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Titania McGrath outed!

There’s nothing that can debunk stupidity or irrationality more strongly than satire. And that’s why, as “wokeness” floods across college campuses then spills into the workplace as members of the Offense Culture graduate, Titania McGrath, through her tweets and now in an upcoming book, has shown up the craziness of that culture. And she’s done […]

Saturday Night Live mocks Twitter mobs

This was on Saturday Night Live last night, and it’s pretty relevant to some things we’ve discussed on this website. I need say no more; have a gander: h/t: Greg Mayer

An interview with Titania McGrath

Not everyone yet knows that Titania McGrath is a spoof, which only goes to show how extreme the Woke Left is: you can’t tell satire from reality. This week’s Spectator has an “interview” with McGrath by Tanya Gold (click on screenshot below to read it). Nobody knows who McGrath really is (that photo isn’t her, […]

Godfrey Elfwick is outraged

Godfrey Elfwick (aka Titania McGrath) apparently now has a regular column in The Spectator USA, and, frankly, I’m surprised that even a semi-conservative magazine would present Elfwick’s musings without saying that they’re satirical. After all,  Elfwick, McGrath and their/hir/zir schticks are so close to the fulminations of exteme Control-Leftism that they sometimes gets mistaken for […]

Matt Damon channels Brett Kavanaugh

Here’s the clip from last night’s Saturday Night Live, with Matt Damon playing Brett Kavanaugh. Given the decline in quality of SNL over the years, this is a one-time return to form:

A parody on Canadian television highlights the divisiveness of religion

Diana MacPherson sent these two videos, one of which is a real commercial and the other a parody. As she says:  I hope you can view these. It’s for “This Hour Has 22 Minutes“, a political and satirical comedy show in Canada. Here they make fun of religion as divisive based on an commercial about finding […]

Hitler as a social justice warrior

The Downfall parodies are of variable quality, but I liked this one, which is about the Linday Shepherd case at Canada’s Wilfred Laurier University (see my post here).   h/t: Orli

The latest “Downfall” parody: Hitler learns about the size of his crowds

How many parodies have used this scene? Well, we have a cute Tr*mp-themed one today. It’s a bit spoiled for me because I understand German, so I know what they’re really saying, and it ain’t about crowds. Still, it’s fun.

Trump supporters try to censor a drawing of The Donald with a small penis

Well, Australian-born artist Illma Gore, until recently living in the U.S., did a drawing of Donald Trump that has him and his supporters really riled up. The 11″ X 14″  image, done in pastel pencil, depicts The Donald in the nude, and with a Very Small Organ. You’ll remember the back-and-forth between Rubio and Trump about the size […]

Angela Merkel trying to suppress free speech in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has shown some moxie in trying to make Germany do the humanitarian thing by absorbing many fearful immigrants from the Middle East. Many of her constituents don’t want those immigrants, and so her approval rating has dropped strongly in the last year, particularly after the mass attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. […]