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Should schools ban the works of those accused of sexual harassment?

I suppose we should have seen this coming—especially after the novel Huckleberry Finn has been repeatedly removed from secondary-school courses for use of the “n word” and the book’s depiction of Jim—but it’s becoming more pervasive. And now this movement to remove works of art from classroom teaching, as recounted in the New York Times […]

Terry Gross interviews Jane Mayer, who wrote the NYer article defending Al Franken

UPDATE: In today’s New York Times, David Leonhardt agrees with Mayer’s conclusions, but also links to a number of journalists who have diverging opinions about Franken (click on screenshot below). Several, for example, think that Franken should have resigned without going through an Ethics Committee procedure. Read his piece, and the links, and decide for […]

Should Al Franken have left the Senate?

There’s little doubt that had Al Franken not left the Senate because he was accused of sexual harassment, he would now be one of the top-polling Democratic candidates for President. In fact, I might have favored him over any of the other candidates. But there’s no chance of that: he’s gone and the accusations against […]

Tarring Steve Pinker and others with Jeffrey Epstein

Several times this week I’ve seen people of low character go after Steve Pinker because of his supposed association with accused sexual predator and child-sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. (Note: my own view is that there’s overwhelming evidence that Epstein is guilty and, after a fair trial, deserves to go to jail for decades.) But that’s […]

Two pieces on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the new allegations against him

It is curious that the accusations of sexual misconduct committed by Martin Luther King, Jr., recently published in Standpoint by his biographer, the distinguished civil rights historian David Garrow, have largely been ignored by the mainstream press. I think it’s because the press doesn’t know how to respond to accusations of rape-enabling and abuse of […]

A new portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. by one of his biographers paints him as a rape accomplice and abuser of women

Along with Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of my heroes. Both men, using their labor, their writing, their dedication, and especially their devotion to nonviolent civil disobedience, effected enormous social change. Gandhi helped get the British to “quit India”; King helped lead the civil rights struggles of the sixties that ended legal […]

A liberal feminist supports DeVos’s changes in Title IX

There are two reasons why folks are opposed to Betsy DeVos’s revised Title IX regulations for adjudicating sexual assault and harassment in colleges.  The first is because the changes are proposed by a member of the Trump administration, and a particularly hated one. The second is that the general thrust of the changes protect the […]

NYT philosopher writer flaunts virtue by flagellating himself for sexism, but doesn’t do squat for gender equality

In the last few years a genre has arisen that doesn’t just call for social justice—those calls that have been around for a while—but in which a person (usually a man) flagellates himself for sexism, racism, or other sins, excoriating his behavior in an attempt to purge himself—and by extension the entire class to which […]

Lawrence Krauss to retire from Arizona State University after sexual misconduct allegations

I’ve posted before about the sexual misconduct allegations about Lawrence Krauss at Arizona State University (ASU)—allegations that were investigated by the University after the BuzzFeed article that raised the issue (see my posts here, here, and here). Krauss was removed as director of the ASU Origins Project and asked not to come to campus or teach, […]

Emily Yoffe on how to adjudicate claims of sexual misconduct

Over at The Atlantic, Emily Yoffe, who used to do the Dear Prudence column for Slate (a feature I quite liked), has since moved on, reporting extensively for The Atlantic on sexual assault allegations, particularly in colleges. Like me, she’s worried about the lack of proper adjudication in colleges that arrived after Obama’s well-intentioned “Dear […]