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Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have photos of diverse insects (plus one reptile and one arachnid) from Mark Sturtevant. His notes and IDs are indented. These are all from June of the summer of 2018. First up is a horsefly that kept buzzing my car. It had dozens of pollen grains on its body and on its lovely […]

Here’s the gecko!

I’m sure you spootted the Gold dust day gecko earlier today. I’ll reproduce the original photo, and then give a three-part reveal showing this lovely animal. There it is—at about 2 o’clock. More pictures of this wonderful creature:    

Spot the Gold dust day gecko

At our wonderful accommodation in Hilo, the Dolphin Bay Hotel, there are free fruits from the garden laid out for ad lib consumption. Today there was a stalk of bananas and a pile of ripe papaya, but among the papayas lurked a cute reptile. Can you spot the Gold dust day gecko (Phelsuma laticauda), also […]

Hawaii Day 1: Sea turtles, cats, and noms

I have arrived, and yesterday spent my first full day on Oahu. It was a good day, too, greeting my favorite cat, seeing green sea turtles haul themselves out of the surf to bask in the sand on the island’s North Shore, and having a great Hawaiian plate lunch. Here’s the drill. I was greeted […]

Manager’s wildlife photos—ducks!

Because I’m in transit, today’s wildlife photos will be of Anas platyrhynchos, otherwise known as the mallard. In particular, we’ll see the mallards of Botany Pond—the most famous mallards in Illinois. Here is Anna with her eight babies, all thriving and hanging around a mud puddle. They splashed around in it and even drank the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos and video

Today we have two disparate but engaging items: a photo and a video. The video (no ducks were harmed in this clip!) comes from our friend Tara Tanaka, whose note are indented (her Vimeo site is here, and her Flickr site is here). Be sure to enlarge the video before watching. (Tara promises more video of young […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Be sure to send in your good wildlife photos, as I can always use more. Today’s batch is from regular contributor Joe Dickinson, whose notes and IDs are indented: Here are some photos from a recent trip over to Pinnacles National Park in central California.  Unfortunately, this time we did not see the condors for which […]

Writer’s wildlife photos

by Greg Mayer Although Jerry has been receiving fresh wildlife photos from readers, I thought I’d chip in with a few of mine and my correspondents from San Diego. We begin with a wild inhabitant of the San Diego Zoo, the introduced green anole, Anolis carolinensis. Native to the southeastern United States, they became established […]

Turtle rescue

by Greg Mayer Midland painted turtles (Chrysemy picta marginata) are the most abundant turtles in southeastern Wisconsin, and they live in and nest around Greenquist Pond, the pond right outside the building where my office is. Hatchlings don’t always walk the right way from their wintering abodes, and need help if they are to survive. […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Don’t forget to send in your good wildlife photos, please. I could use some more, just to keep my supply topped up. First we have some birds from reader Christopher Moss. His notes: When I put out the feeders this morning there was an American red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) climbing in his feeder before it was […]