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Tennessee legislature repeals religious defense for parents who hurt their children by withholding medical care

We have two pieces of good news today from the American South—both from Tennessee. One refers to the subject of reports in The Tennesseean and the Knoxville News Sentinel: the Tennessee legislature has repealed a state law that gives parents exemptions from hurting their children by withholding medical care in favor of faith healing. As do many […]

Aren’t we doing it already?

More Republican madness, courtesy of Matthew Cobb, who found this on Twi**er. I do NOT think it’s a joke; have a look at his other tw**ts and judge for yourself: That reminds me of the old quote, “If English was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me,” variously attributed to the benighted (including Michele […]

Kim Davis and the Pope, Volume MCMDXXVIII of ‘I am not a homophobe’

by Grania Spingies Regular contributor Pliny The In Between has created a new satirical poke at the strange logical contortions from the school of Special Pleading. As Jerry noted recently, there is nothing particularly liberal about the Pope’s position on anything; not unless you apply a really low standard to what liberal is: his organization bars women […]

Obama gets praise for pulling out the religion card

by Grania There is nothing like a heartfelt appeal to God to stir the loins and get the heads of the voters nodding in approval. In an otherwise admirable speech about gun violence, poverty and race relations in the USA, Obama referenced God on a number of occasions. I never quite know whether politicians are […]

An open letter to Ben Affleck from a Pakistani woman

Now here’s a brave woman: a Pakistani who goes by the name of “Eiynah” and is described in Pakistan Today this way: Eiynah is a Pakistani-Canadian blogger/illustrator who writes about sexuality in Pakistan. She dreams of a progressive motherland and is also a children’s book author. She blogs at, and tweets at @Nicemangos And […]