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Women’s March splintering over anti-Semitism, communications director mounts a bizarre defense

My beef with the Women’s March is not over its goals, which (I think) are to promote equality of women everywhere; I certainly agree with that. And in general I think the movement has been a net good: by promoting women’s activism in politics and society, it must have been at least partly responsible for […]

The binary nature of sex: a column by Deborah Soh

I’ve maintained in several posts that biological sex is not an arbitrary social construct, but an objective phenomenon into which the vast majority of humans (and most animal species) fall into the clearly delineated categories of “male” and “female”. The frequency of exceptions for sex is about 1%, or less if you omit transgender individuals […]

Evolution societies issue misleading statement about sex

In my opinion, scientific societies shouldn’t issue political or ideological statements except under two conditions: 1.) The government is trying to gut science or has other policies that would impede our understanding of nature or the functioning of the scientific society. (This includes, I suppose, policies that wreck the environment when organismal biology is concerned, […]

Sex in humans may not be binary, but it’s surely bimodal

There seems to be repeated confusion, willful or otherwise, about the nature of sex (here I’m talking about biological sex, not gender, which is one’s perceived identity). I’m fine with anyone calling themselves whatever they want, except that it may not be so easy for sports divided into “men’s” and “women’s” events (but I’m glad […]

NYT philosopher writer flaunts virtue by flagellating himself for sexism, but doesn’t do squat for gender equality

In the last few years a genre has arisen that doesn’t just call for social justice—those calls that have been around for a while—but in which a person (usually a man) flagellates himself for sexism, racism, or other sins, excoriating his behavior in an attempt to purge himself—and by extension the entire class to which […]

Emily Yoffe on how to adjudicate claims of sexual misconduct

Over at The Atlantic, Emily Yoffe, who used to do the Dear Prudence column for Slate (a feature I quite liked), has since moved on, reporting extensively for The Atlantic on sexual assault allegations, particularly in colleges. Like me, she’s worried about the lack of proper adjudication in colleges that arrived after Obama’s well-intentioned “Dear […]

Bert and Ernie were gay: Fake news from true believers

I grew up too early to watch the children’s television show Sesame Street, so all I know of it is what you’d pick up from popular culture. I’ve heard of the friends Bert and Ernie, but only now has a fracas erupted about whether the friendship was also romantic—that is, whether Bert and Ernie were […]

Bari Weiss returns with a column on Asia Argento, Avital Ronell, #MeToo, and the Shoe on the Other Foot

I don’t know how anyone can find this new New York Times column by Bari Weiss objectionable, but I know they’ll try. (Click on screenshot to read it.) The column is about two women who have been accused of sexual abuse. The first, Asia Argento, is an actor who was revealed to have paid $380,000 […]

Lawrence Krauss removed as head of Arizona State University Origins project

In March of this year, after several reports of sexual harassment and groping by physicist Lawrence Krauss (the most prominent article was published in Buzzfeed), I decided that, in light of multiple consilient reports, I’d do my own small investigation. I turned up at least three highly credible allegations by people I know reporting Krauss’s […]

Movie “Rub & Tug” endangered after transgender protests lead to Scarlet Johansson’s withdrawal

As I reported the other day, Scarlett Johansson was set to star in a movie called “Rub & Tug”, recounting the life of Dante “Tex” Gill, a transgender man who transitioned at a late age, and then was jailed for tax evasion after having run a string of massage parlors that were fronts for prostitution. After […]