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Giles Fraser tries to pwn Stephen Fry by telling us what god is *really* like

Do you want some Sophisticated Theology™ today? I thought not. But I have some new theology right here, and boy, is it sophisticated! First you’ll have to recall (or watch) the Stephen Fry video in which, asked by interviewer Gay Byrne what he’d say if he met God, Fry (an atheist) answered that he’d query God about […]

Lawrence Krauss rebuts “Science increasingly makes the case for God”

On Christmas Day of last year, the Wall Street Journal published a short piece by Eric Metaxas called “Science increasingly makes the case for God” (The subtitle is “The odds of life existing on another planet grow ever longer. Intelligent design, anyone?”). If the WSJ link takes you to the subscription page, just Google the […]

Alvin Plantinga savages Philip Kitcher’s new book, but makes dumb philosophical errors

My friend Philip Kitcher (a philosophy professor at Columbia who also teaches courses on James Joyce!) has written a new book, Life After Faith: the Case for Secular Humanism, based on his Terry Lectures at Yale. After dismissing religions as fairy tales (not his language. for he’s a gentleman), Kitcher gets down to his real […]

Krista Tippett: Oy!

One of the downsides of doing grocery shopping at 7 a.m. on Sunday is that, if you’re listening to National Public Radio (NPR), as I’m wont to do, you’ll probably have to hear the unctuous Krista Tippett and her “On Being” show.  The American version of a less scholarly Karen Armstrong, Tippett never met a religion […]

The Argument from Embarrassment

This is one that theologians have so far missed, but was concocted and tw**ted by the atheist philosopher Maarten Boudry (h/t to Peter):  

The Nativity: when theology strikes

by Grania Most people who grew up with a Christian background are somewhat familiar with the Nativity story. It is one of the more famous bits thanks in no small part to the runaway commercial success of the Solstice festival it attached itself to, and the rest, so to say, is history. Most people find […]

The Pope’s views on animals and heaven go viral

With my post on “The Dog Delusion“, I was ahead of the curve, though I thought of it as a humorous Papal remark that wouldn’t go anywhere. I was wrong: the Pope’s implication that all animals go to Heaven (implying they have souls), as well as the discovery of an earlier and similar statement by Pope […]

The incoherence of Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong earns her living by making liberal believers feel Sophisticated, for she writes books and gives lectures about The Real Nature of God. And that is A God Who is Awesome But Can’t Be Described. (Yet Armstrong manages to write and utter thousands of words about that apophatic God!) How she found this out, and how she knows she’s right […]

Intersectional faith

This cartoon, from reader Pliny the in Between and posted at his site Pictoral Theology, is the answer to all those liberal apologists who tell us that “all faiths are at bottom really the same.” (That’s stupid on the face of it!). I like the liberal characterization of theistic evolution at top left. ~  

God of the gaps

Here’s a new cartoon by reader Pliny the in Between, from his/her site, Pictoral Theology. Does this remind you of a famous Sidney Harris cartoon? And who does that Sophisticated Theologian™ look like?


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