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Consent condoms: a big fail for the woke

Well, I suppose this product sounds good for about a millisecond when you first hear about it, but another millisecond’s thought proves it to be a dumb and unworkable attempt to solve the issue of consent—and lack thereof—in sexual relations.  The report originates with CNN, which shows the product at issue: a condom in a […]

Sex differences in the brain

For a while I’ve been criticizing ideologically-based scientific claims, including the arguments that “evolutionary psychology is bunk” and “there are no differences between male and female brains in either structure or wiring”. These claims are based on ideology because both are palpably ridiculous from what we know about biology or from recently published research, and […]

Andrew Sullivan on the gender-and-sex morass—and the persistence of Obamacare

I have to admit that I haven’t read much from Andrew Sullivan since he left The Dish and ultimately wound up writing for New York Magazine. And perhaps that’s my loss, for at least his recent column, “The triumph of Obama’s long game,” shows an intelligence and thoughtfulness that I should have followed. Back in […]

Ice cream sex from “Bill Nye Saves the World”

No comment needed, except this may be from the same show that featured “My vagina has its own voice“. You can judge whether it’s appropriate for the show. p.s. I don’t really understand what this is about; maybe I’m dim. But i’m pretty sure it doesn’t have much to do with science.

Imam: Women must cover themselves to stifle men’s uncontrollable lust

I found the video below on Facebook the other day, and though it was publicized by a right-wing group, it was part of a 20-minute VICE documentary, “Bangladeshi gang rape.” (Do watch that, too.) The clip below shows Tania Rashid, a reporter, interviewing Mohammed Shahidul Isham, an imam. It’s unbelievable that in 2016 you can hear stuff like […]

On the sexualization of selling science

This is a hard post to write, but I wanted to put some thoughts out there, and, more important, get the readers’ take on this issue. It’s about using sex to sell science. And I refer to science websites that have banners or photos like this (click on the banners to go to the sites): Clearly, these are […]

Agnosticism and atheism predominate among Harvard’s incoming (and virginal) students

This plot, which appeared in an article in the Washington Post, is taken from a survey by the Harvard Crimson (the student newspaper) of that university’s incoming freshmen (first-year students)Note that agnostics predominate over all other faiths, and, combined with atheists, show that 37.9% of all entering students are nonbelievers. I’m sure that’s atypical compared to other schools, but it’s still […]

Decoy calls unexpectedly change a frog’s mate preference

Behavioral work on many animals, ranging from insects to mammals, has shown that females prefer a certain type of male call: perhaps one that is longer, louder, or has certain combinations of sounds. We’re not sure why these preferences have evolved, though there are many theories. Those include hypotheses that males with, say, louder calls are healthier, and […]

Why sex? Experiments on fruit flies suggest it evolved to resist infection

Of course there’s a proximate reason, at least in our species, to the question above: “Why sex?” That answer is fatuous but true: “Because it feels good.” Of course it feels good—because pleasurable orgasms and the desire to copulate are the evolutionary cues prompting us to leave our genes via mating. But why mate with another individual in […]

Brother Tayler’s Sunday Sermon: Tanya Lurhmann and Christian sex

As Tanya Luhrmann’s osculation of faith grow weirder and weirder in the New York Times, so that her most recent piece points out the benefits of the evangelical Christian purity cult, Jeffrey Tayler’s criticisms of religion get more and more “strident.” Yesterday’s jawbreaker-titled column, “Oh God! The Lord’s my sex guru: Pious perverts, incestuous misogyny and […]