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Lunch with Pinkah, and a preview of his next book

When I’m in Cambridge visiting old friends, I always try to get together with Dan Dennett and Steve Pinker—separately— for I enjoy the intellectual stimulation this provides (and, in the case of Dan, the inevitable stentorian arguing as well). Dan’s out of town this week, but yesterday I managed to dine with The Pinkah at […]

Monday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

It’s now Monday, December 30, 2019: the Sixth Day of Christmas (Geese a’-Laying), but, more important, the last day of both Hanukkah and of Coynezaa—the day on which Our Savior J.C. was born and, today, becomes officially old. And oy, it’s National Bicarbonate of Soda Day, presumably meant to help you recover from holiday overeating. […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ NEWS (and crowdsourcing)

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “five”, is ten years old but still relevant, which shows you how little things have changed on the theism front. It also comes with some news, which I’ve self-aggrandizingly put in bold below. The creator’s email said this: This is actually an old one, from 10 years ago, except […]

Neglected at the Hyde Park Book Fair

Today’s the day when the denizens of Hyde Park congregate in the open-air plaza at the Hyde Park Shopping Center, looking for used books. Cardboard boxes of books, roughly divided by subject, sit atop folding tables, awaiting the senior citizens who will buy them (yes, the demographic at the book fair skews OLD). As I […]

My upcoming talk on free will at Williams

I’m headed to the lion’s den: Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, to give a talk on free will (or rather the lack thereof) sponsored by the Biology Department, the Science and Technology Studies Program, and Phi Beta Kappa. It’s on October 3 at 7:30 p.m. and open to the public; the venue is the Wege […]

Baby photos

I have no heavy intellectual content today as I’m on vacation. But here are some pictures of Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) with a human infant (Homo sapiens in statu nascendi). This may be the only photograph in existence of me holding a baby   . (I get scared to for fear I might hurt them.) Meet […]

My article in Quillette: A rebuttal of John Staddon’s claim that secular humanism is a religion

Since I’ve now published in Quillette, I guess I’m not only a member of the Intellectual Dark Web, but also an alt-righter and a white supremacist. Or so the Perpetually Aggrieved might say. At any rate, if you click on the screenshot below, or go here, you’ll see my 1900-word response to John Staddon’s essay, […]

For Siblings Day and my mom’s 100th birthday

I’m back from the dentist, and you’ll all be pleased to know that I’m in perfect dental health (the mental health, however, is more dubious). When I returned, I found an email that my sister Susan sent me on National Siblings Day. It’s the two of us as kids, and I suspect it was taken in […]

It’s the 10th anniversary of this site

The first post on this site was put up on January, 14, 2009, exactly ten years ago today. Here it is, under the URL As I’ve recounted before, I started this website at the request of WEIT’s publisher, Viking/Penguin. The model I envisioned was Neil Shubin’s “Your Inner Fish” website, meant to publicize and […]

Science versus religion redux

I continue to be besieged by emails and comments from readers who don’t like my view that science and religion are incompatible, a view that I published last week in a piece in The Conversation, “Yes, there is a war between science and religion.” I didn’t expect it to draw much interest, simply because Faith […]