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Postmodern Poo: A Harvard course on scatalogical literature (“the canon is a chamber pot”)

An anonymous reader sent me this announcement for a course at Harvard, and at first I thought it was an enormous joke. Now I’ve learned it’s for real. For one thing, there is indeed a professor at Harvard called Annabel Kim: she’s an Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures. And her c.v., here, lists […]

British academics and students call for censorship of Israeli ambassador because his appearance could upset students

I’ll be brief, as this is all too familiar. According to the Guardian and the Elder of Ziyon sites, students and professors at a British university have their knickers in knots because two student groups invited Mark Regev, Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, to speak.  His crime? Being the ambassador to Israel, of course, which, seen as […]

Another professor calls for censoring speakers

At the end of yesterday’s piece about a professor calling for censorship of speech that “dehumanizes people,” I predicted that we’re going to see more academics calling for censorship of invited speakers. After all, most professors are Leftists, some are Regressive Leftists, some Regressive Leftists (especially in universities) favor censorship, ergo you’ll probably find professors who […]