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A creationist reveals himself in two comments

The first comment below arrived yesterday at 4:24 p.m., it was an attempted comment—after I got Earl’s second “contribution” below, I didn’t let this one go through—on the post “Evolution denialism from the Left.” The name and link to “Earl’s” site were meant for public viewing. (Have a look at Earl’s two short posts on […]

In which I get testy and respond to a believer

I get tons of emails like the following, and usually I just bin them. But something about this one—its arrant ignorance, its patronizing tone, and the ludicrous “your friend” signature, ticked me off, and so I responded. I couldn’t help it: laws of physics. My short essay he’s responding to appeared in John Brockman’s edited […]

Readers’ beefs

The bit below was not a comment or attempted comment on the site, but an email sent directly to me.  The article to which it refers, one I wrote for John Brockman’s annual Edge Question book This Idea Must Die, was about how we should dispense with the idea of free will. As I recall (I don’t […]

Reader beefs at reader

On my recent post, “Is there a ‘meaning to life’ for nonbelievers“?, there was some good discussion, but a goddie tried to interpolate him/herself into the discussion in response to the comments. First, reader jblilie said this: Posted April 12, 2016 at 10:08 am I think I agree [with] all that you said. The things I […]

Tom Todesca responds to my critique of his accommodationist comic

A while back, I wrote a critique of a project proposed by Tommaso Todesca and his colleagues: a comic book (or “graphic novel” if you will) designed to make the point that science and religion are fully compatible. (I found a description of the project on PuffHo.) Todesca a Catholic of Italian extraction and a wealthy […]

Readers’ beefs

Or perhaps I should call them “Readers’ porks,” as they’re all anti-Semitic this week. First, two comments on my satire “Gentiles must cease their relentless cultural appropriation of bagels“. Needless to say, these didn’t make it to airtime. From reader Jakob Aubill (who used that name): Now I’ve seen it all. I’m not surprised that […]

Readers’ beefs

The creationists have been making their egress from the woodwork over the last few weeks. Here are four of their comments that didn’t make prime time. From reader William, commenting on my post BioLogos tells “The Big Story”, becomes less scientific and more evangelical“: God did not use evolution for exactly the reasons you have pointed out, Jerry […]

Reader’s beef of the month

Last year, John Brockman, my literary agent as well as the agent for many other popular-science writers, put together his annual book of answers to one Edge question. The 2015 book was This Idea Must Die: Scientific Theories That Are Blocking Progress. My short contribution was “Free Will”, and since everyone knows why I think that notion should quietly […]

I get email: a believer tells me science is no better than faith

Since I publicly criticize religion and tout science, I’m subject to all manner of rebukes from believers. I don’t often post these, but they’re often of the “science is just like faith” ilk. Here’s one that just arrived (I’ve left the person’s name out, but feel free to respond as if you were addressing him/her): […]

Weekly readers’ beefs

Ah, opprobrium has been mercifully scarce lately, although it makes this post a lot less interesting. In fact, there’s been only one thing to show over the past couple of weeks (beyond those comments that have gone straight to spam): an attempted but futile comment by reader “Janye Best” on my post about the acceleration and […]