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How populist are you? A Guardian quiz

Greg Mayer sent me a link to this Guardian quiz, “How populist are you?”. Click on the screenshot to go to the 20-question quiz, which takes a bit of demographic information and then asks you to rank your views on various social, political, and economic issues.   Here are the positions of various leaders: And […]

Dear BBC: Yes, we are descended from monkeys. And no, evolution and religion are not compatible.

Yesterday I wrote a bit about the BBC’s new seven-question “Test your knowledge of evolution quiz” (quiz here, my posts here and here), which was (and is) larded with ambiguous questions and wrong answers. They’ve now changed the irrelevant religion question (#7), which originally said, “Evolution and religion are incompatible. True or false?” (the answer was […]

The BBC changed the religion/science accommodationism question on its evolution quiz

As reader Eric astutely pointed out, the BBC has now changed question #7—the “accommodationism” question—in the evolution quiz I described this morning. It previously read this way: Now it reads this way: I’m fairly sure, but not positive, that calling attention to this question by myself or others has led to the change. It’s an […]

BBC gives a dumb quiz on how much you know about evolution

Readers Dom and Kevin called my attention to this new quiz on the BBC website that supposedly tests your knowledge of evolution. It was compiled with the help of Dr. Paula Kover, who teaches evolution at the University of Bath. Click on the screenshot to take the seven-question quiz. I got only 5/7, but that’s […]

Bertrand’s paradox

Reader Peter sent me this paradox (it’s not really a “paradox” as I understand the meaning of that term, but a result that, like the Monty Hall problem, is deeply counterintuitive). It’s called Bertrand’s Box Paradox after French mathematician Joseph Bertrand, who raised it in an 1889 book on probabilities. The setup is simple: There […]

Quiz: name that arthropod!

Here’s a tw**t sent by Matthew; your job is to guess what this thing is. At least you should be able to get the order! Answer at 12:30 Chicago time. by Matthew Cobb Found in the MCZ teaching collection with a note reading "holotype! please be careful!" It's certainly unique, but a holotype, this ain't… […]

Test shows that I’m the “Ultimate Christian”. Are you?

UPDATE: Several readers report in the comments that no matter how you answer you’ll get 100%. I can’t be arsed to check that, but it seems to be the case. This is DUPLICITY on the part of Christians. But why would they do it? And shame on me for not checking! ________________ This test from […]

This was the animal track!

by Matthew Cobb Earlier today we reproduced a tw**t by Lisa Buckley (@Lisavipes), which showed a picture of a track she found in British Columbia. We asked you to work out what animal made it. Many people (like me initially) thought it might be an otter, but the size of the thing – it’s 10 […]

BBC Quiz: Can you tell a wild cat from a housecat?

So, if you have a few minutes, the BBC has a 16-question quiz designed to see if you can tell house cats from wildcats by their appearance. Greg Mayer, who found this, called it to my attention and then boasted: I got 15 of 17 correct, after correcting one of their IDs (tame hybrids don’t […]

Take the Attenborough Quiz

Over at the goddycoddling National Geographic site, science writer Ed Yong has constructed two quizzes testing your ability to suss out what animal David Attenborough is talking about. (Yong has also ranked 79 episodes of Attenborough’s shows in a piece at The Atlantic.) There are two quizzes: A “Really Hard” one, and a “Really, Really Hard […]