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Liberal hypocrisy, the hijab, and the Iranian chess boycott

For my own sanity, I’m going to stop looking at the Huffington Post, as there’s nothing there of value unless you’re a Regressive Leftist or need your daily Two Minutes of Trump Hate. But I did want to mention one salubrious piece in that otherwise odiferous venue brought to my attention by Grania. It’s by Zubin Medon, and […]

U.S. Chess Federation supports boycott of hijab-requiring Women’s Championships in Iran

I’ve posted several times about the World Chess Federation’s (FIDE’s) decision to hold the Women’s World Championships in Iran in February, and how some women players have objected because they’d be forced to wear the headscarf (hijab) while playing. One of them, Nazí Paikidze-Barnes, who happens to be the U.S. women’s champion, was vociferous in saying she’d […]

Chess players’ objections grow over hijab requirement at World Championships, and a story about Oriana Fallaci

I‘ve posted several times about the decision of FIDE, the international chess organization, to host its Women’s World Championship in Iran next February, requiring players to don the hijab (headscarf). American champion Nazí Paikidze-Barnes objected, refusing to abide by the misogynistic covering laws of Iran and saying she’d boycott the championship. Here’s an update: First, […]

Final plea: sign petition against Islamic oppression of women chess players

U.S. women’s chess champion Nazi Paikidze-Barnes has started a petition protesting FIDE’s (the international chess organization) decision to hold its Women’s World Championship in Iran, where all players, Muslim or not, will be required to wear hijabs. On top of that ridiculous religious requirement in a secular venue, I just realized that one’s chess game, […]

Consider signing the petition to eliminate hijab requirement for women chess players at World Championships

UPDATE: The goal of 1000 signatories has been exceeded, thanks to many readers here, and has now been raised to 1,500. Given the 40,000-odd subscribers here, many who surely agree with Paikidze-Barnes, I’d like to see thousands of signers. Click on any screenshot to add your name. ******** As I mentioned a few days ago, FIDE, the […]

Female chess players forced to wear hijabs at next World Championships in Iran; some pull out

For a reason that defies understanding, the Commission for Women’s Chess of FIDE, the World Chess Federation, has chosen to have the next women’s world championship in—yes—Iran.  And you know what that means: push your pawns wearing a hijab, or get arrested. Or don’t come at all. That last option seems to be what many women […]

A one-eyed surfing cat

Let’s end the week with Kuli, the Surfing Cat. Apparently, as you can see from the second video, Kuli went into the ocean of his own accord. And why not? As second video notes, Kuli was brought up in constant contact with water because of his messy eating habits, and from there, the sky—or rather, the sea—is the […]

White Sox change the name of their stadium again, and it’s even worse

Few major league baseball parks retain the names they had when I was a kid, for teams have learned that they can make big bucks by selling the naming rights to corporations. Only 11 major-league teams haven’t done that, and thank Ceiling Cat that Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and Yankee Stadium remain. Comiskey Park was the original name […]

The difficult problem of intersexuality and athletics

I could be wading into murky waters here, and in fact I am, but I have no opinion on the issue of intersexuality and sports, and am just writing this post to solicit opinions—partly to help formulate mine. And forgive me for any errors I make below (but do correct me), as there’s a ton […]

More bad behavior at the Olympics: Egyptian judoka refuses to shake hands with Israeli opponent after losing; US soccer goalie Hope Solo talks trash about Swedish team

The Israeli athletes can’t catch a break at the Olympics: they weren’t let onto the bus by the Lebanese team, a Saudi judoka (judo competitor) forfeited her match rather than have to compete with an Israeli (the Saudis claim she was injured), and now, according to Sports Illustrated and many other sources, an Egyptian judoka refused […]