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Heather Hastie on abortion

Today Heather Hastie has a long and informative post on her website Heather’s Homilies. Click on the screenshot to read it: If you want to get up to speed on the abortion debates (and antiabortion laws) currently roiling the U.S., you’ll find everything you need to know on this post. Heather concentrates on how Trump […]

Alabama’s abortion bill is now law

According to CNN, Alabama’s governor Kay Ivey just signed the state’s restrictive abortion bill, passed solely by Republican men, into law. We already know it’s in opposition to Roe v Wade, and that it allows NO exceptions for pregnancies due to rape or incest. No matter what you think about abortion, it’s reprehensible to force […]

Alabama’s odious abortion bill

Most Americans have already heard this, so I’m just giving the news to those who haven’t, complaining about what happened, and offering you a chance to comment. What happened, as the New York Times reports (click on screenshot below), is that the Alabama legislature passed a law that effectively ends all abortions in that state […]

Texas, trying desperately to restrict abortions, requires fetuses, no matter how advanced, be treated differently from other medical waste, and given a proper burial

Last June the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Texas laws that would have placed severe restrictions on abortion clinics in that state—laws that were intended to limit access to abortions by severely reducing the number of qualified clinics. (The law made clinics conform to standards of “ambulatory surgical centers”.) In response, the woman-controlling Texas legislature has now done an […]

Ben Carson says abortion is like slavery, advocates automatic weapons, suppression of free speech at colleges, etc., etc. etc.

Ben Carson is simply a horrible man, but his odious views are belied by his calm—almost tranquilized—demeanor. The video below shows this morning’s interview of Ben Carson by Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press”. Even though most readers here probably despise the man, you owe it to yourself to listen to the nineteen minutes of religiously-inspired hate from […]

Interview with a “fetal attorney” in Alabama

Alabama has passed a bill, HB494, that allows fetuses to be represented by lawyers. It is, of course, a law designed to prevent abortions by having lawyers argue on behalf of a fetus that it should be born. You’ll find the relevant part on pp. 15-16 of the bill: (j) In the court’s discretion, it may […]