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24% of British Muslims say violence against cartoonists who draw Muhammad is justifiable

Yes, British Muslims. ComRes polled British Muslims on their feelings about discrimination, fealty for Britain, and their attitudes towards those who satirize Islam or Muhammed. Here is a summary of poll results, which the BBC seems to see as reassuring, but I beg to differ: Here’s the breakdown of the Charlie Hebdo question: And the breakdown of […]

More about the Pew poll on evolution acceptance

NOTE BY JAC:  I still am baffled by the Pew’s finding that Republicans seem to have become more creationist between 2009 and 2013, for the Gallup Poll shows the 20% disparity already in 2008.  In that poll, the percentage of young-earth creationists was 60% among Republicans, 38% among Democrats, and 40% among Independents. The gap […]

What, if anything, is wrong with the Pew poll on evolution acceptance?

by Greg Mayer I posted on Wednesday about the new Pew poll on evolution acceptance, focusing on the divergence between the Pew results and those from 2012’s Gallup poll of the same issue. In both polls it is possible to divide respondents into three classes that can be thought of as those that accept “naturalistic […]

Pew Poll: American evolution-acceptance holds steady, partisan divide widens

UPDATE by JAC: Dan Kahan of the Cultural Cognition Project of Yale Law School has further analyzed this survey and finds some problems with it: some data are missing in both the summary and the full report, and this makes it impossible to determine whether the pro-creationist tendencies of Republicans reflects a shift in ideology […]

Good news for secularism: Part II. Belief in the supernatural declines in U.S., acceptance of evolution rises

This is a post about a poll, but it’s a very interesting poll, both because it shows the high level of superstition in the U.S. and also shows that that superstition—which includes religious belief—is steadily declining.  Do read the results if you have time. According to a new Harris Poll (2250 U.S. adults surveyed this […]

Jane Austen to replace Darwin on the 10-pound note. You vote on the issue!

Well, the Days of Charles regnant on Britain’s £10 note are coming to an end. According to the BBC, the Guardian, and many other sources, in 2017 Darwin’s note will be deep-sixed and replaced by Jane Austen on the tenner. This is intended to remedy a lack of women on British banknotes. Although Elizabeth Fry […]

Statisticians 51, Pundits 0

by Greg Mayer As both an undergraduate and graduate student, I was fortunate to be taught statistics by some of the best statistical minds in biology: Robert Sokal and Jim Rohlf at Stony Brook, and Dick Lewontin at Harvard. All three have influenced biostatistics enormously, not just through their many students, but also through writing […]

Evolution acceptance still flatlined in America

A new Gallup poll shows that, as in the past thirty years, acceptance of evolution in the U.S. has remained static. In fact, the latest statistics (light green line in figure below), show that 46% of Americans are young-earth creationists, 32% adhere to some form of god-guided or theistic evolution (dark green line), and only […]

A poll on whether skeptics should shut up about Christianity

I can’t resist, though I think this puppy has already been Pharyngulated (I haven’t looked). But why not let your views be known on an issue important to all of us—accommodationism? This is the weekly poll at Agnosticism/Atheism: It’s accompanied by give-no-ground editorial by secularist Austin Cline, which includes this: Christianity isn’t an oppressed […]

A poll on “alternative” (aka useless) medicine

UPDATE: I don’t think you see the latest results until after you vote (otherwise it just displays an initial state), and you can vote only once.  Therefore, if you just voted, come back and report the latest percentages. Here’s an update: 84% NO at 11:52 AM Chicago time. GCM. ____________ I’m gonna cooperate with P.Z. […]


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