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After two mass shootings, Texas loosens gun laws

Granted, the brand-new looser gun laws in Texas, which are almost ludicrous in how widely they permit the possession and carrying of firearms, are part of a series of bills passed before June. But in view of the two recent mass shootings in Texas—making it the state with 4 of the 10 deadliest mass shootings […]

John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

If you’re an American, you’ll know that John Paul Stevens was an Associate Justice in the U.S. Supreme Court, serving from 1975-2010. Although a registered Republican, his decisions put him on the liberal side of the Court.  He’s now 97 years old, but is still fired up (if that’s the right word) about the misconstrual […]

Gun legislation turned down by Florida legislature; Dinesh D’Souza mocks students lobbying to get it passed

Over the past two days, the evening news has featured distraught, angry, and determined Florida students marching on the state legislature, stunned about the 17 students shot by Nikolas Cruz, but bent on ensuring that it won’t happen again. Many of the lobbyists were classmates of the slain students.  I thought to myself, “If anybody […]

Why is the U.S. uniquely prone to mass shootings? The New York Times says it’s guns.

This article in the New York Times (click on screenshot to go there) says that the “answer” to the deeply worrisome problem of mass shootings lies in both the number of guns we have, the ease of procuring them, and the ability to get guns in the U.S., like semiautomatic weapons (or ones that can […]

If not now, when? Nicholas Kristof on guns

I don’t know if a lot of us are fans of Nicholas Kristof, but I suspect many of us will agree with his column in today’s New York Times, “Preventing future mass shootings like Las Vegas.” As he implies, the National Rifle Association, which I’ve long seen as Institutional Evil, will say “In this heated […]

University of Texas threatens professors who ban guns in their classrooms

As I’ve mentioned before, on August 1 a Texas law went into effect that allows students at four-year colleges to carry concealed handguns nearly everywhere on campus. (In exactly a year the same law will apply to two-year colleges.) My post described the law like this: The students need permits for their concealed carry, and […]

Gun control: did it reduce suicides and homicides in Australia?

I keep calling for more stringent gun laws in the U.S.; in fact, I would, if I were in charge, take the U.S. to the British system, in which private ownership of handguns is prohibited and rifles can be owned only for sports shooting or hunting—and under strict licensing. In contrast, many gun advocates say that […]

Chicago’s weekend gun toll

It’s only 5 p.m. on Monday, but so far over the 3-day Memorial Day weekend, Friday until now, 60 people have been shot in Chicago. Five of them were killed, including a 15-year old girl—”collateral damage” from gang violence. I wonder how many people were shot by those claiming self-defense against trespassers or muggers? More than […]

Defying the law, Steven Weinberg plans to ban guns in his Texas classroom

A new Texas law that goes into effect on August 1 will allow all students to carry concealed weapons on public university campuses and inside classroom buildings (some exceptions can be made by university administrations). It’s a dreadful idea, predicated on the notion that if the students are packing heat, it will deter terrorists or other […]

Meanwhile, back at the refuge. . .

Things appear to be winding down on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, but it’s not over yet. I heard on the news this morning that jailed leader Ammon “I am Liberty” Bundy asked the rest of his thugs to leave, and this is verified by KATU in Portland, Oregon and the New York Times.  Three more protestors have […]