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Two new episodes of Simon’s Cat

I have a stack of stuff that I could write about today, but for once I don’t feel like writing about anything. It’s a big mess out there, there’s precious little any of us can do to fix things, or so I think, and it’s dispiriting. Politicians are making big noises about how we will […]

Simon’s Cat Logic: on boxes (with added advice to staff)

Simon Tofield, the talented creator of Simon’s Cat, has teamed up with cat experts to provide not only cartoons, but also useful information about cats. The new series is called “Cat Logic.” Here we have an episode on boxes with cat expert Nicky Trevorrow from Cats Protection: h/t: Ken

Simon’s Cat: Valentine special

I’m late to the party with this one, but it’s a good one, and so I’ll show it. Simon’s Cat is in love with a beautiful moggie (look at those eyelashes!), but he’s got a bad case of butterflies: h/t: Heather

Paws and relax on British Airways

We’ll end the week with—hmm. . . what will lift our spirits? How about CATS?? In a remarkably enlightened move, British Airways is tempting ailurophilic customers with a new channel on its long-distance flights. As Yahoo Travel reports: Do you ever go on Youtube only to get caught in an endless web of cat videos? […]

The story of Simon’s Cat

Animator Simon Tofield has produced a brand-new biographical cartoon telling the story of how he got into animation, how the “Simon’s Cat” series came about, and how he makes those adorable videos. He reveals, for instance, that he has four cats, whose antics are all amalgamated into the unnamed cartoon moggie, and that it takes […]

Simon’s cat goes ice fishing

This is a particularly good episode of Simon’s Cat, the animation wonderfully done, as always, by Simon Tofield.  And now you can buy Simon’s Cat stuffz, too! Support Tofield and his work by buying a tee-shirt or a cool ceramic Simon. h/t: Michael