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Early feminist education

In this world of patriarchy, where structural sexism is ubiquitous, it’s important to educate future women in the nature of their oppression. Here I am teaching little Selma, granddaughter of my friends, about the great women of history, emphasizing that women can be whatever they want. I also taught her about penguins, which seemed to […]

J. K. Rowling demonized for defending another woman who considers trans-women different from “biological women”

Well, it finally happened: writer J. K. Rowling, who’s been vocally progressive in her politics since she became famous, has now become demonized for being a “transphobe”. What that means is that she gave support, on Twitter, to another woman who was fired from her job (a charity) because she refused to recognize transsexual females […]

GQ goes woke

We are still under curfew in Valparaiso, though I’ll go wandering about soon. But police with automatic weapons and full regalia are patrolling the streets, and it’s a bit scary. Below is an op-ed in the New York Times (click on screenshot) about the latest issue of GQ (formerly Gentlemen’s Quarterly), featuring Pharrell Williams on […]

New study shows that testosterone treatment boosts athletic performance in young women

People have argued for years about whether high testosterone can influence performance via either a supplement or as a natural condition in women athletes. Apparently until now there have been no properly-controlled studies of this issue. Now, however, a group of seven researchers from Sweden’s Karolinksa University Hospital, the Monaco Institute of Sports Medicine, the […]

Offended 9 year old girl objects to math question about weight

This is one of those issues where I can sort of see a point, but in general think it’s also overblown. In fact, it was the subject of an NBC Today show post and tv segment. It turns out that a nine year old Utah girl named Rhythm Pacheco was asked to answer a math […]

The issue of transgender prisoners: Where do you place them?

Like all liberals, I favor equal treatment for transgender people, including using the pronouns that they choose for themselves. Previously, though, I’ve drawn the line at sports, in which transgender women, some of whom have undergone neither surgery nor hormone replacement, are allowed in some places to compete with biological women. Given the greater strength […]

Should schools ban the works of those accused of sexual harassment?

I suppose we should have seen this coming—especially after the novel Huckleberry Finn has been repeatedly removed from secondary-school courses for use of the “n word” and the book’s depiction of Jim—but it’s becoming more pervasive. And now this movement to remove works of art from classroom teaching, as recounted in the New York Times […]

Are we all to blame?

The science journal Nature is getting increasingly woke, and although it’s very important to call attention to, and to investigate, instances of sexual harassment in the sciences, which prevent people (usually women) from getting equal opportunities in the field, self flagellation and blanket accusations like this one don’t help. (Click on screenshot.) There are ways […]

Progress in women’s equality

I have two letters that I’ve combined into one post, both showing the progress in women’s rights since I was an adolescent. I hope they are heartening in showing that sexist attitudes prevalent when I was a boy have substantially eroded. Neither of the letters below (stemming from Richard Byrd and J. Edgar Hoover) would […]

Palestinian Authority bans LGBTQ organizing in West Bank

The first headline below (h/t: cesar) appeared in the National Review. Don’t like the site or trust it because it’s a conservative website? Well, do you think you’d see this in the mainstream of Leftist media? Actually, the New York Times has a very small article on it, which at least notes that “Homosexuality is […]