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Obama’s coddling of faith

President Obama just paid his first visit to a mosque, which is good insofar as it lets people know that Muslims are Americans too, that they enjoy the same rights as other Americans, that demonizing Muslims as individuals will not be tolerated in a diverse society, and that all religions enjoy the same Constitutional freedoms. What […]

Is religion a superstition?

There are two things that theists always yell at me about: characterizing faith as “belief without evidence” (which in fact the Bible says it is!), and calling religion a “superstition.” I decided to look up “superstition” in the Oxford English Dictionary (University of Chicago online version) to see if religion fit the definition. In the […]

Invent a religion that transcends but unifies existing faiths—and win $5000!

The PuffHo “Religion” section is an endless source of fun, for it’s really a combination of religion, “spirituality,” and self-help, usually with a generous dose of Isalamophilia. Here, for instance, is some of today’s page: The “How to Live Life Fully” video has virtually nothing to do with religion, but includes these old chestnuts, promoted for centuries. Don’t hold […]

Does seeing things from God’s point of view make you less biased?

Does seeing things as if you were God rather than yourself make you less biased towards members of outgroups? Acccording to a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Jeremy Ginges et al. (reference below, free access, and Scott Atran is a co-author), the answer is “yes.” This was the result of […]

Christian Today gives the wrong answer to question of why are less wealthy countries more religious?

The Telegraph gives some new data from a Pew survey on how people in various countries feel about religion. The one graph shown depicts the percentage of people from 40 countries who say that religion is “very important in their lives.” Here it is:   The good news is that countries like the UK and Australia are […]

We Got Scared: a paean to science and rationality

This nine-minute piece was created by DogmaticCure, which has produced a number of rationalist videos. It touts rationality and science as a palliative for the fear and divisiveness produced by ideology and religion. It’s essentially a visual presentation of Pinker’s Better Angels of Our Nature, though it doesn’t really mention the decline of violence in the last few centuries. […]

The UK is a Christian nation: damn those pesky High Courts and Humanists

by Grania Spingies Although most Americans correctly regard Europe as a fairly secular place with far lower levels of religiosity than the US; countries within Europe often find that there are still people in positions of power who find this immensely annoying and pine for the imaginary halcyon days of yore when European nations all bent […]

A satire of Western apologetics for jihadist terrorism

I was delighted to see that my friend Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar, a secular activist born in Iraq, has published a hilarious piece on his website, a piece called “I am a jihadist and I am tired of not being given credit.” It’s short, so I’ll reproduce it all; and I’ll have more serious things to say about […]

Ireland’s abortion laws: the littlest embassies

JAC: When I heard about the campaign by Irish women to tw**t their menstrual cycles to Ireland’s prime minister, I knew there was a story, but wasn’t clear on the details. I asked Grania, who lives in the Republic of Ireland, to enlighten us: by Grania Spingies Sometimes Ireland has to be a direct democracy to […]

The new Pew survey: religiosity in America continues to decrease, “nones” are biggest group among Democrats

This time I won’t digest the whole thing for you, as the title of the newly released Pew Survey, called “U.S. Public Becoming Less Religious,” tells the tale (full pdf here). But they try to leaven the “bad” news with some other findings: Is the American public becoming less religious? Yes, at least by some […]