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Read and weep: Trump’s reported nominees for Cabinet posts and other offices

We all knew that when Trump was elected he was going to fill the executive branch and the courts with extremists, incompetents, and ideologues. That’s pretty much a given unless the Donald undergoes some miraculous personality transformation. Now, according to BuzzFeed, his transition team has aseembled a list of potential nominees for Cabinet posts. It does […]

Election Day hangover

I am not prepared to make portentous pronouncements about the election results, as I’m not a political analyst, and other people have already begun masticating the results to death. The consensus about why there was an outcome that so many (including me) see as disastrous for the U.S. seems to be that the strength and feelings of […]

Obama on Trump’s victory: “Sometimes you lose an election”

God, I’ll miss this man. Always eloquent and classy, he remained so as he discussed Trump’s victory in this ten-minute video. Imagine what he could have done if the Senate and House were Democratic. The icon below may look wonky, but it should work. If it doesn’t by the time it’s posted, someone please put a working […]

A view from abroad

by Grania Spingies Stock markets are plummeting, and in spite of almost every poll predicting a comfortable win for Hillary Clinton only a few hours ago, the opposite has happened. Lesson learned: almost no-one can conduct an accurate forecast anymore. This is what the NYT shows having happened to their polls (and they have been aggregating […]

Hillary wins!

UPDATE: I was wrong. We’ll see lots of postmortem analyses in the next few weeks (there are some in this thread), but the damage is done. I just went for a walk around central Hong Kong and felt sick to my stomach, unable to even think rationally about what just happened. To those I’ve bet […]

I am prescient about the election

Here is a screen shot of the posts scheduled to go up today, along with the Chicago times they’ll be posted. Note that I have correctly predicted the election results: I’m calling the election before most people have voted!

Greg Mayer: Why I’m voting enthusiastically for Hillary

JAC: The title above and sentiments below are those of Greg alone, and do not represent the Official Views of This Website™ nor of Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus), who has repeatedly said that although he (PCC[E]) already voted for Hillary, he is not one of her more enthusiastic supporters. With that disclaimer, I present the views […]

PuffHo’s demonization of Trump: can it get any more extreme? (And Glenn Greenwald on the canonization of Clinton)

PuffHo’s frenetic demonization of Donald Trump (who’s already demonized himself out of contention for the Presidency) is growing—to the point of lunacy. Look, for instance, at the Entertainment section, where virtually every article is not about entertainment, but about how some entertainer has produced the “perfect” takedown of The Donald. Even “Weird News,” which used to have great nuggets […]

Trump has lost. Can we move on now?

I didn’t watch the debate last night, keeping my record of avoiding political bombast intact while retaining my own equanimity. But by all accounts I’ve read, Trump not only didn’t evince any semblance of a Presidential (or even rational) demeanor, but rather refused to say he’d honor the results of the election, and claimed that millions (yes, millions) of people […]

Election forecast: If you think Trump might win, bet Professor Ceiling Cat

Here’s Pivit’s latest elecdtion forecast, with a map and their notes. Note the “92.8% chance of Democratic victory.” Shown below is a forecast for the Electoral Map in the 2016 Presidential election between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. The prediction is updated daily, between now and election day (Tuesday, November 8). This forecast […]