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More mendacity and sleaze from the Clintons

The William J. Clinton Foundation, a charitable group, was started in 2001, and, given Bill’s charisma and connections, immediately began pulling in the dosh. In 2013 it was renamed the “Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation”; Chelsea and Bill were and are on the board of directors, as was Hillary herself from 2013—after resigning as Secretary […]

A cat weighs in on the election

The only reason I’m violating my principle to avoid personal attacks on Presidential candidates is because a.) this is a cat, and b.) it’s funny without being ad hominem. Today’s a busy day for me, and there may be only one substantive post. It will be on the burkini ban in France. h/t: Arno

On the correction and improvement of people you meet on the internet

by Grania Spingies Elizabeth Warren tweeted about the latest Scandal Du Jour involving Donald Trump. (Don’t worry, this post is not about him or what he may or may not have meant – I personally think you would need a Ouija board to divine the true meaning and intent of his words). I was entertained to see male […]

“Locational liberalism: Why do some Leftists admire foreign right-wing ideologues?

We all know of Western Leftists who admire political movements that are repressive and regressive. I wasn’t alive when academic Leftists were all hearts and flowers about Stalin, even when they knew of his excesses; more recently, Nick Cohen has documented the hypocrisy of Western liberals in, for example, ignoring the existence of Serb concentration camps. […]

Living in a post-fact world

by Grania I was watching John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, and it made me laugh and cringe at the same time. It is all very well to snigger at wilful ignorance, but when it is fervently subscribed to by political leaders it can’t bode well for the country, or the world. Watch this clip (starting […]

Discussion: Democratic and Republican conventions, elections, etc.

As I said, I didn’t watch any of either the GOP or Democratic conventions: the only thing I’ve seen is Sarah Silverman’s speech to the Dems. I already know who I’m going to vote for (Clinton), and I am not happy about that choice—but it’s infinitely better than the alternative. (I’m traveling now, so am not […]

Trump just lost any chance he had to be President

Donald Trump has recovered from many missteps, but he’s just made one that, I think, is fatal. I refer, of course, to his call that Russia should get hold of Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails and give them to the United States press. See below: This is, of course, a call for either espionage or the […]

The growing autocracy in Turkey: more journalists detained

We are witnessing a once vital country, the most secular and vibrant nation in the Mideast, become an autocratic theocracy. I refer, of course, to Turkey, where President Erdogan continues to use the recent coup to get rid of anyone who opposes (or even criticizes) him. As Reuters reports, Turkey just detained another 47 journalists, […]

Florida, 1995: Walmart removes “Someday a woman will be president” tee shirts after shoppers complain

How far we’ve come! Last night Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic Presidential nomination, becoming the first woman to run for President with a major party. Yet it wasn’t so long ago that parts of the U.S. considered this unthinkable. (It’s the same, of course, for blacks, and yet our President is black. But we won’t […]

DemoCATic National Convention: our feline delegates cast their votes

This morning I announced the convening of the DemoCATic National Convention, in which readers were invited to send photos of their cats and a note about how their cat would vote. I thought that maybe I’d get a couple of entries—a half dozen, max. Little did I realize that people love to show off their cats (e.g., […]