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Bernie Sanders appoints yet another anti-Semite as a campaign “surrogate”

The Jerusalem Post and other outlets, as well as Amer Zahr himself, have reported that Zahr, described by Wikipedia as “a Palestinian-American comedian, writer, filmmaker, political activist, and adjunct professor at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law”, has been appointed as a “campaign surrogate” for Bernie Sanders. A surrogate is someone officially allowed to campaign […]

NYT: Pinker on the “Ukraine conversation”

In this short piece in yesterday’s New York Times, Steve Pinker takes a linguistics approach to the recent conversation between Presidents Trump and Zelensky, parsing their words and looking at how they’re used socially, all to figure out if there really was a “quid pro quo” going on. That, of course, is the crucial question, […]

Andrew Sullivan’s latest column, and the Harvard affirmative-action decision

I’m greatly enjoying Andrew Sullivan’s Friday’s columns in New York Magazine—a refreshing online contrast to the cringe-making wokeness that pervades the paper magazine (I got a subscription with frequent-flyer miles in a program I never use, and I’m not going to renew). The latest column, as always, takes up three topics. This week’s include (as […]

Once again: Is impeaching Trump a bad tactic?

Amidst the many New York Times editorials calling for impeaching or investigating the “President”, including an editorial-board opinion favoring an impeachment inquiry, we have an outlier: the following article by Christopher Buskirk, a contributing opinion writer identified as “editor and publisher of the journal American Greatness, [and] a co-author of “American Greatness: How Conservatism, Inc. […]

Trump has reached rock bottom

When I heard yesterday that President Trump said this about the informant who leaked stuff to the phone-call whistleblower, “I want to know who’s the person who gave the whistle-blower the information because that’s close to a spy. You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart with spies […]

Pelosi bends, will announce impeachment inquiry today

Read and smile; the announcement is supposed to come this afternoon. There’s no way Trump can evade this one. Now let’s see if the Dems can handle it judiciously and carefully, without the kind of vindictive ranting that will turn off centrists. Interesting times we’re living in. . .

Impeachment in the air (and poll results)

I’ll be brief. Things in the House of Representatives look as if the Democrats are moving slowly but surely towards impeachment proceedings against Trump. The President’s call to the Ukraine was the last straw. Nancy Pelosi is now wavering on her no-impeachment stand as one Democrat after another is making dump-the-Trump noises. Even Joe Biden […]

News of the day: UK Supreme Court declares that Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was illegal

This news is just in, and I’ve asked Matthew Cobb, who’s “on the ground” in Manchester, to enlighten us. First, though, a media report from CNN (click on screenshot to read and to watch the video of head Justice Lady Hale declaring the decision, which was unanimous): From Matthew Cobb: The UK Supreme Court has […]

Politics: Impeachment and Warren (with polls)

UPDATE: Reader Simon called my attention this this article in FiveThirtyEight (click on screenshot) that suggests mixed results for both Trump and Democrats were impeachment to proceed in the House. ___________ Now that Trump has committed yet another misstep, and a big one—asking Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, all when a military […]

Is the religiosity of the Right driving the secularization of the Left?

In this piece from last Wednesday, Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux in Five Thirty Eight (henceforth “538”) discusses the increasing religious nonbelief of liberals, as opposed to that of conservatives or moderates. (Click on screenshot to read.) There’s little doubt that liberals are losing their faith (or not taking up faith) at a higher rate than are other […]