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Pew: Americans know bupkes about religion (and test yourself)

In a poll of Americans’ religious knowledge reported this week by Pew, two things were revealed. First, most Americans don’t know much about religion—either theirs or that of other believers. Second, it is the atheists, agnostics, and Jews who rank highest on religious knowledge. You can read the long report, which gives the 32 questions, […]

Famous election prognosticator says that House must impeach Trump or he’ll be re-elected

So here’s a professor and a respected Presidential prognosticator, Allan Lichtman, who suggests that unless the Democrats impeach Trump, he’ll win again in 2020. Lichtman’s fame in this area, and his bona fides, appear in Wikipedia, which conflicts a bit with what the newswoman says in his introduction: Allan Jay Lichtman (born April 4, 1947) is […]

Readers’ votes: Northam should stay on

It’s pretty much academic whether Virginia Governor Ralph Northam will stay on: he won’t, as the pressure on him to resign will build and build, with nobody defending him. I say this regardless of what I feel, which right now is conflicted and still in stasis waiting for the facts to come out.  But I […]

Vote for cats!

Brady Haran, who, among other things makes YouTube videos about science, is taking a vote on who favors dogs vs. who favors cats. You know what to do: click on the tweet below to go to Haran’s twitter site, and then vote for felids! I don’t ask readers for much, and never for money, so […]

Yesterday’s poll: Prognostications about Trump

My poll yesterday, “Is Trump toast?” came from my feeling—which I still hold—that he won’t last his first term: that he’ll either resign or be forced out of office.  I asked readers their opinion, and here are the results as of 8 a.m. today: Only about 28% of respondents agree with me, 43% think he’ll get […]

Poll results prove Chris Stedman wrong

Now I won’t pretend that the poll I put up yesterday—responding to Chris Stedman’s VICE article about how atheists are becoming alt-righters, ridden with misogyny, bigotry, homophobia, and racism—is in any way scientific. On the other hand, the answers were anonymous, and the responders, as I asked, were supposed to be atheists. So if atheists […]

Trump’s getting scared

The Mueller investigation is drawing ever closer to Trump, whose administration is simply coming apart at the seams. It’s accomplished nothing save appointing a Supreme Court judge as right-wing as Scalia, and people are fleeing the government like rats from a sinking ship. We may live to see Trump impeached for obstruction of justice, something […]

Okay, I have a poll for Matthew; no need to join Twitter

I didn’t realize that you had to actually JOIN Twitter to vote on Matthew’s poll about microbes. My apologies, and I’ll put Matthew’s poll here as well. PLEASE vote, and he’ll add our results to those on his poll from a few hours ago. Here it is, but you can vote here: If you already […]

A poll from Matthew: please vote

Matthew has asked me to request that readers here, which are numerous, give an answer his “quiz”. Please oblige him (and me) by simply clicking on his tweet below and giving your answer. You have less than a day.  I don’t often ask readers to do anything, but I’d appreciate this. Thanks! My first quiz. […]

This year’s Edge question

Every year John Brockman, the literary agent for many scientists who write popular books (including me), asked all of us to answer a question as part of his online salon, Edge. Usually the questions involve writing short essays, maybe two hundred words or so, and I’ve contributed a few times. This year, however, will be […]