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Salon disses dismisses Google memo as “biological determinism” that can “slip into eugenicist doctrines”

UPDATE:  A new piece at the Heterodox Academy by Sean Stevens and Jon Haidt, ‘The Google Memo: what does it say about gender differences?“, examines Damore’s claims about sex differences in ability and preferences by reviewing a great deal of the relevant literature. Some of it supports his claims; other bits don’t. Their general conclusions […]

The anti-science views of third-wave feminists

Because of its connections with postmodernism, third-wave feminism has sometimes shown a disturbing trend of doing down science. That, of course, is because postmodernism rejects objective truth, valuing feelings and “lived experience” over science, which it sees as not only un-objective, but as a tool and embodiment of the patriarchy. This attitude was, of course, […]

Why do some scientists always claim that evolutionary biology needs urgent and serious reform?

UPDATE: I forgot to add this bit from Welch’s paper about the John Templeton Foundation: It is remarkable, for example, that much of the funding for challenging current practice in evolutionary biology comes from The John Templeton Foundation (Pennisi 2016), which is committed to using science to reveal underlying purpose, and rejecting what Nagel (2012) […]

South African students call for the “fall of colonizing Western science” and its replacement by “separate ways of knowledge”

I don’t know much about this video sent by reader Jason, but apparently it’s a meeting between the science faculty of UCT (The University of Cape Town) and a group of students calling for the “decolonization of science”—that “Western science must fall” and be “scratched out” because “Western knowledge is totalizing.” The hashtag #ScienceMustFall is apparently […]

Stephen Law on scientism

On his eponymous website, writer/philosopher Stephen Law has a new post called “Scientism!“. I reproduce it in its entirety: SCIENTISM: here’s the final paragraph of the chapter I just finished which will appear in Massimo Pigliucci and Maarten Boudry’s forthcoming tome Science Unlimited. I have provided three illustrations of how the charge of scientism is […]

Canadian scientists hopeful under Trudeau administration

Although I count myself (along with most Americans) woefully ignorant of Canadian politics, I do know what fellow scientists north of the border thought of the Harper administration: they uniformly hated it. Under Harper, funding was cut, especially to environmental research, scientists were muzzled, and, as I documented a while back a scientist at Environment Canada […]

Elegance in science and The New Yorker’s take on the field

The short New Yorker piece, by Patrick House, “What is elegance in science?“, bothers me, and for reasons I don’t quite understand. I’d appreciate it if readers could have a look (you can read it in 5 minutes) and weigh in below. What bothers me consciously about the piece is that is basically says nothing, […]

Is reason “larger than science”? A lame attempt to diss science

The Big Think’s “Errors we live by” site has a post called “Reason is larger than science,” which makes a number of statements intending to do down science. Some of them are fine, and others are wonky, but the ones that are fine are bloody obvious.  The piece is illustrated, though, with this figure, so you […]

The trend of dissing science

There seems to be a bit of science-dissing going on in the U.S. A while back Jonah Lehrer wrote a New Yorker piece about the “decline effect,” whereby positive scientific results tended to erode over time. Then a Greek statistician named John P. A. Ioniddis reported that most results published on medical research were wrong, […]