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The Onion: Speaking truth to the powerless

I really should keep up more with The Onion, as it often has very funny stuff. This video shows a poor white guy explaining why he’s rethought his vote for Trump. I have to say that this is one of the most hilarious videos I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s funny because it’s […]

Watch Comey’s testimony live

Former FBI director James Comey is tesifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee at this moment. Click on the screenshot to see what he says (you’ll go to the CNN front page where you can watch this):

British officials not inclined to share info with US after Manchester leaks

by Grania Jerry asked me to post this, although no doubt some of you are already aware of the situation. The BBC broke the story that British officials and police have stopped sharing information with the US after both The New York Times and CBS published sensitive information that were apparently sourced through government leaks […]

Comey memo: Is Trump finished?

The events of yesterday may have given Trump’s presidency a fatal blow. First, it’s come to light that former FBI director James Comey wrote a memo to himself in February, noting that Trump had asked him to stop the FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn. Flynn, you’ll recall, was Trump’s national security advisor, but resigned when it […]

Stephen Fry on Trump and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Now here’s a 7-minute video featuring two intriguing people: one smart and funny, and the other the incompetent victim of the former’s sarcasm. I speak, of course, of Stephen Fry and Donald Trump,  respectively, with Fry discussing whether Trump illustrates the Dunning-Kruger Effect: the observation that individuals of low ability tend to overestimate their competence more than do […]

Obamacare repeal passes House on close vote, still dicey in the Senate

I am amazed that anybody thinks the Republicans’ healthcare act is superior to “Obamacare,” and it may be that a lot of Americans will discover that hard truth, including those who mistakenly voted for Trump on the assumption that he’d improve their healthcare. This afternoon the House voted to replace Obamacare with the Republican plan. […]

Heather Hastie on the problem of North Korea

I call your attention to a new piece at Heather’s Homilies, “The problem of North Korea.” Like many, I’ve been concerned that the fact that a wacko is head of state in both the U.S. and North Korea makes the peninsula a powder keg, a possible site for a nuclear war. Heather has convinced me […]

The intractable problem of North Korea

As you may know, North Korea, the world’s most repressive nation, is about to test a new nuclear weapon. Within two decades, says the New York Times in an article published today, the DPRK will have the ability to deliver nuclear weapons via intercontinental missiles. That means the U.S. will be in danger. So far […]

What’s wrong with a bit of tyranny for the greater good?

by Grania Spingies A drive-by commenter named “Jaime” appeared yesterday evening when Jerry posted his commentary on the hoax that fooled the South African branch of the HuffPo. (Recall that the original piece published by HuffPo called for both removing the ability to vote from white men for several decades, and also confiscating and redistributing […]

I weep for Turkey: Erdogan wins vote to greatly expand presidential power

Kemal Atatürk must be spinning in his grave, for his people have narrowly given Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s Islamist President, a victory in a referendum vote. I’m leaving New Zealand in a few hours, and won’t bother you with the details (see them at the New York Times), but the referendum expands Erdogan’s powers, making this […]