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Articles: odds and ends

Professor Ceiling Cat is a bit low today for reasons I’ll describe in the next post. The upshot is that my brain hurts and I have nothing substantive to say, at least for a few hours. In light of that lacuna, let me call your attention to three articles that you may want to read. ******* […]

Is religion a superstition?

Believers often get angry when one describes religion as a “superstition,” for they don’t want their beloved faith analogized in any way with rabbits’ feet, four-leaf clovers, or ghosts. A superstition I had as a child, and one I still rarely entertain though I don’t believe it for a second, is not stepping on sidewalk […]

Bad news: “nones” projected to fall as percentage of worldwide population

Most of you have probably heard of this recent Pew Survey projecting how, from demographic data, the world’s religions will fare over the period between 2010 and 2050. Sadly, although the number of the religously “unaffiliated” (nonbelievers plus believers without a church) will rise a tad during those four decades, the proportion will fall a tad. Further bad news, […]

A Christian nation?

by Greg Mayer In an op-ed piece in Sunday’s New York Times, the historian Kevin Kruse asks, Is the United States a Christian nation? It is a common claim among Christian theocrats (those whom Andrew Sullivan has aptly called ‘Christianists’) that America is a Christian nation—that somehow the basic structures of the American government are […]

Religion fades in the U.S.

Just remember, you heard it here first, and a fair while back: religion is on its way out in the U.S., no matter what John Gray claims. The diminution of faith in my land is much to be welcomed, and, according to Tobin Grant at the Religious News Service, is the ineluctable conclusion of the latest […]

Jeffrey Tayler on the salacious Bible

Jeffrey Tayler continues his series of anti-theist pieces in Salon with an analysis of sexuality in the Bible (in particular, the King James version): “The Bible should be X-rated: The Good Book is loaded with sexy sin—someone tell Mike Huckabee.” The piece is an analysis of both the salacious and the unwholesome sexual acts detailed in […]

Wonkette finds Jesus!

If you follow U.S. politics, especially the doings in Washington, D.C. you’ll know of Ana Marie Cox, who achieved internet fame with her snarky political blog Wonkette. That site, and her writing, was known for its sharp tone, its humor and sarcasm, and for breaking more than one important political story. Cox gave up that website in […]

Is it okay to lie about Jesus?

I usually listen to National Public Radio when I’m doing my Saturday-morning shopping, but the thought of having to hear the oliagenous Krista Tippett sometimes drives me away, and today it drove me to an even more religious station—Moody Radio Chicago. It’s a production of the Moody Bible Institute, a famous evangelical Christian seminary and […]

Stephen Fry on God

Stephen Fry is one of my heroes, and I shouldn’t have to explain why. In this video Fry is interviewed by the famous Gay Byrne for Irish television, and stuns Byrne with some rational thoughts about God: I love that man! Oh, and as a relevant lagniappe, I’ll add this photo that I found on John Loftus’s […]

Bizarre family court ruling: go to mass

by Grania Spingies This story floated to the top of the pile of court news last evening in the UK. The Telegraph reports that Judge James Orrell of Derby County in the Midlands has put a rather bizarre stipulation on a divorce settlement, a stipulation apparently not sought by either party to the case. The ex-wife is Catholic, […]


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