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Pseudo’s (pseudosciece) corner, Private Eye

I don’t read Private Eye, the British humor magazine, but Matthew Cobb sent a screenshot from his issue singling out what I thought was a joke, but isn’t. His notes: Pseud’s corner is the bit in Private Eye where they publish genuine pseud0-intellectual garbage. This appears to be true. I can’t explain it. I can […]

A postmodern holiday: recent nonsense from the humanities

Reader Loren sent me this video (with an introduction by Noam Chomsky) on some of the shenanigans of postmodern nonsense (yes, I know that not all of the humanities or “science studies” is riddled with this stuff). A lot of the material presented comes from the Twi**er site New Real Peer Review, which is worth […]

Yogurt as a sexist, white-privileged product

As we wait for the U.S. to go down the tubes after Trump takes office, and for the rest of the world to fall apart from war, terrorism, and hatred, it’s nice to know that our university professors are busy concentrating on the really important stuff, like the implications of yogurt “culture” for feminism and white […]

The unbearable whiteness of pumpkins: more po-mo lunacy

CONTENT WARNING: THE PAPER I’M ABOUT TO DISCUSS IS NOT A JOKE (OR AT LEAST NOT AN INTENTIONAL JOKE) In the attempts of the Regressive Left to make everything part of identity politics, and to instill in all The Privileged an unspeakable sense of guilt, no object or behavior is off limits. And so, as Halloween […]

The Gadfather mocks postmodernism

In this short (3.5-minute) video, evolutionary psychologist Gad Saad reads the abstract of a recent postmodern article on transsexuaity. (You can find the article, from the journal Studies in Gender and Sexuality, here.) Reading these abstracts is a great exercise in showing the Emperor’s nudity, and I may do one of these myself (it’s a doozy!). […]

The Atlantic: Genes are overrated; science doesn’t progress towards truth. Me: Wrong on both counts

The Atlantic has a review of Siddhartha’s new book on genetics; the review is by Nathaniel Comfort, a professor at the Institute of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, and carries the provocative title of “Genes are overrated.” I haven’t yet read Mukherjee’s book, so I won’t comment on its content except to say that the […]

Postmodern Glacier professor defends his dreadful study as “misunderstood”. It wasn’t.

Along with three co-authors, Mark Carey, a dean and professor of history at Robert D. Clark Honors college at the University of Oregon, recently published a dreadful postmodernist paper in Progress in Human Geography, “Glaciers, gender and science: A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research.” (reference and link below).  I wrote about it on […]

A real paper or a Sokal-esque hoax? You be the judge

Certain forms of postmodern discourse are so outré that you can’t tell whether they’re serious or jokes. (Indeed, some postmodernists claim that their serious pieces can be construed as jocular!) The most famous example of this conflation between the scholarly and the absurd is, of course, Alan Sokal’s hoax article on physics and postmodernism for the journal Social Text, “Transgressing […]

2015: “Kimono Wednesdays” cancelled at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts on grounds of cultural appropriation

Here’s one of the more ludicrous recent protests against “cultural appropriation”, one that actually succeeded in cowing a famous museum last year: the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It was a harbinger of the “cultural appropriation wars” that are now raging on college campuses, in which, for example, improperly prepared General Tso’s chicken is deemed a cultural […]

George Will lauds the hard-headedness of scientists over the mushiness of humanities scholars

Even a conservative can be right sometimes, including George Will. Although I long thought of him as a Catholic, he’s now declared himself a “low-voltage atheist”, which of course shows that he has some discriminatory power. In a piece at the Washington Post called “American higher education is a house divided,” he lauds the University […]