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Obama lays out solution for mass shootings while right-wing gun craziness continues

Last night President Obama addressed the nation in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings. If you missed his twelve-minute talk, here it is (it’s not really the “complete” speech, as they left out a few words at the end–see below). In general I think he did the best he could given the circumstances, though, […]

Congress’s shameful treatment of Syrian refugees

Yesterday the House of Representatives voted by a substantial majority to severely tighten the screening process for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. According to the New York Times, Congress voted 287-137 (with 47 Democrats joining the Republicans) for a bill that “would require that the director of the F.B.I., the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the director of […]

Attitudes to immigrants over the decades

by Matthew Cobb I generally limit my posts here to pieces about science, and avoid political, philosophical and religious matters – this is Jerry’s site. However, my eye was caught by two separate tw**ts that highlight attitudes to immigrants. The first relates to a cartoon in that delightful newspaper, the Daily Mail. It was tw**eted […]

Ireland’s abortion laws: the littlest embassies

JAC: When I heard about the campaign by Irish women to tw**t their menstrual cycles to Ireland’s prime minister, I knew there was a story, but wasn’t clear on the details. I asked Grania, who lives in the Republic of Ireland, to enlighten us: by Grania Spingies Sometimes Ireland has to be a direct democracy to […]

Ben Carson’s gaffes and lies continue

I can’t help going after Ben Carson; I suppose it’s a combination of his ignorance, his repeated and stupid attacks on evolution, and the fact that right now he’s the Republican front-runner. Readers have speculated that Carson really knows better about evolution, and he’s just lying for Jesus and his constituency, but I’m not so […]

Lip-reading the first Democratic debate

On August 23 I posted a hilarious lip-reading take on the first Republican debate, and now we have one from the Democrats. It’s pretty good, though I think the Republican one is a bit funnier. Maybe it’s my bias, but Clinton’s genital-shooting drawing can’t match Ben Carson’s song “One Wittle Wee-Wee”(4:12 here). h/t: Blue

More Republican madness in Iowa

If you really need more evidence that Republican politics in this country is becoming like the religion of so many of its adherents, driving them to madness and irrationality, read this article from Rachel Maddow’s blog giving the reasons why Iowa Republicans like Ben Carson, who’s now leading Donald Trump by 9 percentage points in a new […]

Bernie Sanders ducks question about his religious beliefs

This link, to a piece at The Raw Story about Bernie Sanders, was sent by a reader who actually knew the guy. The reader’s statement: “I’ve known Bernie since the 80s.  He has long been a nonbeliever, but for obvious reasons he won’t cop to it. ” I think that Sanders really is an atheist, but of course […]

Canadian scientists hopeful under Trudeau administration

Although I count myself (along with most Americans) woefully ignorant of Canadian politics, I do know what fellow scientists north of the border thought of the Harper administration: they uniformly hated it. Under Harper, funding was cut, especially to environmental research, scientists were muzzled, and, as I documented a while back a scientist at Environment Canada […]

Go, Canada!

My Canadian friends and readers have been freaking out about yesterday’s election: a crucial one given the dire reign of Stephen Harper and the Conservative party, and all the polls showing the Liberal Party neck and neck with conservatives. But the news is all good. As The New York Times reports, the Liberal party had a decisive […]


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