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The date from hell

Imagine going out on a first date and being mercilessly grilled and hectored about whether your views conform to Regressive Leftism.  Of course partners on any first dates vet each other from the outset, but it’s usually far more subtle than the strategy recommended by Lara Witt in her Everyday Feminism piece “10 things every […]

Should a Christian baker be able to refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding?

In 2012, a Christian baker and self-proclaimed “cake artist” in Colorado, Jack Phillips, decided he wasn’t going to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, Charlie Craig and David Mullins, because the request violated his religious beliefs. The couple sued for violation of the state’s anti-discrimination lawsuit, and won. The case was appealed, and […]

Zinnia Jones: The dangers of Regressivism

Zinnia Jones is a transgender woman who nominally posts at The Orbit, a series of blogs that were once part of Freethought Blogs but separated from that site for reasons that were never explicit. I rarely read her site, and rarely look at The Orbit itself because postings at the 22 constituent blogs are rare; in […]

Democratic Senators call on Al Franken to resign (and a poll)

According to many sources, including the New York Times, a sixth woman has come forward to accuse Al Franken of sexual harassment.  Deciding that they’ve had enough, several Democrats in the Senate, including ten women and seven men, have issued statements calling for Franken to resign his seat (the women are Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, […]

Women in tech harass and defame a woman in tech; reason: wrong politics

I’ve heard from some women in science that their toughest opposition, sometimes verging on harassment, comes from other women in science. I wouldn’t know, as I don’t have that lived experience. But here’s a related story, on Medium, from Marlene Jaeckel, and certainly has a provocative title (click on screenshot to read): You can read […]

Was Matt Lauer given a break by the press?

He was, according to the popular website Feministing—indeed, he was made into a “martyr” by the press. Now it seems to me that Lauer is guilty: multiple women have given consilient stories of his predatory behavior, though I think too much has been made on the button on his desk that locked his door. That’s common […]

Candidate tells voters to cast their ballot for people without a penis

It was inevitable. What with powerful men from Harvey Weinstein to Al Franken to Matt Lauer being accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault, someone was going to advocate discrimination against men in general. As a solution to the harassment problem, I jokingly told a friend yesterday, “They should just fire all men.” Well, this […]

Jake Tapper versus Emily Lindin: Should we worry about men falsely accused of sexual misconduct?

AJC News, an Atlanta, Georgia news site, reports on a kerfuffle that occurred when Emily Lindin, an author and columnist for Teen Vogue, emitted a series of tweets this week asserting that she couldn’t be bothered about men damaged by false accusations about sexual harassment and assault since the benefit of making allegations public clearly […]

Day 3: HuffPo ignores story of its own sexual harassment

Once again, HuffPo, while calling out all kinds of sexual harassment and assault on its sexual harassment page, ignores Tuesday’s Gizmodo story that Arianna Huffington ignored such harassment at her own venue, transferring a harasser to India. If you want to hold their feet to the fire, just ask them about the Gizmodo story on some […]

Irony of the year: sexual misconduct ignored at HuffPo, harasser simply transferred to India by Arianna

This report is all over the place, including, of course, right-wing sites, but I think it was first broken by Gizmodo in the following piece (click on screenshot to see the piece). One place it hasn’t been reported (as of this morning) is of course HuffPo itself, which lately is devoting half its space to […]