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My podcast on Freethought Radio with Annie Laurie and Dan

It’s always a great pleasure to chat with Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker, co-Presidents of an organization I much admire: the Freedom From Religion Foundation. About ten days ago I did an interview with them on Freethought Radio about my new book, an interview described here: Faith vs. Fact Jerry Coyne On the first half of the […]

If cotton candy could talk. . .

. . . .it would sound like Krista Tippett. If you’re in the UK, you’ll know cotton candy as “candy floss”, which, like Tippett’s weekly radio show, is saccharine, fluffy and insubstantial.  Why does National Public Radio insist on broadcasting her show “On Being” (subtitle: “The Big Questions of Meaning”, earlier title: “Speaking of Faith”) just when […]

Philomena on BBC tonight

You lucky Brits can listen to Diane Morgan at the Comedy Club on BBC Radio 4 tonight (10:55 pm). Details are below; click the screenshot at 22:54 to listen. (The show will be repeated Tuesday and Wednesday at the same time.)

The Infinite Monkey Cage, Chicago

Our live performance of the Infinite Monkey Cage last night was, I judge, a big success, and I am always on the pessimistic side. I confess that I was nervous beforehand, as I didn’t know if I’d have much to contribute to a stellar panel that included the hosts, Brian Cox and Robin Ince, the […]

Is it okay to lie about Jesus?

I usually listen to National Public Radio when I’m doing my Saturday-morning shopping, but the thought of having to hear the oliagenous Krista Tippett sometimes drives me away, and today it drove me to an even more religious station—Moody Radio Chicago. It’s a production of the Moody Bible Institute, a famous evangelical Christian seminary and […]

The Infinite Monkey Cage does a U.S. tour, and has a show in Chicago avec moi

I’ve never listened to the BBC’s “Infinite Monkey Cage” show (I almost never have time to listen to podcasts), but I feel that I have, because Matthew Cobb, Brian Cox’s colleague at Manchester Uni, has been on the show several times and has told me a lot about it. Apparently it’s good, as I’ve never heard anything […]

Reza Aslan promotes himself, demonizes atheists, and exaggerates his credentials

Once again Heather Hastie, at her website Heather’s Homilies, has saved me from the wearisome task of writing about Reza Aslan.  Her latest post takes apart Aslan’s recent article in Salon, “Reza Aslan: Sam Harris and ‘New Atheists’ aren’t new, aren’t even atheists.” Read Aslan’s post if you can stand it, and then Heather’s, as Heather […]

Don Prothero discusses fossils with the Thinking Atheist

This was just put up: an audio discussion between Seth “The Thinking Atheist” Andrews and Don Prothero, a prolific paleobiologist and author of one of my favorite evolution books, Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters. The introduction begins at about 6:30, and the show continues for about an hour and five minutes after that. […]

My New Republic piece on bungled executions (and a related radio interview)

My piece on Oklahoma’s botched execution of Clayton Lockett has been heavily rewritten, combined with some other stuff, and published by The New Republic as “The three-drug death penalty cocktail is a mess.” (It takes about 2.5 hours to rewrite a website post for a column.) If you love Professor Ceiling Cat, who has hearts on […]

Today only! Professor Ceiling Cat to expatiate to the BBC on zonkeys

UPDATE 2: Reader Miranda, notes, in the comments below, that you can hear my expatiation on zonkeys broadcast again at this link; the second Newshour broadcast will start at 4 pm EST (US) and 9 pm London time. My short zonkey segment begins about 24 minutes after the hour. [Click on the episode entitled “Observers seized in Ukraine”; […]


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