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The Bible summarized in one Facebook post

Some unknown wag posted this Readers Digest summary of the Bible on Facebook, and it was picked up by tickld. com.  It’s right on the money!

I’m a philosopher! I haz a paper with Maarten Boudry on religious belief

At long last Massimo Pigliucci—who (along with others) has criticized my lucubrations about philosophy on the grounds that I have no credentials in the field—can cease and desist. For, along with a genuinely credentialed philosopher, Maarten Boudry, I have a paper in press in a real peer-reviewed philosophy journal (Philosophical Psychology). It’s coauthored with Belgian philosopher […]

Legal Sea Foods’ new religion: Pescatarianism

It’s not often that commercials on a big television station so clearly spoof religion. This series, compiled in the video below, was produced by Legal Seafoods, a once-reputed restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I used to get my parents to take me to the first restaruant when I was in grad school. and it’s now expanded to a […]

Sunday Tw**t

From Godless Mom via reader John W:  

Ireland’s Same Sex Marriage Referendum: The Losing Side responds.

by Grania Spingies In May this year Ireland voted to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. The results demonstrated that there is a bizarre disconnect in the Catholic Church. While Bishops and other dignitaries urged a No vote and then denounced the subsequent result; the slam-dunk victory for equality came from the very people the […]

Altar of the Oppressionhood Olympics

by Grania Spingies I’m not entirely sure about how I feel about this one, but it makes me uneasy. This news story floated by me on Twitter: Swedish “Far-Right” Plans Gay Pride Parade Through Muslim Areas; Leftists And Gay Rights Groups Decry The Parade As Racist The fuss seems to be that a right-wing affiliated […]

Open thread: the demise of religiosity in society

By Grania I apologize for two open threads in two days, Jerry’s back on the road and I had Stuff & Things to do today. Here’s another question that Jerry posed for us to discuss. If you could change one thing in your society that would lessen religiosity or cause it to gradually disappear*, what would […]

Open thread: how did you become an atheist?

by Grania We’ve often talked about reasons for being an atheist on this site, but not so much about how we became atheists – that is if we weren’t one before. Probably few of us had as dramatic an experience as Jerry’s own Road to Damascus deconversion experience where there was one pivotal moment that marked: […]

Just a heads up: Jerry on Futureproof today

Jerry will be on Irish talk radio station Newstalk discussing his new book with Jonathan McCrea on Futureproof @newstalkscience this morning 12-1 PM GMT. That’s 6AM Chicago time, so I doubt our friends on the western side of the Atlantic will be out of bed yet, but they can catch up later. Listen live here UPDATE: the […]

Face the Nation panders to faith

Reader Doug sent me a link to the segment of “Face the Nation” with the note: Did you see Face the Nation’s segment on Charleston?  A long, shockingly fulsome ode to Christianity disguised as a news talk show.  It starts at 1:50.  Of course, they don’t ask why “god” allowed this to happen.  Really disappointing. […]


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