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Lecture music

by Matthew Cobb I was reading the Times Higher Education this morning, and my attention was drawn to a set of articles about how to deal with sullen students. One suggestion, from Tara Brabazon, caught my eye as I had a 10 o’clock lecture this morning. I tw**ted: Hmm. Should I try this with 500 first […]

Ben Carson admits climate change (i.e., it might be cooler tomorrow than today), and some “microevolution”

I am growing weary of pointing out the stupid things said by Republicans and creationists (there’s considerable overlap), which is like crying, “Look, that lion ate a gazelle!” One gets to a point where it’s neither new nor interesting. But in the interest of documenting the scientific missteps of Presidential candidates, especially when it comes to evolution, I submit […]

On the sexualization of selling science

This is a hard post to write, but I wanted to put some thoughts out there, and, more important, get the readers’ take on this issue. It’s about using sex to sell science. And I refer to science websites that have banners or photos like this (click on the banners to go to the sites): Clearly, these are […]

Two debunkings of widespread woo: Ouija boards and homeopathy

Here are two nice videos that constitute empirical tests of the efficacy of woo. The Ouija board study, presented by National Geographic, is a nice example of how a simple experiment, using only blindfolds, can completely trash a widespread (but not very harmful) form of woo. And from, we have a video in which “Scibabe” tests […]

It’s time to stop blaming scientists for Americans’ opposition to science

From January’s National Geographic we have an article and a figure showing the disagreement between scientists and laypeople (U.S. adults) on a number of contentious topics related to science. The data come from two polls that surveyed 2,002 U.S. adults and 3,748 members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), asking them, as the article […]

Ontario school officials respond—or rather, fail to respond—to queries about why they don’t require teaching human evolution

A short while ago I reported, based on a post  on DarwinQuixote site, that while the province of Ontario requires teaching of evolution in secondary-school biology classes, there’s no requirement for teaching human evolution. A colleague of the DarwinQuixote author wrote to Ontario’s Ministry of Education asking about this omission, and got the following reply: “Ensuring that curriculum […]

Oklahoma homeschool “science fair,” associated with state university, perverts science by making it support God

From yesterday’s issue of, a site for news from Oklahoma, we hear that the University of Oklahoma, a public institution, has apparently gotten itself entangled with a homeschool “science fair” that prioritizes faith over fact—in fact, it contaminates the science with God. The site reports this: Yesterday afternoon, an Ogle Mole alerted me to a […]

Ontario schools require teaching evolution—except human evolution

A Canadian reader sent me an item from his/her website, Darwinquixote. The post is called “Be careful, evolution is behind you.” The topic is the teaching of evolution in Ontario: apparently provincial standards mandate that while evolution be taught in public secondary schools, they don’t require the teaching of human evolution. Human exceptionalism when it […]

An erstwhile creationist becomes a biologist, due in part to us!

Over the past five years, one of our readers—Dan Metz—has been undergoing an odyssey. This involved leaving a strict religious background, abandoning belief in creationism and accepting evolution, and then, ultimately, becoming a biologist. It’s a heartening story, one that shows how even a “strident” atheistic site run by a biologist can, despite the godlessness, turn people towards science. […]

More nuttery from Alabama: Governor signs “student religious liberties act”

Just four days ago I wrote about how a Republican state legislator in Alabama introduced a “critical thinking” bill designed to sneak creationism into the classroom. These bills, which I’ve heard come straight from the Discovery Institute, are the last-gasp effort of creationists to get their failed “science” taught in schools after it’s been repeatedly thrown out […]


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