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A one-eyed surfing cat

Let’s end the week with Kuli, the Surfing Cat. Apparently, as you can see from the second video, Kuli went into the ocean of his own accord. And why not? As second video notes, Kuli was brought up in constant contact with water because of his messy eating habits, and from there, the sky—or rather, the sea—is the […]

White Sox change the name of their stadium again, and it’s even worse

Few major league baseball parks retain the names they had when I was a kid, for teams have learned that they can make big bucks by selling the naming rights to corporations. Only 11 major-league teams haven’t done that, and thank Ceiling Cat that Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and Yankee Stadium remain. Comiskey Park was the original name […]

The difficult problem of intersexuality and athletics

I could be wading into murky waters here, and in fact I am, but I have no opinion on the issue of intersexuality and sports, and am just writing this post to solicit opinions—partly to help formulate mine. And forgive me for any errors I make below (but do correct me), as there’s a ton […]

More bad behavior at the Olympics: Egyptian judoka refuses to shake hands with Israeli opponent after losing; US soccer goalie Hope Solo talks trash about Swedish team

The Israeli athletes can’t catch a break at the Olympics: they weren’t let onto the bus by the Lebanese team, a Saudi judoka (judo competitor) forfeited her match rather than have to compete with an Israeli (the Saudis claim she was injured), and now, according to Sports Illustrated and many other sources, an Egyptian judoka refused […]

Wearing a hijab is neither virtuous, courageous, nor heroic

Let me begin by saying two things. First, yes, in Islam wearing a hijab (the head covering) is a sign of virtue, designed to prevent men who cannot control their raging lust from seeing your salacious hair. It is a garment of modesty. But by “virtuous” above, I mean, this: you’re not a better person because you wear […]

Is the “cupping” of Olympic athletes so awful?

All over the skeptical/rational blogosphere, people are calling out those Olympic athletes, including Michael Phelps, who have tried to improve their performance via “cupping therapy“: putting small glass bells over parts of the body and creating a vacuum in them that breaks blood vessels below the skin, producing a circular bruise.   Here’s Michael Phelps getting cupped at […]

North and South Korean gymnasts pose for a selfie

There’s already all sorts of bad behavior by athletes at the Olympics, with the Lebanese team not allowing the Israeli athletes on the bus, a report that a Saudi judo athlete (judist?) forfeited his match rather than face an Israeli athlete (the Saudis say it was an injury), literal finger-wagging by American swimmers towards Russian […]

Poznan. 1: Footy and satiation

After my talk on science and atheism in Poznan, which, much to my delight, greatly angered some Catholics in the audience, I had a huge lunch (pictures will come within a day or two). I am now supine, resting up in my hotel like a python contemplating its next huge meal. (The term “huge meal” in Poland is a […]

So much for setting aside politics at the Olympics

I was always taught that the Olympics were supposed to be a time when national rivalries and enmities were set aside in favor of pure sport: the competition of human versus human, decided only on the basis of athletic prowess. Indeed, in ancient Greece, political truces were announced during the Olympics so that athletes from warring […]

Olympics to Pope: STFU

Reader Randy called my attention to this Olympic tw**t, which may be real, though of course caveat emptor. Poor Popie! Rule 40 appears to be an automatic alert for violating Olympic guidelines, but it doesn’t make much sense. .@Pontifex please refrain from using #Rio2016 protected terms. As a global brand you are in violation of official […]