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Facebook finds parts of Declaration of Independence to be “hate speech” and “racist”, removes them

To be fair, the hate speech appears to have been detected and removed by a robot analyzer, but shouldn’t some human check content before they remove it? Facebook did, however, later allow the impure parts of the Declaration of Independence to be posted. From the BBC (click on screenshot): Here’s the story (my emphasis): In […]

Facebook now asks if every post contains “hate speech”

UPDATE: After only an hour or two, Facebook has pulled the “hate speech” icons. What gives? Did we see a planned program rolled out accidentally? Or was it a trial that quickly went wrong? Who knows—it’s Facebook, Jake. _______ Is this Facebook’s way of policing its site? Because if it is we’re all doomed.  As […]

How you can tell if your Facebook data were given to Cambridge Analytica

Now there’s not much you can do about it now if your Facebook data was given to Cambridge Analytica. If you’re on FB, an icon will eventually appear at the top of your screen (it isn’t yet on mine). Here’s the skinny according to CNN Tech: On Monday, the social media giant began rolling out […]

Pakistani feminist banned by Facebook for criticizing those who victim blamed (on religious grounds) a 7-year old girl who was raped and murdered

The “Atheist Muslim” Ali Rizvi called attention to Facebook’s new ban on his wife, feminist activist Alishba Zarmeen, for an emotional but affecting post that, as he notes below, condemned those who blamed an 8-year-old Pakistani girl for her own rape and murder, as well as calling out some doctrines of Islam that enable this […]

PinkerGate: The last word

Two days ago I wrote about how some social-media folks had distorted an eight-minute remark by Steve Pinker made at the Spiked event at Harvard: “Is political correctness why Trump won?” Pinker spoke about how certain facts have been censored or deemed by the Left taboo to discuss, and how the suppression of truth in […]

London museum Twitter wars!

I tend to stay off Twitter for three reasons: I don’t have time, given the duties associated with this site, I don’t like to embroil myself in fights having blows of 140 characters, and it breeds a toxicity that manifests itself as rancor without enlightenment. Has anybody changed their mind after a Twitter argument? It […]

Church of England mis-tweets big time

Matthew Cobb found this thread on Twi**er in which someone in charge of social media at the Church of England screwed up. Here’s the first post: Thomas More and John Fisher were Roman Catholics who, you may recall, were executed for refusing to give up their allegiance to Roman Catholicism and recognize the Church of England […]

WEIT censored on Twitter?

UPDATE: This seems to be a case of Twitter “shadow banning, me” which I’ll try to fix. In the meantime, if you’re on Twitter you can fix it, according to reader Jack, by adusting your Twitter settings: To remove them I had to change settings under the Safety section of twitter. unchecked: Hide sensitive content […]

We need a word

The contest is in the last paragraph. An increasing number of articles on websites, even respectable ones, seem to consist largely of a collection of people’s tweets. Here’s an example from a non-respectable site. (Click on screenshot to go to articles. The tweets given in the piece go on beyond the screenshot; nearly the whole piece is tweets!) […]

WaPo becoming HuffPo

There is a new phenomenon I call “Twitter journalism”, in which people manage to eke out articles by stringing together Twitter “posts”. I myself have been tempted to do this, and sometimes have, though not very often. But this is a website, and it’s much worse when the tw**t assemblages are disguised as journalism. PuffHo, of course, […]