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A tweet about Islam from Hillary Clinton

This is what we’re hearing from American politicians: Note first the conflation between Muslims and Islam, which is the conflation between “criticizing religion” and “being a bigot against its adherents”. But the claim to investigate is the characterization of “peaceful and tolerant” adherents. Here are data from the 2013 Pew Survey: “Together, the surveys involved more […]

Belief in moralistic gods makes people generous—towards coreligionists

I’ve been meaning to write about this paper for some time, but it’s fallen into my backlog of 1000-odd draft posts that I almost never look at. However, I found a printout in my daypack, and so will try to describe it briefly, for the results are somewhat hard to interpret. The paper, in a January, 2016 […]

England and Wales are now predominantly nonreligious

There’s a new survey out about the religiosity of England and Wales, and although the Guardian report on it doesn’t link to the original study, it does give the salient results, which are these: The secularization of Britain is very rapid, to the point where most of England and Wales consists of people who say […]

Bible-toting mother of 12 walks through Target, protesting trangender bathroom access

I’m not quite sure why all the fracas has arisen about transgender access to bathrooms, as most people, I suspect, don’t really care. It’s a tempest in a chamber pot. Perhaps if a bearded person dressed as a man walked into a woman’s bathroom, that might freak people out, but somehow I don’t think that’s gonna happen very […]

Meanwhile, over at PuffHo’s “Religion” page

Lord (that’s a metaphor), what a dog’s breakfast of pandering, religious apologetics, and feel-good spirituality that site contains! It’s times like these that I’m really glad I’m an atheist. If you must read the article, click on its screenshot. Runner up in the “Who cares?” category: How can a reason be beautiful? Anyway, this is one […]

Christianity continues its decline in the US, unbelievers and the non-affiliated increase

I’m busy today, but wanted to call attention to a new Pew survey, “America’s changing religious landscape”, which gives some good news to atheists and anti-theists. (The report’s summary is here, and the full pdf is here.) The upshot: the proportions of Christians, Catholics, and Protestants in the U.S. are falling, while the proportion of “nones” (those not […]

Bill Maher on taxing churches (and other unwarranted religious privilege)

While U.S. tax returns are usually due on April 15, that was on Friday, so Uncle Sam gave us a respite till Monday. (I filed about a month ago, as I’m a good boy.) While most of us have a hefty tax bill, there are two exceptions. You probably know both, but yesterday Bill Maher […]

Proof that I have philosophy cred

Maarten Boudy and I wrote two papers for Philosophical Psychology. The first was a critique of a paper by philosopher Neil van Leeuwen, who argued that religious beliefs weren’t at all like “real” beliefs, but more often had a status as “fictional imaginings.” We took issue with that. Van Leeuwen then criticized us, and we […]

Open thread: Susan Jacoby talks about people who go through religious conversion

by Grania There’s an interesting interview with Susan Jacoby over on Fresh Air (NPR) about her new book Strange Gods: A Secular History Of Conversion. Susan looks at people in history as well as current examples, and examines reasons why people choose to exchange one god for another. Interestingly, the answer is very rarely, as she calls it, […]

Come home Cardinal Pell

by Grania Tim Minchin has published a new song. It’s poignant, catchy and like several of his other songs, deeply controversial. But it shouldn’t be controversial at all. It is simply a protest about a case in Australia which requires Australian Cardinal George Pell to give evidence in the investigation into the horrific child sex abuse scandal […]