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My interview on the Phil Ferguson show

This is an hourlong podcast interview with Phil Ferguson, which I did yesterday (on top of my two-hour yakfest on the Milt Rosenberg show). It deals with both WEIT and FvF, and matters evolutionary. As always, I can’t bear to listen to it, but you can–by clicking on the screenshot below. It starts at 18:40, and […]

This week’s book-related interviews

I’ll be doing three radio interviews this week (actually four, but one will be broadcast later), and I’ve put the information below if you’re interested in listening. All are streamed lived on the internet. Monday, August 10, 8-9 a.m. Central (Chicago) time: The Joy Cardin show on Wisconsin Public Radio (listen live at this site; programs archived here). Tuesday, August 11, […]

Just a heads up: Jerry on Futureproof today

Jerry will be on Irish talk radio station Newstalk discussing his new book with Jonathan McCrea on Futureproof @newstalkscience this morning 12-1 PM GMT. That’s 6AM Chicago time, so I doubt our friends on the western side of the Atlantic will be out of bed yet, but they can catch up later. Listen live here UPDATE: the […]

Faith v. Fact: Audiobooks and recent broadcasts

I have four business items—the announcement of an audiobook and three broadcasts. First, I’ve signed a contract that will make Faith Versus Fact into an audiobook. For those of you who prefer listening, you will eventually have it on CD (or however they do these things; I’ve never listened to an audiobook). Someone told me that […]

Left Jab radio interview

Here’s another radio interview about my book, one taking place tonight between 8:05 and 8:17 ET (subtract one hour for Chicago time) on Sirius XM Radio, Channel 127, the “Progress Channel”. The show is “Left Jab Radio”, which airs for two hours on Sunday evening, and you can find the link here. It being Sirius […]

Radio interview today

I’m supposed to be interviewed this morning about FvF on New York’s The Brian Lehrer show on WNYC (you can listen live at the link) between 11:20 and 11:40 New York time (10:20-10:40 Chicago time). Or, if you have an old-fashioned radio, turn your dial to 93.9 FM or 820 AM. Here’s the show’s announcement, though I think he’s […]

My podcast on Freethought Radio with Annie Laurie and Dan

It’s always a great pleasure to chat with Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker, co-Presidents of an organization I much admire: the Freedom From Religion Foundation. About ten days ago I did an interview with them on Freethought Radio about my new book, an interview described here: Faith vs. Fact Jerry Coyne On the first half of the […]

If cotton candy could talk. . .

. . . .it would sound like Krista Tippett. If you’re in the UK, you’ll know cotton candy as “candy floss”, which, like Tippett’s weekly radio show, is saccharine, fluffy and insubstantial.  Why does National Public Radio insist on broadcasting her show “On Being” (subtitle: “The Big Questions of Meaning”, earlier title: “Speaking of Faith”) just when […]

Philomena on BBC tonight

You lucky Brits can listen to Diane Morgan at the Comedy Club on BBC Radio 4 tonight (10:55 pm). Details are below; click the screenshot at 22:54 to listen. (The show will be repeated Tuesday and Wednesday at the same time.)

The Infinite Monkey Cage, Chicago

Our live performance of the Infinite Monkey Cage last night was, I judge, a big success, and I am always on the pessimistic side. I confess that I was nervous beforehand, as I didn’t know if I’d have much to contribute to a stellar panel that included the hosts, Brian Cox and Robin Ince, the […]


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