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Two geographers say that academics should stop citing so much work by straight white men

My spirits continue to sink as I see both the Washington Post and the New York Times move toward the Authoritarian wing of Leftism. The latest—and this really hurts—is a piece in the “Speaking of Science” column called “Why these professors are warning against promoting the work of straight, white men“, written by general assignment reporter […]

We’ll be right back after this brief announcement about soccer and North Korea

If you’re a soccer fan, you’ll know that FIFA has awarded the World Cup venue for 2022 to the nation of Qatar. (It’ll be held in November and December because of Quatar’s dire summer weather.) Sadly, much of the work on building the stadiums (stadia?) is being done by North Korean slave laborers, who must […]

Israeli woman wins suit against El Al for making her move to accommodate misogynistic Orthodox Jews

About damn time! In February of last year I posted about Renee Rabinowitz’s gender discrimination lawsuit against El Al airlines for “asking” her to vacate a seat next to an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man who objected to sitting next to a woman. Rabinowitz, a retired Israeli psychologist, was upset that she had to move to accommodate […]

Google Doodle celebrates botanist Carrie Derick

This didn’t appear on my Google screen, but reader Dennis tells me that yesterday Google in Canada posted a Doodle honoring the 155th birthday of Carrie Matilda Derick (1862-1941). Derick, a geneticist specializing in plants, was in fact the first female professor in any subject in a Canadian university. She was also the founder of the botany department […]

Final plea: sign petition against Islamic oppression of women chess players

U.S. women’s chess champion Nazi Paikidze-Barnes has started a petition protesting FIDE’s (the international chess organization) decision to hold its Women’s World Championship in Iran, where all players, Muslim or not, will be required to wear hijabs. On top of that ridiculous religious requirement in a secular venue, I just realized that one’s chess game, […]

Consider signing the petition to eliminate hijab requirement for women chess players at World Championships

UPDATE: The goal of 1000 signatories has been exceeded, thanks to many readers here, and has now been raised to 1,500. Given the 40,000-odd subscribers here, many who surely agree with Paikidze-Barnes, I’d like to see thousands of signers. Click on any screenshot to add your name. ******** As I mentioned a few days ago, FIDE, the […]

Are the constellations sexist? The Atlantic goes the way of Salon; Grania responds

More and more, The Atlantic, once a bastion of sober and liberal thought, is going the way of Salon; that is, it’s becoming both clickbait and Authoritarian Leftist, devoted to sniffing out anything that could exude even the merest whiff of social offense. One example is a yesterday’s online piece by Leila McNeill, “The constellations […]

Air France decides it’s okay to insult women

by Grania Air France is in the middle of a row with their staff members after instructing female crew members to cover their heads and wear loose jackets and trousers when they travel to Iran. Staff point out that it is against French law to require them to wear “ostentatious religious symbols”. Air France’s response to […]

Gender segregation at a Muslim-sponsored university event in Canada

Reader Darryl Gwynne described an incident he experienced at his university in Canada, and I asked him to write a brief account of it for me. So here it is. I’ve added a photo to supplement the one Darryl links to below. Segregation by gender at a University of Toronto event Darryl Gwynne So it’s […]

Jewish woman sues El Al for making her vacate a seat next to an Orthodox Jewish man

Thanks to several readers, staring with Greg Mayer, for sending me a link to this story from yesterday’s New York Times. It involves, as we’ve seen several times before, an Orthodox Jew refusing to sit next to a woman on an airplane, for that might lead, G*d forbid, to touching, which is forbidden (see the […]