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This is science, Bill Nye?

It’s no secret that I am not a big fan of Bill Nye, regarding him as a buffoon who will engage in any shenanigans that keep him in the public eye and help him retain the fame he desires—fame accrued as “The Science Guy”. I never saw the old show, and realize that many people liked […]

The Science March: why I’ve opted out

In the past two days. I’ve been interviewed by five media outlets: two television stations, one radio station, one journalism review, and one newspaper.  All of them want one thing: to use me as someone opposed to the Science March (I’m not marching for reasons I’ve articulated, this one being the last straw, telling me that the […]

When ideology trumps biology

If I was the late Andy Rooney, I’d say “You know what really bothers me? When science shows some facts about nature, and then someone rejects those facts because they’re inconvenient or uncomfortable for their ideology.” Indeed, when people ignore such inconvenient truths, it not only makes their cause look bad, but can produce palpable harm. Case in point: […]

Michio Kaku gets human evolution all wrong on The Big Thunk

UPDATE: I forgot that I had an earlier post showing Kaku embarrassing himself about his own field, also on The Big Thunk. Go here to see the fun. ___________ When I saw this video on Larry Moran’s Sandwalk site, I remembered an old Jewish joke that goes something like this (“schnorrer,” by the way, is […]

When Nobel Prize winners misbehave

by Matthew Cobb This rather arsey letter was sent by the great chemist Linus Pauling to Francis Crick in 1963. Pauling is correct about the substantive issue – there are three hydrogen bonds between guanine and cytosine, something that Crick had apparently got wrong – but is this the best way of sorting the matter out? […]

Academic journal suggests that schizophrenia may be caused by demons

Well, this beats all! A new paper in the Journal of Religion and Health (reference and download below), written by M. Kimal Irmak, listed as on “The High Council of Science, Gulhane Military Academy, Ankara, Turkey,” suggests that some schizophrenics might actually be possessed by demons, and therefore might be better helped by faith healers than by mental-health professionals. […]