about the Twi**er battle between former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling and baseball writer Keith Law, both of whom worked for the sports television network ESPN. Schilling was sending out unreconstructed creationist tw**ts, the much smarter Law defended evolution, and, lo and behold, ESPN suspended Law from tw**ting […]

But organisms still evolved!

Baseball writer Keith Law—suspended from tw**ting by the television sports network ESPN for reasons that are unclear, but almost certainly had to do with his Twi**ter battles about evolution with the creationist pitcher Curt Schilling (also an ESPN employee)—is back. Law, who eloquently defended evolution against Schilling’s stupidities, was given a forced hiatus from Nov. 19 to Nov. […]

Baseball writer suspended from Twitter by ESPN after defending evolution against famous pitcher

I got this from a gazillion readers, but the first two to inform me were Jason and Scott, with thanks to all the rest. But the story isn’t pretty.  Curt Shilling was a great pitcher who played with the Red Sox, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Philadelphia Phillies. Since 2010 he’s been a broadcast analyst for the sports network ESPN, with […]

German fans help an ailing football club

Lord, soccer fans can be cruel to their own clubs. This video showing such behavior was sent by Matthew Cobb, who noted: In 2012, FC Magdeburg had gone 5 games without scoring, so the fans decided to help their strikers. How embarrassing this must have been for the team. And, even with this help, Magdeburg […]

Football sucks

I cannot abide football, for it’s brutal and the action occupies just a few minutes of a one hour-game (which often lasts 2.5 hours or more with time-outs, half-time, and commercials. Reader Diane G. called my attention to a piece in the Wall Street Journal, which, although four years old, surely applies today. It shows […]

Real Islamophobia: Muslim football player penalized for thanking Allah on the field

Well, here’s what seems to be a case of genuine Islamophobia: penalizing someone who shows their Islamic belief in public while letting off others who do the same thing in the name of the Christian God.  Addictinng Info reports that a Muslim football player, Husain Abdullah, the safety for the Kansas City Chiefs, prostrated himself before Allah […]


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