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Obama breaks pledge, will leave US troops in Afghanistan until after his term expires

Now this political decision was predictable, but it’s also ineffectual. Remember when President Obama promised that U.S. troops would be out of Afghanistan when he was out of office? That made sense: we’re not accomplishing anything, and, despite the U.S.’s misguided trust in a corrupt and disorganized regime and an untrained army to fight the Taliban, […]

Obama apologizes for airstrike on Doctors Without Borders hospital, DWB demands independent investigation

According to the New York Times, President Obama has apologized for last Saturday’s airstrike at the Doctors Without Borders (DWB) hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The death toll has risen to nearly two dozen, including both doctors and patients.  We now know two things: the attack on the hospital was ordered and carried out by American forces—via an […]

Trump kitteh

Let’s finish this week, as usual, with a felid. This was sent to me by reader jsp; I don’t know where it comes from (it has a Facebook tag), but it’s fantastic. The only problem is that the hair on this one is too realistic and too full.  

Ben Carson on evolution: an ignorant (or duplicitous) Presidential candidate

I don’t care how good a surgeon Ben Carson was (and he was reportedly a terrific one), he’s still pig-ignorant when it comes to evolution, geology, and cosmology. And that ignorance—regardless of whether he doesn’t know the facts, knows them but eludes them and is lying for Jesus, or truly believes that the facts support creation […]

Time to dump Trump

Donald Trump’s history of sexist remarks continues, this time with something he said in a new Rolling Stone piece as reporter Paul Solataroff followed The Donald around on the campaign trail. Relaxing on his plane and watching the news with his staff and Solataroff, Trump provided a running commentary, including these remarks about Carly Fiorina, who, […]

Good news: Trump leads the GOP pack

The good news is that the American Republican Party, a clown car if there ever was one, is on its way to defeat in next year’s Presidential election. The CNN news feed sent me this when I awoke: More than any other Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump has won his party’s trust on top […]

Bad news about Jimmy Carter

This came through my CNN news feed, and it’s saddening. Former President Jimmy Carter says, “Recent liver surgery revealed that I have cancer that now is in other parts of my body.” Carter, 90, had a “small mass” removed from his liver earlier this month. At the time, he received a prognosis for a full […]

Contest: Guess three candidates

The prize here is a pretty good one: the audiobook version of Faith vs. Fact, which comprises the entire book, takes up 11 CDs, and is 11.5 hours long. It goes for $22.95 on Amazon, but substantially more at regular retail. (You can hear a sample at the site.) I received more of these than I […]

Open thread: change the law

by Grania Here’s a question Jerry posed this morning: If you could change one law in your country, what would it be and why? Please say which country you are in too, seeing as this is a multi-national website (ahem). There are a bunch of laws that I would like to change in Ireland which […]

Obama gets praise for pulling out the religion card

by Grania There is nothing like a heartfelt appeal to God to stir the loins and get the heads of the voters nodding in approval. In an otherwise admirable speech about gun violence, poverty and race relations in the USA, Obama referenced God on a number of occasions. I never quite know whether politicians are […]


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