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Karl Giberson is still fighting a rearguard battle against Adam and Eve

The link to a new PuffHo piece by (Formerly Uncle) Karl Giberson,”Fundamentalists think that science is atheism,” came from reader Alan, who commented: “[Karl’s] still trying to deal with Adam & Eve, poor guy.” And indeed, besides flogging Giberson’s new book, Saving the Original Sinner: How Christians Have Used the Bible’s First Man to Oppress, Inspire, and Make […]

A theology graduate speaks about our supposed need to learn moar theology before criticizing religion

Yesterday I posted a reader’s beef from someone named “heavymetalvomitparty,” who said that my opinions on God, theology, and philosophy were worthless since I was neither monk, priest, nor philosopher.  Be that as it may, we have a comment on the same thread by one “solnedgangman,” who wrote at length, and whose comment I decided to […]

More nonsense at NPR about God

I am frankly amazed that National Public Radio (NPR) would publish this mushy reconception of religion, for it’s worse than that purveyed by apophatists like Karen Armstrong. In fact, Nancy Ellen Abrams, who is flogging her new book A God that Could Be Real: Sprirituality, Science, and the Future of our Planet, was given two mini-essays in […]

The worst accommodationism EVER: Nancy Abrams says that God is naturalism (sort of)

All the good that Salon has done by publishing the eloquent antitheist essays by Jeffrey Tayler has been wiped away for good by a new essay on the site, “You’re praying to the wrong God: What organized religion gets wrong about prayer.”  It’s by Nancy Abrams, and is an excerpt from her new book A God […]

A writer for CNN debates whether Judas is in hell

Bloody hell, just when you think the Cable News Network (CNN) may have some redeeming features, it publishes a piece of such mind-boggling stupidity that you scratch your head in wonderment. Such a piece is Craig Gross’s new Easter lucubration, “Is Judas in hell?” Read it—it’s short. And after you do, I’ll be you’ll wonder why CNN would […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Karen Armstrong

Today’s Jesus and Mo, called “Ineffable,” takes a poke at those hypocritical Sophisticated Theologians™ who claim that we can’t say anything about God, for he’s a Great Apophatic Mystery, but then go ahead and tell us all kinds of things about who he is (loving, ubiquitous, etc.) and what he wants. (And yes, I’m talking […]

Giles Fraser tries to pwn Stephen Fry by telling us what god is *really* like

Do you want some Sophisticated Theology™ today? I thought not. But I have some new theology right here, and boy, is it sophisticated! First you’ll have to recall (or watch) the Stephen Fry video in which, asked by interviewer Gay Byrne what he’d say if he met God, Fry (an atheist) answered that he’d query God about […]

Lawrence Krauss rebuts “Science increasingly makes the case for God”

On Christmas Day of last year, the Wall Street Journal published a short piece by Eric Metaxas called “Science increasingly makes the case for God” (The subtitle is “The odds of life existing on another planet grow ever longer. Intelligent design, anyone?”). If the WSJ link takes you to the subscription page, just Google the […]

Alvin Plantinga savages Philip Kitcher’s new book, but makes dumb philosophical errors

My friend Philip Kitcher (a philosophy professor at Columbia who also teaches courses on James Joyce!) has written a new book, Life After Faith: the Case for Secular Humanism, based on his Terry Lectures at Yale. After dismissing religions as fairy tales (not his language. for he’s a gentleman), Kitcher gets down to his real […]

Krista Tippett: Oy!

One of the downsides of doing grocery shopping at 7 a.m. on Sunday is that, if you’re listening to National Public Radio (NPR), as I’m wont to do, you’ll probably have to hear the unctuous Krista Tippett and her “On Being” show.  The American version of a less scholarly Karen Armstrong, Tippett never met a religion […]


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