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When the Lunatic Fringe gets Mainstream attention

by Grania Spingies So a guy almost nobody ever heard of before last Saturday holds a meeting where approximately 200 members show up—the size of a large-ish knitting club or a small-ish local atheist group—makes some benightedly stupid hand gestures, and scores the media coup of the century. While one should probably not completely ignore people publicly […]

Why some people voted for Trump

The Washington Post has a continuing page, “Why I voted for Donald Trump,” with these instructions: Last week, The Post invited supporters of President-elect Donald Trump to tell us why they voted for him. Below is a sample of the responses. To contribute, visit It’s useful to read this, because one can see a […]

The dangers of identity politics

This New York Times essay from November 18, “The end of identity liberalism,” is one of the best things I’ve read on the topic in some time. It’s by Mark Lilla, identified as “a professor of the humanities at Columbia and a visiting scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation, is the author, most recently, of […]

The Young Turks lose it over the election

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of The Young Turks (TYT) show. I guess I just lost interest when Cenk Uygur went after Sam Harris in a long (3 hours!) and deeply unfair interview, not admitting that he’d consistently distorted Harris’s words. I also see the show as exemplifying the smug and arrogant form of Regressive […]

Nick Cohen pins some blame on liberals for Trump’s election on the Regressive Left

Several commenters on the Internet have blamed the Regressive Left (RL), for contributing to Trump’s victory, asserting that working-class whites, who were Trump’s major supporters, were turned off by the identity politics of liberal young people and Regressive Leftists. This thesis appeals to me because I despise the RL’s hypocrisy and arrogance and would love for Trump’s […]

In which I get blamed for Trump’s victory

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been held guilty for Hillary Clinton’s loss for several reasons, including criticizing her too much as well as for not criticizing her enough before the primaries, which led to a flawed candidate being put up against Trump. You can’t win in this game! David, whose email is below (name redacted […]

Jonathan Pie’s take on the election

Courtesy of the Godless Spellchecker, who sends Americans his condolences (and this video), we have ranting reporter Jonathan Pie’s (real name: Tom Walker) take on the election. (His schtick is to play a reporter who rants when he’s off camera.) He’s exercised, but there’s considerable truth in what he says:

Read and weep: Trump’s reported nominees for Cabinet posts and other offices

We all knew that when Trump was elected he was going to fill the executive branch and the courts with extremists, incompetents, and ideologues. That’s pretty much a given unless the Donald undergoes some miraculous personality transformation. Now, according to BuzzFeed, his transition team has aseembled a list of potential nominees for Cabinet posts. It does […]

Election Day hangover

I am not prepared to make portentous pronouncements about the election results, as I’m not a political analyst, and other people have already begun masticating the results to death. The consensus about why there was an outcome that so many (including me) see as disastrous for the U.S. seems to be that the strength and feelings of […]

Obama on Trump’s victory: “Sometimes you lose an election”

God, I’ll miss this man. Always eloquent and classy, he remained so as he discussed Trump’s victory in this ten-minute video. Imagine what he could have done if the Senate and House were Democratic. The icon below may look wonky, but it should work. If it doesn’t by the time it’s posted, someone please put a working […]