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Caturday felid trifecta: Girls and their cats, Child reads to blind shelter cat to gain the cat’s trust, Simon’s cats,

Photographer BriAnne Wills has a site called “Girls and their Cats” (GATC); she’s described as “a Brooklyn-based fashion photographer who moved to New York in September 2014 with her husband and two rescue cats.” and the site is “a photo series created by BriAnne as a way to showcase cat-owning women in a positive light. She’s photographed over 200 women so far.” […]

Caturday felids trifecta: Holiday Simon’s Cats, a Janus kitten, and Gus on the harpsichord

Sadly, I’ll be flying on Christmas, and though I’m an atheist Jew—something that Dave Silverman considers an oxymoron—I will be sad to miss the holidays as well as my birthday five days later, marking the end of Coynezaa, my personal holiday. But Caturday felids must go on, and here’s a special holiday edition, featuring two […]

Keeping your cat safe at Christmas

Here we have a combination of Simon’s Cat Christmas animations and the ever-reliable advice of Nicky Trevorrow of Cats Protection. (The Brits always use plurals for such things, as “Drinks party” or “Cats protections”. Americans would use the singular, “Cat protection” and “Cocktail party”—not “Cocktails party”.) Here’s Ms. Trevorrow on general cat behavior; note her […]

A Simon’s Cat Thanksgiving special

Here’s a short new Simon’s Cat animation called “Fast Food (a Thanksgiving special)”.  The two moggies team up to steal an entire Thanksgiving dinner! It’s curious, though, since Simon lives in the UK and I didn’t think they had Thanksgiving there. May the rest of you have good noms today!

Caturday felid special: Simon’s cat goes to the vet

I’ve been waiting a while for this special edition of Simon’s Cat to be posted on YouTube. It’s not only the first full-length cartoon (13 minutes), but also, as I recall, the first one in color. For that, and for its content, it gets its own Caturday Felid spot. Simon’s Cat gets his paw stung […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Simon’s Cat: “Off to the vet”; Porter the Toronto Police Marine Cat; Otter and Bengal cat pals

There’s a new “full length” color film of Simon’s Cat called “Off to the Vet”. Somehow I’ve seen a bit of this, but I can’t remember where, and it’s no longer on the Internet. It was hilarious. At any rate, there are several “making of” videos featuring Simon Tofield and his assistants. Here are three: […]

Thursday felid: a live drawing of Simon’s Cat, with a Star Wars theme

Reader Michael called my attention to this nice episode of Simon’s Cat, certainly because today is Star Wars Day:

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

Good morning on Wednesday February 15, 2017. It should be National Leftover Candy day, but it’s actually National Gumdrop Day and National Chewing Gum Day. It’s also National Flag Day of Canada, celebrating the adoption of its current flag in 1965: And can somebody tell me why the hockey team is called the “Maple Leafs” rather than the […]

Simon’s cat: Valentine specials

We have two Simon’s Cat specials for Valentine’s Day. In the first, Simon Tofield shows how he makes one of the pictures used in the second video.  I don’t think the cat’s inamorata is thrilled to get a box o’ mice. And here’s the final product for today: “Dinner Date: Starters.” Note how the cat is […]

Happy Halloween from Simon’s Cat

Simon’s cat has a special Halloween edition in which you can use your mouse (or touchpad) to navigate the woods, looking for the moggie.  h/t to Heather Hastie for this; her post on Heather’s Homilies includes several other Halloween-related Simon’s Cat items.