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Putin has bamboozled the West

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Putin is encouraging and arming (and even contributing fighters to) the Ukranian pro-Russian separatists. His goal is either to simply absorb Ukraine in its entirety, or to keep it free from any ties to the West, so that it stays within Russia’s “sphere of influence”. Indeed, there are some […]

Another Republican politician ducks question of whether he accepts evolution; making a full slate of GOP candidates who won’t affirm the truth of evolution

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, a diehard conservative, is being bruited about as a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2016. Given that, it’s appropriate for us to examine his views about evolution, which are, after all, a touchstone of how far a man’s religious belief—or pandering to his constituency—blinds him to obvious scientific truth. Of course […]

“She be bold”: Sarah Palin at the Freedom Summit in Iowa

The Iowa “Freedom Summit,” a conclave of Republicans who aspire to either the party’s Presidential nomination in 2016 or simply the limelight, turned out to be a Confederacy of Dunces. Even for Republicans, they were markedly insane. And the craziest of them all was, of course, Sarah Palin, who talked for 35 minutes and said […]

Ben Carson for President??

Although I’ve posted several times about Ben Carson, a retired pediatric neurosurgeon, and a practicing Seventh-Day Adventist and looney creationist (see here, here, and here), I’ve tried not to write much about him over the last few years. That’s because he’s shown political aspirations (as a Republican, of course), but I always thought those were futile.  After all, he’s an extreme […]

White House demotes “Fox News” to simply “Fox”

Here’s a video in which Fox newsman Shephard Smith beefs about attending a White House lunch and getting an insulting placecard: As Reverb Press notes after reporting the outrage of conservative news outlets: The question isn’t whether dropping ‘news’ from the placecards of Fox anchors is ‘childish’ or ‘petty’. The question is: Why are bozos like […]

Europe: not quite the secular paradise you’d think

by Grania There is a tendency in atheist circles for Europe to be held up as a place where religion has been all but relegated to the bin, and secularism reigns supreme. It’s true that in comparison to the USA, there is a difference. People on the whole do not make public displays of religiosity or […]

The ghoulish and inhumane side effect of legislating for the “pro-life” position

By Grania Spingies At the beginning of the year Texas had a case of a woman being kept alive by a hospital for the sake of a fetus, even though it was against her own previously stated wishes as well as her husband’s. Eventually the court ruled to allow the machines to be turned off. […]

The contest for ownership of Shahada

By Grania Spingies Ayaan Hirsi Ali has written an op-ed for TIME in the aftermath of the tragic and brutal siege in Australia, very worth reading for yourself. Her focus is on the Shahada, now becoming a familiar sight on television news as the white writing on a black flag waved by extremists. She points […]

The Senate’s “torture report”

Say what you will about President Obama—and some here say he’s the worst President ever—he’s promoted the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on post-9/11 torture that will be be released later today. The report is said to recount graphically how the CIA dealt with prisoners (waterboarding, etc.) in Guantanamo and elsewhere. Obama has also called for the Cuban detention […]

Reader’s beef of the week

There is only one beef this week, as none of the moderated/new comments were particularly memorable. This one comes from our old friend (?) Don McLeroy, the Texas dentist who rose (?) to the position of chairman of the Texas State Board of Education, serving as a board member from 1998-2011. More than anyone else […]


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