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Nike markets “pro hijab,” goes after Muslim women’s sporting franchise

According to the New York Times, in 2018 Nike will begin marketing a “Pro Hijab”: a hijab made for Muslim women to compete in sports while still remaining “modest”. Featuring the prominent Nike “swoosh,” it’s made of a light and breathable fabric that can be tucked into clothing. It’s expected to cost about $35. Recognizing […]

Man climbs 36 stairs on his head, but fails to set record

No matter how crazy a human activity you can imagine, someone has done it and put it on the Internet. Here, according to the Guinness World Record site, a Chinese man, Li Longlong, tries to break his world record of 34 consecutive stairs climbed ON HIS HEAD. In this video from an Italian television show, Longlong appears to […]

Did women chess players’ wearing of the hijab help Iranian women? A reader weighs in

The Women’s World Chess Championship is underway in Iran, and, as I’ve mentioned repeatedly, the country (and the World Chess Federation) is requiring that all women wear hijabs. This is not only an infringement on women’s freedom (both the foreign players and the Iranians themselves), but I can imagine that playing in a hijab could be an […]

Figure skating in the mountains of British Columbia

Elizabeth Putnam is a prize-winning Canadian figure skater, and in these videos she was helicoptered by Brad Friesen up to a frozen lake in the mountains of British Columbia. The altitude is reported to be about 5000 feet, and the ice, though clear, about 5 feet thick. I can’t imagine a more wonderful experience for […]

A rock-climbing cat

This free-climbing moggie shows a lot of talent, including upper body strength. Clearly there are some climbs a human makes that a cat can’t, given their disparities in size, but I wonder if there are some climbs a cat can make but a trained rock-climber can’t. h/t: Grania

Cubs’ Chicago victory celebration is seventh largest gathering in human history

. . . or so says Fox 32 News in Chicago, which showed the picture below of a celebration when the Cubs returned to Chicago after their World Series win. They add: Officials estimate that 5 million people showed up to the Chicago Cubs parade and rally Friday, making it the 7th largest gathering in human history. […]

A Cubs win for Doug Schemske

If you know the terrific evolutionary botanist Doug Schemske, a very old friend of mine (and I use “old” in both senses, since he’s constantly emphasizing his age), you’ll know he isn’t given to displays of emotion. So it was unusual, but not unexpected, for him to send me this picture yesterday. After all, he […]

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!

Though I’m in far-off Hong Kong, I just got the news that my city’s beloved Cubbies finally won a World Series—after a 108-year drought. And it was a squeaker, too, with a rain delay and a 6-6 tie that sent the game into the 10th inning. And then the Cubs did it—they came back to […]

Liberal hypocrisy, the hijab, and the Iranian chess boycott

For my own sanity, I’m going to stop looking at the Huffington Post, as there’s nothing there of value unless you’re a Regressive Leftist or need your daily Two Minutes of Trump Hate. But I did want to mention one salubrious piece in that otherwise odiferous venue brought to my attention by Grania. It’s by Zubin Madon, and […]

U.S. Chess Federation supports boycott of hijab-requiring Women’s Championships in Iran

I’ve posted several times about the World Chess Federation’s (FIDE’s) decision to hold the Women’s World Championships in Iran in February, and how some women players have objected because they’d be forced to wear the headscarf (hijab) while playing. One of them, Nazí Paikidze-Barnes, who happens to be the U.S. women’s champion, was vociferous in saying she’d […]