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Tom Nichols explains why he’s leaving the GOP to become an Independent

Tom Nichols is (or was) a “never Trumper” Republican who is a professor at the U.S. Naval War College and teaches at the Harvard Extension School. (Wikipedia also informs us that he’s “a five-time undefeated Jeopardy champion.”) He writes a lot for The Atlantic, and in its pages this week he tells us why he’s leaving the GOP […]

Saturday Night Live post-confirmation locker room celebration of Kavanaugh’s confirmation

Last night, just hours after Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Saturday Night Live broadcast a spoof of the Republican celebration. Appropriately, it takes place in a Senate “locker room.” (Clearly much of this was written in advance, as Kavanaugh’s confirmation wasn’t in much doubt.) It’s pretty good, though […]

Oy vey! Kavanaugh advanced

This is depressing, but even if one vote had changed, Kavanaugh would still have been advanced. And now he’ll be confirmed. You go America: the law will be enforced by a bunch of regressives for decades to come:

Andrew Sullivan on tribalism

I’ve watched with approbation as Andrew Sullivan, with whom I’ve often disagreed, seems to have mellowed, becoming at least a centrist instead of a conservative, and remaining mum about his mystifying Catholicism.  Sullivan’s nice new column in New York Magazine, on tribalism, starts with Jon Haidt and Greg Lukianoff’s new book, The Coddling of the […]

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt disses evolution, espouses theocracy, doubts whether carbon dioxide causes global warming, asserts that God gave us the right to have all guns

Politico has just revealed that Scott Pruitt, the new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), espoused some pretty bizarre and goddy views on an Oklahoma radio show in 2005. Granted, that’s 13 years ago, but have his views changed? Given his faith, probably not, and they were posted on his campaign website when he ran […]

Today’s Daily News headline

Here’s the headline of that New York paper: Moore is still contesting the election and demanding a recount, but I think the Senate Republicans are actually breathing a sigh of relief. They may have lost a seat, but avoided some nasty hearings, and they’ll probably reclaim that seat in a few years. h/t: Tom

Trump defends Roy Moore

Even Republicans have distanced themselves from the hyperconservative creationist Alabaman Roy Moore, now accused of sexual assault and harassment, and previously infamous for installing the Ten Commandments in front of the Alabama Supreme Court and having been removed from a state Supreme Court judgeship not once, but twice. As you probably know, he’s now running […]

Republicans reveal their health-care bill

After confabbing in secret for several days, the Republicans have now released their healthcare bill (the secrecy was reprehensible). You can read it at CNN here, and I haven’t yet gone over it, but I offer it for your delectation.

Texas legislature protects groups that deny adoptions to non-Christians, gays, and single parents “on religious grounds”

I had no idea that state-funded adoption agencies in Texas could refuse to allow children to be adopted by gays, non-Christians, or single parents—on religious grounds alone. Although some of these organizations are faith-based, all concerned with Texas bill HB 3859 also get taxpayer funds. That means that discriminating against adoptive parents on religious grounds would […]

EPA advisory panel gutted of scientists, to be replaced by people from regulated industries

This is the kind of stuff the Science March was designed to prevent. As yesterday’s New York Times reported, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, whose name encapsulates its mission, has just dismissed five or more members of its scientific review board, the Board of Science Counselors (BSC). The BSC’s job is to review and vet […]