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It’s time to release the “Twenty-Eight Pages” about Saudi Arabia’s involvment in the 9/11 attacks

If you haven’t been living in Alma Ata for a decade, you’ll know about the classified 28 pages of the bipartisan Congressional report on 9/ll. These pages have been kept from the public, and nearly everyone else, for 13 years, as they probably implicate Saudi Arabia in the terror attacks. So far, the only people who […]

Obama is about to speak

At the U of Chicago, on the Supreme Court stuff. Listen live here.

Obama to speak on Supreme Court; livestreamed at 2:30 Chicago time

At 2:30 Central time (1:30 Eastern time; 8:30 London time), President Obama will be speaking at the University of Chicago Law School about the Supreme Court. We just got a link from the University News office, so if you click on the video below at that time, you’ll get to hear Obama’s talk. He’ll certainly […]

A new perspective of the geopolitical globe

by Grania This explains a lot. As I’ve said before, I don’t believe that Trump actually holds all the positions that he espouses on the podium. In fact, probably only a few politicians do: elections are all too often reduced to personality contests where the person who managed to say the things the audience most […]

Suggest some science questions to ask the Presidential candidates

A consortium of high-class science organizations, including those on the screenshot below, are asking for citizens to suggest science questions that can be put to the Presidential candidates. Click on the screenshot to go the pages, where you can both suggest questions or vote on the many already suggested. Some are good (“How do you […]

Delhi: student unrest abates, and I get more noms

Last night the campus got the welcome news that the two JNU students arrested and jailed for sedition had been released on bail. The judge ruled that the students had no criminal record, had spotless records in school (both are grad students in history), and didn’t pose a flight risk. I read the judge’s order, […]

Obama to announce Supreme Court nominee this morning

Get your popcorn: this morning President Obama is going to nominate a Supreme Court justice to replace Antonin Scalia. There are, as announced by both the New York times and CBS News, three nominees on the short list. Among the finalists are the federal appellate judges Sri Srinivasan, Merrick B. Garland and Paul Watford. My money is […]

Vote, dammit!

If you’re in the U.S., you’re living in a democracy. Do your duty; it’s not onerous, and do you really want the OTHER candidate to win?

It’s going to be a bizarre election year

When I went to bed last night, I was pretty sure that Hillary Clinton would win not only the Mississippi primary (the Clintons always get heavy support from black voters), but the populous state of Michigan as well. I also thought, or rather hoped, that Donald Trump, now the target of heavy criticism by the doyens […]

The Trump steamroller keeps flattening other Republicans, Clinton takes South and Massachusetts

Maybe I should just stay in Canada. In yesterday’s “Super Tuesday” primaries, Donald Trump, the Clown Candidate, and a huge embarrassment to America, won the GOP race in seven states, while Ted Cruz won in Oklahoma, Alaska, and Texas—and Rubio in Minnesota. The delegate count for the three candidates, respectively, is 285, 161, and 87. Among Democrats, […]


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