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HuffPost publishes post urging that white men be disenfranchised, first defends it and then removes it because it was a hoax

I think I’m gonna lay off PuffHo after this one; I’m tired of reading them, I’m tired of criticizing them as a widely-read but Regressive Leftist organization, and they’re probably already licking their wounds over their latest gaffe. What was it? They published an article by one “Shelley Garland” called “Could it be time to deny […]

WaPo becoming HuffPo

There is a new phenomenon I call “Twitter journalism”, in which people manage to eke out articles by stringing together Twitter “posts”. I myself have been tempted to do this, and sometimes have, though not very often. But this is a website, and it’s much worse when the tw**t assemblages are disguised as journalism. PuffHo, of course, […]

More signs that Trump has driven HuffPo to madness

Despite Trump’s continuing screw-ups, which dominate real papers like the New York Times, HuffPo needs to pin everything on the Prez. Here’s one (click on screenshot if you must read it): Why? Because Babs is forced to eat pancakes with maple syrup after she hears the morning news. Poor thing! It’s all the fault of Trump, […]

HuffPo Arabic pushes anti-Semitism and demonization of gays

It’s not clear that, with the HuffPo, the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. In November, the Arabic edition of the site, which appears even more in love with Islam than is the American version, published a blog post (in Arabic here), that was a nasty, anti-Semitic accusation of a Jew poisoning […]

Dog bites man

Today’s HuffPo headline (click on screenshot if you must go to the story). I’m sure this will bring peace.

A Young Turk tries to show that suicide bombings have nothing (nothing!) to do with Islam

I was going to post the third part of my piece on sexual dimorphism in human traits (other parts here and here), explaining why that physical dimorphism suggests that current behavioral differences between the sexes also reflect evolution in our ancestors (and why those who oppose a sexual-selection explanation are ideologically motivated)—but I have a few more papers to read. Look […]

HuffPo names 17 Muslim-American women who “Made America Great” this year. Guess how many wear hijabs?

Yep, you’re right: all of them. The women named in the December 8 piece include a hijabi fashion blogger, a journalist who appeared (clothed) in Playboy, a fencer, a hip-hop group, and the Miss Minnesota contestant who wore both a hijab and a burkini. It’s not so much the achievements of Muslim women that are celebrated […]

Jeff Tayler back in the saddle again: criticizes the “first hijabi” trope

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know of my frequent and splenetic posts about “The first hijabi  [Muslim wearer of the hijab, or headscarf] to do Y,” where Y represents various forms of athletics, ballet, contestants in beauty pageants, news anchors and so on (see, for instance, here, here, here, and here).  This ridiculous glorification […]

PuffHo: No Muslims should be portrayed as terrorists on television

It would clearly be bigoted, on a TV show about terrorism, to portray only Islamic terrorists. But it would also be tendentious to neglect Muslims on a show about terrorism, pretending that Islamic terrorism simply doesn’t exist. Yet PuffHo (of course) is applauding such a show in its new article: “Here’s why you’ll never see a Muslim terrorist […]

Heather Hastie on the declining state of American education

I call your attention to Heather Hastie’s new post, “Has the US education system been set-up to fail?” It paints a dire picture of what’s happening in U.S. schools, discusses Trump’s appointment of Betsy DeVos (probably a creationist) as his education secretary, and explains why DeVos’s and Trump’s emphasis on “school choice” as a solution to […]