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NRA attacks “the godless Left”

For once, I think, the National Rifle Association (NRA)—a group of unrepentant evildoers—is feeling beleaguered. Americans, traumatized by a series of terrorist shootings here and abroad—many involving assault weapons—are starting to wonder if largely unrestricted access to guns is really so great after all. The governor of Connecticut has just issued an executive order banning sales of […]

Gun nuts stage mock massacre to celebrate Texas’s new law allowing guns on campuses

A group of gun nuts has just had a demonstration on the University of Texas at Austin campus, promoting gun rights and calling attention to Texas’s new law allowing concealed handguns not just on college campuses, but inside college buildings. Unfortunately, the UT Austin campus is where Charles Whitman killed sixteen people with a rifle, firing from atop […]

Michele Fiore defends her gun-totin’ Christmas card, adds that she wants to shoot ALL Syrian refugees

In a new piece at Salon, Nevada state legislator Michele Fiore defended her odious Christmas “card”—representing the month of December in her “we love guns” calendar—showing her entire family, save the babes in arms, packing heat. Naturally she was given a sympathetic hearing by Fox News. As Salon reports (my emphasis): Fiore received criticism after she […]

The dumbest Christmas card ever

I thought this was a joke when Matthew sent it to me, but it’s not. It’s the family Christmas card sent by Michele Fiore (from her Facebook page), and reported by CNN.  Fiore’s Facebook message: “It’s up to Americans to protect America. We’re just your ordinary American family. With love & liberty, Michele.” The card, showing everybody over […]

Three cartoons about gun control

If you know me, these aren’t going to be pro-gun cartoons. They’re about the Second Amendment, and were contributed by reader Barry: I like this one best:

NY Times has first front-page editorial in 95 years: it’s about gun control

The last time the New York Times had an editorial on its front page was in 1920. And that 95 year old piece was a complaint that Warren Harding had become the Republican Presidential candidate (granted, he turned out to be a dreadful President).  Now the Paper of Record has done it again this morning, clearly […]

The San Bernardino victims and the guns that killed them

It’s looking increasingly like the couple who killed 14 people in San Bernardino were terrorists motivated by Islamic extremism, but I don’t have the heart to bang on about that. Nor do I have the will to discuss those who—without even a perfunctory show of sorrow about the 14 lives lost and the many children left without parents—worry […]

The originalists

Reader Pliny the in Between described his latest cartoon as a “groaner,” though it took me a minute to get it.  See how long it takes you.

More on smart guns

To end the day, reader Pliny the in Between produced a cartoon on his/her site Evolving Perspectives relevant to our discussion this morning:  

Smart guns: an innovation in firearm safety that is, of course, violently opposed by the gun lobby

And when I say “violently opposed,” I mean it: those who try to make or sell “smart guns” (those guns that can be fired only by authorized owners, usually wearing a special ring or watch that unlocks the trigger) have been subject to horrible threats of murder, rape, and destruction of their shops. And both individual […]