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Readers’ wildlife photographs

The readers came through with more photos for me, so please hold off with further photo contributions until after New Year when I return. Today’s arthropod photo odyssey comes from reader Mark Sturtevant, whose words are indented. The first two pictures are of one of the large jumping spiders that I can generally pick up […]

A snake-mimicking spider

by Greg Mayer Matthew shared with me an interesting video of a spider from Singapore that looks like the head of a snake. The videographer, Nicky Bay, is most interested in the pulsation of a dark region below the ‘eyes’, but to me it’s the resemblance to a snake that is most striking– the ‘nostrils/loreal […]

Tiny little spiders

by Grania Just as filler with your morning coffee, here are two immensely cute spiders. And yes, usually the adjective “cute” doesn’t belong anywhere near the noun “spider”. Click on the white arrow in the Tweet to play the mp4 file mislabeled as gif.     The spider in the video is a Spiny Backed Orb […]

See a jumping spider’s eyes move in its head

. . . or rather in its cephalothorax. Matthew Cobb sent me a link to this tw**t by Leilani Walker. Jumping spiders are ambush predators, and need to follow and fix their vision on moving prey. How can they do this? It turns out that this group, contrary to what we expect for arachnids, can […]