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Angry Cat Man vs. The Sophisticated Theologian™

My adventures as an unrealistically muscular Angry Cat Man continue, as depicted by reader Pliny the in Between on the website Evolving Perspectives. I give you “Super Felid Vision Among the Stacks“. You might recognize my masked adversary. Click to enlarge; you might want to see the titles:  

The Argument from Ponies

In a cartoon called “The Tao of Tommy: Budding Apologist Edition“, Reader Pliny the in Between presents a self-aggrandizing version of the familiar (and flawed) Ontological Argument: I think that the kid, though, is really “Billy,” a budding William Lane Craig. However, there’s an unstated premise in the argument: “my happiness must necessarily be instantiated in this […]

Maarten Boudry on the nature of religious beliefs

Over at 3 Quarks Daily, a site I find of extremely variable quality, there’s a decent post up today (PCC[E] said self-aggrandizingly). It’s by my philosophy colleague Maarten Boudry, whose help and collaboration gave me Philosophy Cred, and it’s called “Disbelief in Belief.” Boudry’s piece is a concise, popular exposition of the paper that Boudry and […]

Is God a question or an answer?

Apparently inspired by my post about the claim that God is not an answer, but a question, reader Pliny the in Between produced this cartoon on Evolving Perspectives. Doesn’t that theologian look familiar?

Rowan Williams: God’s not only not an answer, but He/She/It’s not even a thing!

Well, well. Here we have an article in the Guardian by Rowan Williams, the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, arguing that atheists are constantly “arguing against propositions that no serious Christian writer would endorse.” I would have thought that the propositions we were arguing against were those of God’s existence, the divinity of Jesus, salvation, and so […]

Didn’t you know: God’s a question, not an answer!

I’m not sure who’s in charge of “The Stone,” the New York Times‘s philosophy column, but that person is not doing their job. Imagine if some of our greatest living philosophers would post there about matters diverse: ethics, animal rights, abortion, drone strikes, and so on. But all too often the column is about God; that is, we […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Easterology

This strip “plan 2,” is 9 years old but the author informs us it’s been slightly edited. No matter—it’s still timely. And the whole Easter story and the salvific effects of Jesus (aka God) being crucified has never made any sense to me. I suppose that senselessness makes it even more plausible to a Sophisticated Theologian™. […]

Ed Suominen meets a Sophisticated Theologian

A few nights ago, reader Ed Suominen went to a talk by my old nemesis John Haught, a Sophisticated Catholic Theologian™ whom I once debated at the University of Kentucky. You can read about that memorable encounter on Haught’s Wikipedia page. At any rate, Haught’s talk was at Gonzaga, a Catholic University in Spokane, Washington. After the talk, Ed—a […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ the Big Sacrifice

The new Jesus and Mo strip, called “ten”, deals with the arcane doctrine (well, it’s not really so arcane) of “substitutionary atonenement.” Them’s fancy words for “Jesus died for your sins.” Here’s how the site Compelling Truth explains substitutionary atonement. This is classic theobabble (my emphasis): Romans 6:23 teaches us two things. First, it tells us […]

The Pope answers a vexing question: what did God do before he made the world?

I wonder if Pope Francis was speaking ex cathedra when he figured out, as recounted in a new book for kids, what God was doing before He made the world. I have, in fact, often wondered that myself. There was eternity before there was the Earth, and unless there were an eternity of multiverses before […]


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