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Bari Weiss returns with a column on Asia Argento, Avital Ronell, #MeToo, and the Shoe on the Other Foot

I don’t know how anyone can find this new New York Times column by Bari Weiss objectionable, but I know they’ll try. (Click on screenshot to read it.) The column is about two women who have been accused of sexual abuse. The first, Asia Argento, is an actor who was revealed to have paid $380,000 […]

Lawrence Krauss removed as head of Arizona State University Origins project

In March of this year, after several reports of sexual harassment and groping by physicist Lawrence Krauss (the most prominent article was published in Buzzfeed), I decided that, in light of multiple consilient reports, I’d do my own small investigation. I turned up at least three highly credible allegations by people I know reporting Krauss’s […]

Famed geneticist Francisco J. Ayala resigns after his university finds him guilty of sexual harassment

If you’re in evolutionary genetics, you’ll know the name of Francisco J. Ayala.  When I first met him in 1971 at Rockefeller University, where he was studying fly genetics in Theodosius Dobzhansky’s lab (I was a beginning grad student), he was a Dominican priest, and came to lab in his priest suit, complete with collar.  […]

Title IX regulations for sexual misconduct and the huge mess they’ve created in American universities

In September of last year, I wrote a piece about the Obama-era changes in the Title IX laws. Rather than re-describe the situation, I’ll quote from that post: In 2011, the Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) of the U.S. Department of Education sent its famous “Dear Colleague” letter to American colleges and universities, suggesting how sexual […]

What? I must be gay because I’m not worried about being #MeToo’d?

I don’t know who writes the Dark Buzz  physics blog, but it’s someone named Roger—someone whose latest post, “Krauss is being silenced“, made me chuckle. After noting that both Sam Harris and I have expressed our beliefs that Lawrence Krauss is in all likelihood guilty of sexual malfeasance, Roger speculates why. His conclusion? I have […]

The Lawrence Krauss affair

Certainly most of you are aware of the allegations that physicist Lawrence Krauss engaged in sexually predatory behavior. This was made public with the BuzzFeed article that accused Krauss of a panoply of sexually aggressive and harassing behaviors, ranging from inappropriate comments made to women through physical groping up to sexual assault.  I didn’t find […]

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”: Old versus Purified versions

Here’s the original version of the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. The first half shows Betty Grable and Ricardo “Corinthian Leather” Montalban; the second Red Skelton and Red Skelton and Betty Garrett. The song was written by Frank Loesser in 1944, was sung by him and his wife at parties, and first appeared in this movie: “Neptune’s Daughter” […]

Sarsour defends herself, claims that accusations that she covered up sexual harassment were false

I’m flying out very soon to continue the Coyne India Tour in Pune, but wanted to post this link before I left. Yesterday I reported that Linda Sarsour was accused of covering up sexual harassment of a female worker in her office several hears ago. BuzzFeed has now published an article defending Sarsour (and interviewing […]

Linda Sarsour accused of ignoring and enabling sexual harassment of her employee

Women’s March organizer accused of covering up sex abuse — New York Post (@nypost) December 18, 2017 The #MeToo movement has been a net force for good, letting men know they can no longer easily get away with sexual harassment—especially in the workplace or in a power relationship. It also carries the mantra […]

Al Franken and our poll

Here are the results of the poll I posted yesterday:   Given the number of subscribers, I’m a bit disappointed that there were relatively few votes (around 500 total, or roughly 1% of subscribers). That said, there were enough to show that more people want Al Franken to stay in the Senate than to resign, […]