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Republican barrel-scraping: Ben Carson’s running for President

Should we take into consideration someone’s religion when we decide to vote for him or her? I’ve decided that we should. All things equal, an atheist (especially one who gives good reasons for nonbelief) is preferable to a believer, especially an ardent one. And, among believers, some are more delusional than others: I’d prefer, for instance, […]

Obama lets us down on capital punishment and Afghanistan

Oh, what high expectations we had of Obama, and how little they’ve been fulfilled! Granted, he’s come through with healthcare, and the Republican Congress often stymies his good efforts; but lately Obama seems to be phoning in his performance. Yesterday the New York Times called him out on two accounts: his failure to fulfill his promises to work against the […]

Jeffrey Tayler rides again, assessing the religiosity of the Presidential candidatews

I’ve learned that Atlantic correspondent Jeffrey Tayler is writing an anti-theist piece every Sunday in Salon. Perhaps this is their way of making amends for all the rump-osculation that they’ve done towards faith, and all the animus they’ve shown towards New Atheists. (His pieces are a great substitute for that church sermon.) For Tayler is, if anything, […]

The Borowitz report satirizes Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement

By now you must have learned that The New Yorker’s Borowitz Report is satire, but it’s often sufficiently believable (given the dire state of everything in the U.S.) to convince the gullible that it’s real news. And, given Hillary Clinton’s campaign-announcement video—which shows her for only a brief span amidst a lot of “average Americans,” implying that she’s […]

Hillary announces

Let the games begin. Here’s Hillary Clinton’s official announcement that she’s running for President. (She doesn’t show up until about 1:30 of this 2:18 video; the rest shows average Americans making their plans.) From the New York Times: This campaign will begin on a small scale and build up to an effort likely to cost […]

Hillary Clinton to announce Presidential bid on Sunday

According to CNN, Hillary Clinton will throw her hat in the ring (is anybody surprised?) with a video announcement on Sunday: Hillary Clinton is planning to launch her presidential candidacy on Sunday through a video message on social media, a person close to her campaign-in-waiting tells CNN, followed immediately by traveling to early-voting states of […]

Indiana realizes it screwed up

After passing the Hate Bill, Indiana now realizes that it screwed up, but not out of morally mediated compunction, but because of the firestorm of excoriating comments, threatens of boycotts, real boycotts (e.g., Angie’s List is putting its Indiana expansion on hold), and even criticism from a basketball idol: Former NBA star Charles Barkley added his voice […]

Is John Kerry on a fool’s errand?

Let me confess at the outset that I am no expert on Iran’s uranium-enrichment capabilities, nor about the subtleties of diplomatic negotiations on nuclear weapons.  All I know is what the average person would know who reads, say, the New York Times about our (and Europe’s) negotiations with Iran about lifting economic sanctions in return for their […]

Larry Wilmore tells it like it is

by Greg Mayer On Tuesday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore and his guest panelists were discussing Ted Cruz’s presidential aspirations, when one of the guests stated that we must have “more respect in politics… for people who believe in creationism”. Larry was having none of it: Someone who’s making the most important decisions in the world […]

Republican lawmaker in New Hampshire criticizes kids’ suggestion to make hawk the state raptor, says it reminds him of abortion

I’m pretty confident in saying that only a Republican could be this mushbrained and callous. A group of New Hampshire kids wanted to get a lesson in politics, and so drafted a bill that would make the red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) the Official State Raptor. (I’m sure Stephen Barnard would be on board with this). But in […]


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