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Another anti-Semitic comment

It never fails: whenever I write about Israel, no matter what I say, I get some anti-Semitic comments or emails. (Note that my post this morning was critical of Israel and Netanyahu). Here’s a comment from “opplevesannheten“, whose email address I’ve mercifully omitted, though he/she has a website that would have appeared in the comment had […]

A creationist reveals himself in two comments

The first comment below arrived yesterday at 4:24 p.m., it was an attempted comment—after I got Earl’s second “contribution” below, I didn’t let this one go through—on the post “Evolution denialism from the Left.” The name and link to “Earl’s” site were meant for public viewing. (Have a look at Earl’s two short posts on […]

I get comments

Here’s a comment from one “Dominick” that arrived in the moderation box. I’m posting it here largely because Dominick claims to be a “mental health professional.” Tracing his email address, which of course I won’t divulge, I found that this is true. Do we really want people like this helping others become mentally healthy? The […]

Note to readers

This policy has been up on “Da Roolz” site for some time, but I have been a bit lax in enforcing it. Please be aware of it, and, if you want people to see your website, connect your real name to that site. This is note #18. If you post a link to your website, […]

In which I get testy and respond to a believer

I get tons of emails like the following, and usually I just bin them. But something about this one—its arrant ignorance, its patronizing tone, and the ludicrous “your friend” signature, ticked me off, and so I responded. I couldn’t help it: laws of physics. My short essay he’s responding to appeared in John Brockman’s edited […]

Dare pondus idonea fumo

by Grania Here’s a drive-by editorial submission to the Atheist Ten Commandments list by “It is”. Seeing as the original No. 4 was about a person’s right of control over their own body, I’m not sure how the unborn is supposed to exercise this control, particularly during the time before it actually has a brain capable of […]

Bring out your Teds!

If you have a photo of beloved and agéd teddy bear or other stuffed animal, please send it to me (with its story) ASAP. I have four now, all funny, and want to do a post this weekend.

Readers’ beefs of the week

It was a productive two weeks for beefs, given my heavy criticism of religion, which always brings the faithful out of the woodwork to defend their God. And, surprisingly, they are often nasty! (That’s a joke.) Most (but not all) of the following people will have had only one chance to post on this site. As usual, all […]

A few comments that didn’t get through

I get tons of comments like the three below, and usually bin them, but occasionally post a few just to show how the faithful react to this website. Here are a couple of good ones for your Sunday delectation: From “Mike”: Surely the existence of multiverses would prove that God does exist. Think about it. […]