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Two new books to consider

The Sunday New York Times Book Review always appears online on Saturday, and this week’s issue has reviews or blurbs about two books of interest. The first is Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright, reviewed by Michael Kinsley, editor at large at The New Republic.  You may remember Wright […]

Francisco Ayala on “Signature in the Cell”

by Matthew Cobb Jerry, on his way to the Galapagos, asked me to post this. Over at Biologos, “Science and the Sacred” has persuaded Francisco Ayala  to write a review of Stephen C. Meyer’s Signature in the Cell. Here it is. There’s a debate going on over there, too. How should a person of faith respond […]

YouTube review of WEIT

An alert viewer called this YouTube video review of WEIT to my attention.  I didn’t realize that books were reviewed on that site. Anyway, I swear that I don’t know this guy and that I didn’t pay him off!!  And thanks, agman, whoever you are. Oh, and buy more copies — I’m behind Inner Fish […]

Dick Lewontin reviews Brown, Gibson, Darwin, and Coyne in the NYRB

Richard Lewontin (who, I confess, was my Ph.D. advisor at Harvard) reviewed WEIT and three other books in the latest New York Review of Books (Janet Browne’s Darwin’s Origin of Species: A Biography, James Costa’s The Annotated Origin,  Greg Gibson’s  It Takes a Genome: How a Clash between Our Genes and Modern Life is Making […]

WEIT reviewed in American Scientist

One of my old Harvard co-students, Rob Dorit at Smith College, has reviewed WEIT in American Scientist.  A very nice (and long) review, with a few grouses, which is fair enough.  He’s probably right that I should have written more about the real controversies in evolutionary biology versus the phony ones that creationists talk about; […]

WEIT reviewed on Bad Astronomy

The Discover Magazine blog Bad Astronomy has reviewed WEIT in its latest posting.  Some kind words: As an astronomer, my familiarity with the details of biological evolution are about on par with that of an interested layman (though being trained scientifically helps with that understanding, adding insight to the process of the scientific endeavor). I’m […]


by Matthew Cobb This review by Douglas J Futuyma is about to appear in the academic journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution (aka TREE). What everyone needs to know about evolution Douglas J. Futuyma, Department of Ecology and Evolution, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794, USA In 1980, when I set out to write […]

WEIT review: Kevin Padian sucks me back into into the religion/science quagmire

Kevin Padian, a paleontologist at the University of California at Berkeley, has done pathbreaking work on the evolution of flight, and on other paleobiological issues.  He’s also been a stalwart defender of evolution against creationism, and is the president of the National Center for Science Education. In the latest issue of Public Library of Science […]

Two good pieces on evolution in Newsweek

I’m not used to seeing good critical science reporting in popular magazines, but this week’s Newsweek is a welcome exception. It contains two pieces of note. The first is Jeremy McCarter’s analysis of Dennis Dutton’s new evolutionary-psychology book, The Art Instinct, a book that has been getting a good deal of press in the US […]

WEIT reviewed in Current Biology

I must be on a roll — another review of WEIT, and a good one, by Tom Tregenza in the latest issue of Current Biology.   Tregenza works at the University of Exeter, where he (like me) studies speciation, as well as sexual selection and mimicry in cephalopods. From his review: Like many biologists, I occasionally […]