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Three nefarious predators before breakfast

The predatory journals seem quite desperate this holiday season: this morning I got requests from no fewer than three of them importuning me for a scientific paper. The first involves thyroid research, a field in which I was deeply involved (NOT!): Dear Jerry A Coyne, Christmas Greetings from – Annals of Thyroid Research and Endocrinology!!  On the behalf […]

More requests from predatory journals (run from apartments)

I’ve told these people to take me off their mailing list three times; they haven’t complied. Therefore I feel no compunction about posting an email I got from the Journal of Reproductive Medicine. Remember, my scientific work never had anything to do with reproductive medicine.  These people (maybe it’s one person) are desperate since they […]

The face in the feces: Nature paper hides Trump’s visage in a monkey turd

This paper, online this week in Nature Scientific Reports, got a lot of attention because of a certain image it contained. First, the title (click on screenshot to access the paper): The paper describe a new way to get host DNA (from monkeys, in this case) by isolating it from feces, a method that enables […]

Predatory journals want my papers on reproduction and aquaculture

If you’re a published scientist, you will be getting this kind of come-on from predatory journals who want your papers (and your money for publishing them). I get at least one of these a day, all from journals in areas that are far removed from evolutionary biology.  Here are two I got just this morning, […]

Should I submit a gynecology paper?

Every scientist, I suspect, gets these invitations from predatory journals looking to solicit papers. And 98 times out of 100, the journal is completely unrelated to my work, showing that they’re just trolling scientists to get papers. Here’s one I got today. Needless to say, I gave them a sharp answer and told them to […]

Hoax paper published in predatory journal purports to show that butt-wiping hand is correlated with one’s politics

A reader who shall remain unnamed sent me a link to a paper (below, link here or at screenshots) that is a hoax sent by the reader’s friend who also wishes to remain anonymous (I don’t know the author’s name). The journal is a predatory one, Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study, produced by Crimson Publishers. […]

In which a predatory journal wants my paper

Every week or so I get an invitation to republish one of my papers about evolution and genetics in some wildly inappropriate journal. These are, of course, the predatory journals that glom onto nearly any scientist, however relevant their research, to get money (you have to pay to publish in them). Here’s an email that […]

How trash science journals operate

Just to show you how these “garbage journals” operate, I got this email while I was in New Zealand, asking me to be a “deputy editor-in-chief” (i.e., one who has to solicit articles—something unnecessary for a high-quality journal to which scientists submit articles. The telling point: I am not a biochemist or molecular biologist! These people are […]

A new and legal way to read scientific papers, even if they’re behind a journal paywall

If you’re a scientist or a layperson who’s frustrated by the inability to access paywalled science articles (even if the research was funded by the public!), this is a browser extension you need. Called “Unpaywall“, it’s a free extension (go to previous link) Chrome and Firefox. You add it to your browser with just a mouse click, comme […]

A really, really bad idea about reviewing scientific papers for journals

The usual way a scientific paper gets published is this. First, it’s submitted to a journal by one author (usually the “senior author”), and the journal’s editor then sends it to an “associate (or corresponding) editor”. That editor then chooses two or three reviewers, preferably ones who are prompt, thorough, critical in a good way, and also have […]