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That’s my boy!

A tw**t from Matthew Cobb to the New Yorker:

With great relief, Stephen Fry leaves Twitter

I used to use Twi**ter only to post links to pieces that appeared on this site, but then I expanded a bit, posting articles I found interesting but had no time to write about. (My model for this was Steve Pinker, a most judicious Tweeter.) And, very rarely, I’ve tw**ted to someone, but only once or twice (one P. […]

Twitter goes full authoritarian

Twitter has formed a “Trust and Safety Council” to “ensure people can continue to express themselves freely and safely” on their network.  In principle, I think there should be some monitoring to prevent personal threats and incitement to violence, but this seems to go farther. Have a look at their page on this, which states, […]

Heart eaten

Here is a screenshot of an email I got from Matthew that contained the message right below: Header: Message: Well, I’ve nommed my heart. Sometimes I think Twi**er may have its uses after all. . . And I’ve just noticed that Diane Morgan’s second episode of Drunk History, “Florence Nightingale’s First Patient,” is finally up […]

Breakfast in bed

It’s time for end-of-the-week squee. This Japanese video of a carrot-nomming hamster comes with the translated title, “Mike’s favorite food is carrot.” I believe it! Matthew sent me a link to this video a while back. Speaking of anthropomorphizing animals, this Guardian article will show you how low the Internet has fallen.

Facebook’s double standard

My personal Facebook (FB) site has been blocked twice, both times because I’m a moderator on another FB site, the Global Secular Humanist Movement (GSHM; do “like” it if you want), which was also blocked at the same time. And both times the blocking followed complaints that we “violated community standards”, almost certainly because some of […]

Social media swallows everything

This is a “get off my lawn” complaint, but virtually the only thing I watch on television is the news, and lately I’ve noticed it getting corrupted by social media. In short, the local news, usually devoted to happenings in Chicago, sports, traffic, and weather, is now devoting a large part of its morning programs to […]

Blocked on Facebook again!

UPDATE: After some explanation on my part, the higher-ups at Facebook have restored my access, so thank to them. __________ I am one of the moderators of the Global Secular Humanist Movement Facebook page, which gives me the right to put up posts (I don’t really moderate). It’s a popular page, with over 300,000 “likes,” […]

Top 20 most followed Twe**ers

Submitted for your approval: the top 20 Twi**er accounts with the most followers (go here for the top 100). I don’t think of myself as an intellectual snob, but I’m still disturbed by the list.  With the exception of Barack Obama, YouTube, and CNN (how did that get on there?), all are pop-rock stars, with […]

Next Friday: a Professor Ceiling Cat reddit “Ask me anything”

One week from this Friday, on May 22, at 1 p.m. I’m doing a live reddit science AMA “Ask me anything” feature, where I’ll take two hours (or more, if I’m still sentient) answering readers’ questions about, yes, anything. I believe people post their questions beforehand, and then I start answering them at 1 p.m. Eastern time […]


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