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“Baby It’s Cold Outside”: Old versus Purified versions

Here’s the original version of the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. The first half shows Betty Grable and Ricardo “Corinthian Leather” Montalban; the second Red Skelton and Red Skelton and Betty Garrett. The song was written by Frank Loesser in 1944, was sung by him and his wife at parties, and first appeared in this movie: “Neptune’s Daughter” […]

Sarsour defends herself, claims that accusations that she covered up sexual harassment were false

I’m flying out very soon to continue the Coyne India Tour in Pune, but wanted to post this link before I left. Yesterday I reported that Linda Sarsour was accused of covering up sexual harassment of a female worker in her office several hears ago. BuzzFeed has now published an article defending Sarsour (and interviewing […]

Linda Sarsour accused of ignoring and enabling sexual harassment of her employee

Women’s March organizer accused of covering up sex abuse — New York Post (@nypost) December 18, 2017 The #MeToo movement has been a net force for good, letting men know they can no longer easily get away with sexual harassment—especially in the workplace or in a power relationship. It also carries the mantra […]

Al Franken and our poll

Here are the results of the poll I posted yesterday:   Given the number of subscribers, I’m a bit disappointed that there were relatively few votes (around 500 total, or roughly 1% of subscribers). That said, there were enough to show that more people want Al Franken to stay in the Senate than to resign, […]

Democratic Senators call on Al Franken to resign (and a poll)

According to many sources, including the New York Times, a sixth woman has come forward to accuse Al Franken of sexual harassment.  Deciding that they’ve had enough, several Democrats in the Senate, including ten women and seven men, have issued statements calling for Franken to resign his seat (the women are Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, […]