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Top 20 most followed Twe**ers

Submitted for your approval: the top 20 Twi**er accounts with the most followers (go here for the top 100). I don’t think of myself as an intellectual snob, but I’m still disturbed by the list.  With the exception of Barack Obama, YouTube, and CNN (how did that get on there?), all are pop-rock stars, with […]

Next Friday: a Professor Ceiling Cat reddit “Ask me anything”

One week from this Friday, on May 22, at 1 p.m. I’m doing a live reddit science AMA “Ask me anything” feature, where I’ll take two hours (or more, if I’m still sentient) answering readers’ questions about, yes, anything. I believe people post their questions beforehand, and then I start answering them at 1 p.m. Eastern time […]

Houston, I have Facebook!

Thank Ceiling Cat and some Big Guns who went to bat for me—and on whom I’ll confer anonymity—my Facebook page has returned. Although it’s still listed as “being investigated,” it seems to work fine. I guess I’ll never know why it was taken down. But I also learned that I have a public Facebook page, or […]

Facebook’s disabled my page!

Oy gewalt!.  For reasons that completely elude me, Facebook has disabled my account.  And by “disabled,” I don’t mean a temporary suspension like the one-day one  I oncerecived for one day when someone on the Global Humanist website (of which I’m a moderator) complained about someone else’s post and got all of our personal sites suspended. No, this […]

An Easter tw**t from Ricky Gervais

He’s a strident one! (Note his cat (“Ollie”), the Atheist Pet of Choice™.) h/t: Matthew Cobb  

Krauss versus Chopra: No contest

How about a bit of Twi**er humor this morning to wake us up? And who better to tickle our funnybone than the inimitable Deepakity? Here Chopra tries to engage Lawrence Krauss, a move that, for a man of Chopra’s temperament and knowledge, is always a mistake. The last tw**t is a zinger! h/t: Barry

The vile hypocrisy of Facebook on “hate speech”: Muslims get a pass, Jews and Israel don’t

I’m putting up a cute kitten to start this post so that Facebook won’t remove it (the first photo always shows on a Facebook link): Yesterday I put up a post about a photo posted by a co-administrator of the website Global Secular Humanist Movement (GSHM). Below is the photo that Facebook removed (and notified me, who […]

OMG: Sabrina’s following me!

I don’t read my Twi**er feed, as it consists solely of links to posts on this site, but I do get daily notifications of new followers. Here’s a good one: It’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Hart (now 38) was of course the star of the eponymous television show, which ran for seven years beginning in […]

The only science “bot” (and cat) on the list

Matthew sent me a copy of his tw**t this morning about Science’s new and expanded list of “science Twi**er stars”: When I saw this, I told Matthew that I didn’t know what he meant by “bot.” He replied that my Twi**er feed was a “notification list,” i.e., simply an automated list of the posts made on this website. […]

The coolest cat in the bunch

A gazillion people emailed me to tell me that, according to an article in Science, I was one of the “Top 50 Science stars of Twi**er”: to be precise, #30. That was a surprise to me, because I never tw**t, except to announce each post on this site, which is automatically fed to the Evolutionistrue Twi**er […]


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