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Anthony Grayling reviews WEIT, and another book too

The distinguished British philosopher Anthony Grayling has reviewed WEIT at “The Thinking Read,” over at Barnes and Noble.  Very nice review–I am “chuffed.” . . . . . Everyone who reads Coyne’s book with attention will acquire this understanding. It is a model of expository clarity and intellectual rigour, a point for other science writers […]

WEIT reviewed in Christian Science Monitor and Nature

This past week two reviews of WEIT have appeared, one in the Christian Science Monitor, which includes an attached podcast (click under the cover icon), and one by Eugenie Scott in the scientific journal Nature. Both are pretty positive, I think, though, that the Nature review is quite tepid. I suspect that one reason for […]

WEIT reviewed in The Bookbag

The Bookbag is a newish but (I think) fairly popular book-review site in the UK. It just reviewed WEIT and (to my delight) gave it a great review and five stars out of five. An excerpt: The main gist is in fact remarkably similar (if very much developed in detail) to the evidence of evolution […]

Times of London reviews WEIT, and a Darwin MOVIE

An alert reader has called my attention to a (very nice) review of my book in the Times of London on Feb. 12. It also reviews three other Darwin books (including Desmond & Morris’s book and one by the old man himself), and also calls attention to an upcoming Darwin movie that will be called […]

A very strange review of WEIT on Huffington Post

Stuart Whatley has reviewed the book on Huffington Post, here. It is favorable, but is strange in one respect: Whatley seems to require that if the fact of evolution dismantles some peoples’ consoling religious or spiritual beliefs, then the onus is on evolutionists to provide for those people a substitute belief system. Whatley get into […]

WEIT reviewed in San Francisco Chronicle

Adam Dunn, a freelance writer in New York, has reviewed the book for the San Francisco Chronicle, here. It’s another very good one. I swear to God, folks, I’ll get back to posting about real science soon, but if I can’t brag here, where can I do it?

Richard Dawkins reviews WEIT

Well, I have to admit that I’m thrilled (or “chuffed”, as the Brits say). Richard Dawkins has reviewed Why Evolution is True in the Times Literary Supplement (here), and it’s a rave (and long–ca. 3000 words). I didn’t expect Richard to do a review at all (he rarely reviews books), much less to like the […]