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Discuss: the Presidential debate

As I already knew who I was going to vote for, I didn’t see much sense in watching the Clinton/Trump debate last night. Though I’ll vote for Clinton as the far superior candidate, I don’t like either of them, and would have watched only to see what style the debaters assumed, and how many metatarsals […]

Presidential campaigns, then and now

Kennedy, 1960: Clinton, 2016:   Get off my damn lawn!

Conspiracy theories among Trump-ites

When Grania sent me this tw**t this morning, I thought for sure the guy’s statements were a joke: This guy is going to vote. Make sure you do too. — Jenn Martinelli (@jennmartinelli) September 21, 2016 Well, never underestimate the credulousness of those who support Trump. Even I couldn’t believe some of the stuff you’re […]

Your pilot today is Captain Trump

Here’s today’s Doonesbury, courtesy of reader jsp, and, though I am weary of those on Facebook who put up comment after comment about the perfidy of Trump (enough already!), I couldn’t resist posting this one:  

Why won’t the press report on Trump scandals? Why do they focus only on Hillary?

by Grania Spingies TL;DR: it’s not a conspiracy. It’s a refrain I see in various places on the internet lately: the media simply blows up over every little scandal, fake or otherwise, that involves Hillary Clinton. I think most people would agree that it is reasonable for candidate for the Presidency to be held to […]

Why I won’t shut up about Hillary Clinton

I have to say that I’m getting tired of people telling me to keep mum about Hillary and Bill’s “scandals” during election season. Well, I barely post about Bill’s issues, for Hillary is the candidate; and I see her as far from an ideal candidate. But I’ve been constant in my asseveration that I’ll vote for her, […]

Dave Rubin: what is the alt-right?

I was going to refer you in this post to a 52-minute conversation that Dave Rubin had with Roseanne Barr, but it was so painful to listen to (Barr was all over the place and at times sounded almost insane) that I can’t recommend it at all. Listen at your own peril. However, Rubin by […]

Even more sleaze from Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation

The double standard of today’s politics is instantiated in those people who are so willing to call out Donald Trump for his malfeasance and lies (and there are many), and even laugh at naked statues of the man, while at the same time excusing Hillary Clinton’s numerous ethical breaches. “I’m with her!”, the saying goes. […]

More mendacity and sleaze from the Clintons

The William J. Clinton Foundation, a charitable group, was started in 2001, and, given Bill’s charisma and connections, immediately began pulling in the dosh. In 2013 it was renamed the “Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation”; Chelsea and Bill were and are on the board of directors, as was Hillary herself from 2013—after resigning as Secretary […]

A cat weighs in on the election

The only reason I’m violating my principle to avoid personal attacks on Presidential candidates is because a.) this is a cat, and b.) it’s funny without being ad hominem. Today’s a busy day for me, and there may be only one substantive post. It will be on the burkini ban in France. h/t: Arno