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Another ripoff journal and science publisher

So I need this article for my upcoming lectures on Antarctic biology. Sadly, the journal (Current Protein and Peptide Science) isn’t in our university’s e-library, so I have to either buy it (see below) or request it via Interlibrary loan. I will of course do the latter, so readers needn’t send it to me, and […]

Dong-ta-ra-con-ching! An insane paper, accepted by a Springer-Verlag journal, is now retracted

Reader Jonathan called my attention to post on the website Symptoms of the Universe by a physicist named Philip Moriarty. It points out what may be the craziest paper ever accepted by a decent mainstream science journal—at least in the last few decades. (I’m assuming that the journal Parasitology Research is reputable, though I may […]

Study published in Science isn’t replicated; journal refuses to publish the failure to replicate

Posting will probably be lighter than usual (even during my travels) over the next ten days, as I’m weary of arising at 4:30 to write posts, and, more important, I’m off to the Big Island soon for traveling and snorkeling. I’ll try to keep the Hili dialogues going, although it’s tough without Grania, but bear […]

The publisher Springer tries to stiff me

There’s not much news today except for what you already know: Trump is imposing ridiculous tariffs on China, which will, contrary to his stupid claim, cost U.S. citizens more. Tariffs are never a good idea. And Doris Day died.  The big news from Chicago is that all ten of my ducklings are still alive and […]

The Great Science Publishing Scandal

by Matthew Cobb Earlier this week, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a programme I made, along with producer Deborah Cohen, about how scientific publishing works, the problems associated with it, and why everyone should be concerned about it. Click on this picture and you will be able to listen to the programme from anywhere in the […]

The further adventures of Anna O. Szust

by Greg Mayer In yesterday’s New York Times article about the large judgment against a predatory journal publisher, there was a link to an earlier story about a “Scholarly Sting Operation”, in which an entirely fake academic, named “Anna O. Szust”, was created, and shopped around to various journals as an aspiring member of the […]

The Federal Trade Commission strikes at “predatory journals”

by Greg Mayer Jerry has written several times about “predatory journals“, and in the New York Times today comes news that the Federal Trade Commission has won a $50 million judgement against Omics International, an Indian company which is a major purveyor of said journals. These allegedly scientific journals have little or no review process, […]

Retraction Watch highlights the paper I got retracted

Yesterday we were headliners at the watchdog site Retraction Watch (RW). This time it was about the creationist paper by Sarah Umer that was published in The International Journal of Ethnology and Anthropology, a Springer journal.  I complained bitterly about it on a post on this site, and then kvetched to the journal itself. They […]

Springer “apparently” retracts a creationist paper, but it’s still on the website

On December 18 of last year, I wrote to Springer’s International Journal of Anthropology and Ethnology, which had published a loony creationist paper by one Sarah Umer, whose affiliation was listed as the “Department of Visual Arts & Graphic Designs at the Institute of Visual Arts & Designs at the Lahore College for Women University […]

Creationist paper gets into a Springer journal

Googling the title of the paper below so I could find it on the Internet, I see that at least one evolutionary-biology website has posted about it. I’m not going to read what it said until after I post this, as I don’t want to repeat its ideas. But if you have the stomach, have […]