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Catching up with Samantha Cristoforetti

by Grania Samantha Cristoforetti is back from her 199 day mission on the International Space Station and spoke to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour about her experience there and being back on our planet. Long story short: gravity is a nasty welcome back to earth and we are all crew members on Spaceship Earth. She talks about the […]

Earth reentry!

by Grania Here’s a jaw-dropping gif* from HighTechPanda   And to answer their question, I don’t care if I could handle it, but I certainly want the experience.   *Pronounced GIF with a hard G because of reasons and also because the acronym stands for Graphics Interchange Format, and we say graphics with a hard G and […]

Up close and personal with Pluto

by Grania Pending a few more black and white images still to be taken, the New Horizons odyssey to Pluto is done. It may still have work to do in the Kuiper Belt, but that has not yet been decided. They’ve already learned some new things, such as Pluto is geologically active. C.C. Peterson at […]

Peregrinations & Pluto

by Grania Jerry sent all these on to me using his phone. God only knows what his bill is going to look like when he gets home. Anyway, yesterday was the day when New Horizons swung by Pluto on its historic voyage to the Kuiper Belt. Jerry and friends of the website Kelly Houle and […]

Nine year journey: the Pluto flyby

by Grania NASA is still waiting on color data from New Horizons, but so far there is a wealth of information received from the epic journey out to the Kuiper Belt. It all started here. and was aiming for this. If you’re interested in following the latest findings, NASA has an image gallery set up […]

New Horizons sends us a new photograph of Pluto

by Grania The first space mission to explore Planet Pluto is now 5 days from target, the last of our solar system’s planets (or not-planets) to be visited. New Horizons will then pass within 12,500km of the surface. The mission hopes to uncover knowledge about its surface and atmosphere. There’s an in depth discussion of […]

Spot the ISS

by Grania WEIT regular Ben Goren sent Jerry this absolutely gorgeous shot of the moon with the ISS passing in front of it. The photograph was snapped from New South Wales, Australia. Click through here to see the original image, and here to read the article in 9News by Chris Wilkinson. Postscript: there are zero nightjars in […]

Philae woke up!!

Philae, the small probe that our species successfully landed on a comet (Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko), has reawakened after its batteries died not long after the first landing in November. The BBC reports: The European Space Agency (Esa) says its comet lander, Philae, has woken up and contacted Earth. Philae, the first spacecraft to land on a comet, was […]

Sam’s journey home

by Grania Spingies Sam Cristoforetti is on her way back planet-side today after a record-breaking stint on the ISS. Here she is savoring the last few minutes on the station. Because I’m a gigantic nerd, I always think of this when I see that port. And of course she has impeccable geek credentials too. Some […]

Astro Sam comes home

UPDATE:  Sam’s last tw**t from space: ____________ After a delay in returning to Earth (one that Samantha Cristoforetti was delighted about), she’s coming home on Thursday. As the Daily Mirror reports, she’s set a record: European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has been on the International Space Station for almost 200 days, meaning she’s now […]


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