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If scientists had logos

Reader Robin sent this, which I see is available all over the Internet. It’s sort of cool, and so we’ll end the day with this. I like Newton’s, Gödel’s, Feynman’s, and Einstein’s. But Watson and Crick, as well as Jane Goodall, are kind of a stretch. And I suppose someone will point out that “Darwin” […]

Suggest some science questions to ask the Presidential candidates

A consortium of high-class science organizations, including those on the screenshot below, are asking for citizens to suggest science questions that can be put to the Presidential candidates. Click on the screenshot to go the pages, where you can both suggest questions or vote on the many already suggested. Some are good (“How do you […]

Open thread: podcast-y goodness

by Grania It’s a cold grey day in Ireland, so an excellent way to spend the afternoon is curled up in your favorite armchair with a mug of coffee listening to podcast or two. I’ve put together a list in no particular order of some of the ones I dip into. Brady Haran: Numberphile – 10 minutes […]

Is falsifiability essential to science?

The two articles I want to discuss today are fascinating, for they raise a problem that’s now vexing many scientists (especially physicists)—the problem of testability. (Thanks to reader Mark H. for calling my attention to them.) It all goes back to the philosopher Karl Popper (1902-1994). Popper’s views about what made a theory “scientific” were immensely influential. They’re summed […]

The Infinite Monkey Cage: L.A. edition

by Grania Just a heads up that the next episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage is now available. This was the one with astrophysicist Sean Carroll who needs no introduction on this website,  comedian Joe Rogan, Eric Idle (who likewise should need no introduction here) and David X. Cohen (The Simpsons & Futurama). You can stream or download […]

The Infinite Monkey Cage: USA tour

by Grania As some of you already know The Infinite Monkey Cage is a much-loved BBC Radio 4 radio show and podcast on science hosted by physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince with weekly guests including such luminaries as Matthew Cobb and, more recently, Jerry Coyne. It’s usually hilarious, fast-paced and covers a range of […]

In which Science goes on trial and is exonerated all in one morning

by Grania As Dara O’Briain once noted, of course Science doesn’t know everything. If science knew everything, it would stop and probably go and eat ice cream for the rest of its days. But sometimes we all wish that science had the answer to our particular question du jour. Then again, sometimes just because we […]

Just a heads up: Jerry on Futureproof today

Jerry will be on Irish talk radio station Newstalk discussing his new book with Jonathan McCrea on Futureproof @newstalkscience this morning 12-1 PM GMT. That’s 6AM Chicago time, so I doubt our friends on the western side of the Atlantic will be out of bed yet, but they can catch up later. Listen live here UPDATE: the […]

Something new to read

by Grania Spingies There are some interesting-looking books in the Sunday Book Review in the New York Times which are going onto to my Wish List. So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson I’ve long come to think of the Internet as the thing that has turned our planet into a village. With all […]

The difference between ten and infinity

By Grania Spingies Brian Cox is Stateside at the moment, and was on The Conan Show promoting the US run of BBC 4’s The Infinite Monkey Cage, the science podcast brainchild of Robin Ince and Brian Cox that cannot be praised highly enough (it’s funny, it’s got science in and a whole lot of smart […]