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Andrew Sullivan on the spillover of campus politics into society at large

This week I was interviewed by an editor of the student newspaper, the Chicago Maroon, who plans to write a profile of me. That was flattering, but of course I’m always wary of these things because, after all, it’s a reporter. It turned out that she was friendly (that says nothing, of course, about what […]

The North Korea/South Korea joint participation in the Olympics still puzzles me

I still don’t get the new comity between North and South Korea at the Olympics, in which the two teams will march together under a “unified Korea” flag, some teams have trained together, and the women’s hockey team will even be composed of players from both countries. I recognize that this is South Korea’s attempt […]

My political profile: how Leftist am I (or are you)?

You’ve surely heard the old saying, “If you are not a liberal at 25, you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative at 35, you have no brain.” The antecedents of the quote go back to 1875, but when I was younger I thought this was a horrible quote. I would never, I vowed, […]

Hillary cringeworthy at the Grammys

I didn’t watch the Grammys last night, as I’m not a big fan of award shows (I don’t watch the Oscars, either), and I don’t watch much t.v. anyway. From what I hear, it was highly politicized, with people wearing white roses to support the #MeToo movement, which is great, but also with a lot […]

Brooks goes for the jugular

I’m not a huge fan of New York Times columnist David Brooks, but in college he honed his writing skills producing satire, and it shows in his latest column (click on screenshot below). It’s about the one-day government shutdown—not the finest hour for either party, but certainly not a shining moment for us Democrats: Brooks’s […]

North and South Korea to march together in Olympics under a unified flag (and a poll)

CNN reports that, after the recent thaw in relations between North and South Korea, or at least the resumption of talks and the participation of North Korea in the upcoming Winter Olympics, the two teams are going to march together under a unified flag and field joint teams: North and South Korean athletes will march […]

Trump’s latest comments on immigration are beyond belief

I just heard this on the evening news (I guess I didn’t check the written news this afternoon) and verified it in the New York Times. The NYT gives the gist: President Trump on Thursday balked at an immigration deal that would include protections for people from Haiti and African countries, demanding to know at […]

WaPo: Oprah not good presidential timber

The lead story on the NBC Evening News last night—the lead story—was the widespread call for Oprah to run for President in 2020. I was appalled: that’s the news I usually watch, and why should that be the most important story of the day. Indeed, the network issued this tweet, and then deleted it after pushback, […]

Now Oprah is thinking of running for President

Last night at the Golden Globes, Oprah Winfrey got the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime contributions to the field of entertainment. She was the first black woman to achieve this, though three black men had won it previously (Sidney Poitier in 1982, Morgan Freeman in 2012 and Denzel Washington in 2016). This was well […]

Today’s Daily News headline

Here’s the headline of that New York paper: Moore is still contesting the election and demanding a recount, but I think the Senate Republicans are actually breathing a sigh of relief. They may have lost a seat, but avoided some nasty hearings, and they’ll probably reclaim that seat in a few years. h/t: Tom