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Two hundred to go

It’s getting close and now I’m beginning to think we’ll see 50,000. And then I will be happy complacent.

Fewer than 300 to go!

The countdown is on to 50,000 subscribers, and now I think it will happen—perhaps even within a month. Then I will be a happy complacent man. Here’s the count from this morning:  

400 to go. . .

It’s a real countdown to 50,000 now, and I’m beginning to think it will happen. Then, as I said, I’ll be a happy man—or at least as happy as a lugubrious secular Jew can get (I think goys call that state “complacency”). This is my spirit animal:  

Fewer than 500 to go!

Be still, my beating heart! For some reason subscriptions have picked up lately (I suspect it’s the euthanasia posts), so could it be possible that we’ll reach 50,000 subscribers before I leave for Poland in a month?

800 to go!

I have to admit to being a bit excited as the number of subscribers here approaches the 50,000 mark—the size of a respectable American town. We’re nearly there, and perhaps by fall we’ll reach the mark that will make me a happy man:

Fewer than 1200 to go!

I was going to title this “less than 1200 to go”, but I knew the Language Police would come! At any rate, here is the number of subscribers. As you can see, as of this posting we need only 1184 subscribers to reach the magic number of 50,000, which (if we make it) I’ll consider […]

1,387 subscribers to go

We’re ticking down at a decent pace toward the 50,000 subscriber mark, and though some readers have had the hauteur to tell me that that’s a meaningless figure, it means something to me. 1387 subscribers to go, so we’re more than 97% of the way there. Then I can die a happy man, and no, […]

Lewontin lab pictures

Instead of readers’ wildlife photos today, let’s look at some old pictures of Dick Lewontin‘s lab at Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ). Andrew Berry is putting together a collection of lab photos for Dick, who turned 88 this year, and here’s some of his finds. I can hardly believe that so much time has […]

Meet Jerry Coyne the Fifth (and another adoption opportunity)

UPDATE:  Reader Su sent an email titled “When I first subscribed to WEIT. . ” that continued this way: . . . . …I quickly discovered you were the most pro-cat site, pro-cat person in existence. So it made perfect sense that folks would end up naming kittens after you. But it also produced the Spartacus Effect— all […]

1720 to go!

I’m very stoked, as I’m approaching my Life Goal of 50,000 subscribers to this site. As of this morning, we have this: At this rate, it won’t be long (perhaps by the end of the year), and then I can die a happy man. BTW, I’m not responsible for that odious word bl*g above.