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City of Manchester are the soccerball champs!

by A. Lone Chipmunk* In the weird world of UK soccerball, the First League champions are the City of Manchester team – often known as Man City, because all the players are men. The City play in light blue shirts, except when the shirts are dark red or a kind of muddy grey-green. They are […]

Women’s hockey shootout at the Olympics

Crikey, I missed the women’s hockey in the Olympics too, and this shootout, in which they snatched gold from the jaws of Canada, suggest that the teams are damn good. I love these shootouts where the shooter does all kinds of sneaky stuff to get the puck past the goalie. This is impressive:

How they make curling stones

Now that the U.S. is the Olympic champion in curling, it behooves us to know how the curling stones are made. In fact, all curling stones used in the Olympics are made of granite mined on the uninhabited Scottish island of Ailsa Craig, which itself looks like a granite curling stone sitting in the Firth […]

The Olympics are over at last

I usually watch at least some of the Olympics, both winter and summer games, but this year my interest flagged. I’m not sure whether it was me, the jingoism that pervaded the coverage, with endless charts showing who had the most medals; the overuse of the verb “medaled”, which is a real verb according to […]

A real feminist

This is a post from the public Facebook page of Anna Muzychuk, a Ukrainian chess grandmaster who holds the women’s world titles in Rapid Chess and Blitz Chess. In November she announced she would give up her titles by refusing to attend this year’s championships in Saudi Arabia on grounds of women’s secondary status and […]

“The greatest nine minutes in sports history”: Was Secretariat the best athlete of all time?

Reader Randy Schenck sent this, and I quote verbatim from his email: I call this video the greatest nine minutes in sports history because when you look up greatest athletes of the 20th century it gives lists of people and pretty much talks about human athletes.   However, if the entire animal world is included in this […]

HuffPo: If you don’t take a knee, you’re a white supremacist

This article just in from the “Everyone’s a Nazi” wing of the Authoritarian Left, as reported (of course) by PuffHo. Click on the screenshot to see the article.   The author, Jesse Benn, who describes himself as an “engaged citizen”, is better characterized as an “enraged citizen”—or, better yet, a Woke Person.  His HuffPo posts, which […]

Trumpiana: The “President” urges football rules for standing during National Anthem, but wants more brain injuries

Trump continues to harangue the National Football League (NFL) about not firing players who refuse to stand erect and show “respect” during the pre-game playing of the National Anthem.  Here’s one of his tw**ts from this morning.  The irony is that the NFL appeared to be divided on this issue—brought to the fore by Colin Kaepernick—but showed […]

Trump vs. athletes’s knees

If you live in the U.S., you’ll know all about the football protests yesterday, when dozens of coaches and players either refused to appear for the traditional playing of the National Anthem or went down on one knee instead of standing erect. (You can read a comprehensive report in the New York Times.) This was […]

2017 World Yoyo Champion

I had a Duncan yoyo as a kid, but barely managed simple tricks like “walking the dog”. Have a look at what Shu Takada, the world yoyo champion can do. (The contest was in Reykjavik in August.)