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Is long hair on women superheroes sexist?

The latest episode of Pecksniff Syndrome on the Left is an article from, retweeted by the increasingly obnoxious site Vox below. Superheroes don’t wear ponytails — and yes, it’s sexist. Via @Racked: — Vox (@voxdotcom) April 29, 2018 The premise of the article “Superheroes don’t wear ponytails, and yes, it’s sexist,” by Rebecca […]

Women’s March endorses website shut down by feds for underage prostitution, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse of children

When will the woman who participate in the Women’s March, which I see as an admirable venture led by odious people, throw out their leaders? Three of the March’s co-heads, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Tamika Mallory, are divisive women who cozy up to bigots and loons like Louis Farrakhan, and publicly endorse murderers and terrorists. […]

Israeli airports won’t tell women that they don’t have to change seats at the request of ultra-Orthodox Jews

People might be surprised to find that, although Israel is seen as a “Jewish state,” how secular it really is. As Phil Zuckerman notes in the article I mentioned the other day: The only nation of secular significance in the Middle East is Israel; 37 percent of Israelis are atheist or agnostic (Kedem 1995) and […]

Two scholars: Jesus was a #MeToo victim because he was stripped before the Crucifixion

The Conversation, which I thought was a site for intellectual discourse (its motto is “Academic rigor, journalistic flair”), is increasingly publishing bizarre pieces that lack both rigor and flair. One of these, by Katie Edwards and David Tombs, insists on dragging Jesus into today’s sexual harassment debate, arguing that because Jesus was stripped during the […]

When offense trumps truth: the demonization of “inconvenient ideas”

The Conversation site has featured a lot of stinkers lately, but occasionally a good piece manages to sneak in. One of these is by my old friend, philosopher and writer Russell Blackford: “Don’t shoot the messenger when confronted with inconvenient ideas“. As we know, there are certain ideas that, in many political circles—and Blackford is […]

What? I must be gay because I’m not worried about being #MeToo’d?

I don’t know who writes the Dark Buzz  physics blog, but it’s someone named Roger—someone whose latest post, “Krauss is being silenced“, made me chuckle. After noting that both Sam Harris and I have expressed our beliefs that Lawrence Krauss is in all likelihood guilty of sexual malfeasance, Roger speculates why. His conclusion? I have […]

Iranian woman who removed hijab sentenced to two years in jail

It’s International Woman’s Day, so here’s a report of a non-U.S. woman being the victim of draconian laws. The Foreign Desk and The Guardian both report that an unnamed Iranian woman has been sentenced to two years in prison for removing her hijab.  Hijabs, of course, have been mandatory since the theocracy began in 1979. At […]

Saudia Arabia hosts its first women’s marathon

Gulf News reports that Saudi Arabia just hosted its first women’s marathon, presumably as part of its professed liberalization of women’s rights. It wasn’t a full marathon, but 3 km—about 1.9 miles. It did excite a lot of interest among the women, though, as 2,000 signed up within hours, and 1,500 actually ran. That was […]

The patriarchy of space exploration

When will the madness, the postmodern nonsense, the academic analyses indistinguishable from parody, end? Well, not quite yet, if you read this new article by Marcie Bianco. It appears on the NBC News website, of all places. First, a bit about Bianco. According to Stanford University’s website, she’s the Editorial & Communications Manager at the […]

The dearth of women in STEM fields: a new take

The dearth of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in the U.S. and U.K. is well known, and it turns out it’s also an issue in other Western countries. It’s usually attributed to sexism that bars women from entering these fields. Other explanations are a difference in interests and preferences: perhaps women prefer […]