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Is John Kerry on a fool’s errand?

Let me confess at the outset that I am no expert on Iran’s uranium-enrichment capabilities, nor about the subtleties of diplomatic negotiations on nuclear weapons.  All I know is what the average person would know who reads, say, the New York Times about our (and Europe’s) negotiations with Iran about lifting economic sanctions in return for their […]

Larry Wilmore tells it like it is

by Greg Mayer On Tuesday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore and his guest panelists were discussing Ted Cruz’s presidential aspirations, when one of the guests stated that we must have “more respect in politics… for people who believe in creationism”. Larry was having none of it: Someone who’s making the most important decisions in the world […]

Republican lawmaker in New Hampshire criticizes kids’ suggestion to make hawk the state raptor, says it reminds him of abortion

I’m pretty confident in saying that only a Republican could be this mushbrained and callous. A group of New Hampshire kids wanted to get a lesson in politics, and so drafted a bill that would make the red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) the Official State Raptor. (I’m sure Stephen Barnard would be on board with this). But in […]

A Christian nation?

by Greg Mayer In an op-ed piece in Sunday’s New York Times, the historian Kevin Kruse asks, Is the United States a Christian nation? It is a common claim among Christian theocrats (those whom Andrew Sullivan has aptly called ‘Christianists’) that America is a Christian nation—that somehow the basic structures of the American government are […]

NY Times crops G. W. and Laura Bush from a photo at Selma

Maybe there were good editorial reasons to crop G. W. and Laura Bush out of Sunday’s New York Times front-page photo, a photo accompanying their story about the Selma March for civil rights. Saturday was the 50th anniversary of the original march. To commemorate it, Barack and Michelle Obama, along with numerous civil rights leaders, including members of […]

They don’t get much crazier than this: meet Texas’s new Lieutenant Governor:

Texas produces a reliable crop of loons in state government, but this one is especially bizarre. It’s Republican Dan Patrick, who was elected November 4 and recently took office. If, God forbid, something happens to governor Gregg Abbott (another conservative Republican), Patrick will be in charge of Texas. That’s a scary thought. Even Texas Monthly calls this guy […]

The Keystone Pipeline: Obama does the right thing

We have readers here who make the exaggerated and ludicrous claim that President Obama is just as bad as any Republican we could have elected in his place. Such mushbrained notions are absolutely refuted by what happened today. Riddle me this: would any Republican president in the last 30 years have done this?   A yes to the […]

Israeli politicians’ views on evolution: more waffling and denialism

Haaretz is the New York Times of Israel, a paper aimed at the intellectual elite on the left. Yesterday it reported the results of a questionnaire sent to all the heads of political parties that are likely to enter the Knesset (the Israeli legislature). There were four questions: 1. What is your position on teaching evolution in […]

Obama still refuses to describe Islamic terrorism as “Islamic”

If you’ve heard the speeches and comments about terrorism that President Obama has issued over the past week, you’ll have noticed an obvious omission: there’s virtually no mention of religion or Islam as a factor in the terrorist acts of individuals or groups like ISIS. When the President does mention religion, he disavows that it has any connection with terrorism, and […]

In which I defend evolution but claim that denying it is not the same thing as denying gravity or relativity

The Washington Examiner is a conservative website, so when one of its reporters, Eddie Scarry, called me yesterday to talk about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s refusal to give his viewpoint on evolution, I asked if Scarry was himself against evolution. After receiving his assurances that he wasn’t, we then had a long conversation about Walker, and, in […]


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