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TSA’s most embarrassing screwup yet

Well, the Transportation Safety Administration—the dreaded “TSA”—has done a lot of publicly embarrassing things in its time (I myself have been goosed by its agents innumerable times), but this is the worst incident yet, and should prompt some major soul-searching at that odious agency. According to both WREG in Memphis and the Guardian, the TSA did […]

I got groped again

This is getting depressingly tedious, and I’m starting to think that “TSA” stands for “Terrorist: Squeeze his Ass.”  With wallet, belt, keys, change, and all other things removed from my clothing, I still set off the detector in the See-You-Naked Machine, and the problematic area was the same as always: a yellow patch on my […]

More security lunacy: mathematician pulled from plane for . . . doing math

From Marginal Revolution, courtesy of reader Jósef, we have a bizarre tale of how our nation is being protected from terrorists. Here it is in its entirety (I’ve added the link to his university site): “Guido Menzio an economist at the University of Pennsylvania–author of Block Recursive Equilibria for Stochastic Models of Search on the Job among […]

TSA body scanners abysmal failures at detecting contraband

Just yesterday the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) put in place a regulation that even air passengers who opt for a pat-down security check could be required to go through the See-You-Naked Machines (SYNMs), euphemistically known as full-body scanners. (Full disclosure: they no longer see an image of your naked body.) Right now 2% of passengers opt […]