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Ken White’s article on the Cohen testimony: Everyone needed advice from lawyers

Ken White, who writes on the legal website Popehat, has a very good article in The Atlantic about Michael Cohen’s cross-examination by Congress yesterday.  His take is that the Republicans completely failed to destroy Cohen’s credibility, but that Democrats largely blew the chance to make a case against Trump. Click on screenshot (h/t: Grania): One […]

Michael Cohen testifies

I’m watching Michael Cohen’s live testimony before the House of Representatives, and you can follow it, along with commentary, at the New York Times site. What he has to say is chilling, and it’s not over yet. I can tell the party of any Representative questioning Cohen simply by the loudness of their voices (the […]

A thinking liberal spanks the Democrats

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything that Fareed Zakaria ever said that I disagreed with, and I can’t think of another liberal journalist of whom I can say that. (Granted, I haven’t heard more than a fraction of what he’s said!) At any rate, in his latest Washington Post piece he goes after the […]

Trump and Kim Jong-un meet again

The good that the U.S. is trying to do in Venezuela, sending aid to the beleaguered and hungry populace —aid that never gets there— and supporting the self-declared president Juan Guaido instead of the nefarious dictator Maduro (Democrats: where is your support for Guaido?), is being offset by our “President’s” meeting this week with Kim […]

Democrats throw shade on Ilhan Omar for antisemitism

I couldn’t resist a HuffPo clickbaity title. Forgive me. This story was on many right-wing websites yesterday, but I refrained from posting about it (though I shouldn’t have to given the copious documentation). Now, however, the New York Times has picked the story up, and also reported a fillip: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has spanked […]

Student op-ed: We don’t need to hear conservative voices

I don’t claim that this op-ed, by a staff writer for Student Life, the student newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis, is typical of all college students. But this kind of dismissive attitude is spreading, and it’s not just mushbrained but positively dangerous. For it’s only one step from claiming that conservatives have nothing […]

The Democratic Socialists of America want to eliminate Israel

I became acquainted with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) when two candidates who were DSA members, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, were elected to Congress as Democratic Representatives.  In general, I endorse many of the group’s aims, though not its call for untrammeled socialism. (I tend to favor a capitalistic system with socialistic modifications, […]

Readers’ votes: Northam should stay on

It’s pretty much academic whether Virginia Governor Ralph Northam will stay on: he won’t, as the pressure on him to resign will build and build, with nobody defending him. I say this regardless of what I feel, which right now is conflicted and still in stasis waiting for the facts to come out.  But I […]

Should the governor of Virginia resign over racist yearbook photos?

As many venues report (NYT article here), Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia, is now the object of gazillions of calls for him to step down, all based on a photo of a person in blackface, accompanied by a person dressed in KKK robes, that appeared on Northam’s page in his medical school yearbook of […]

Weekend reading

It’s supposedly my day off, though with the weather being Arctic, there’s not much to do outside—or even a reason to go outside. But I’ve read a few things that I’ll recommend if you too are housebound today. First, a good column—especially the first part—from Andrew Sullivan in New York Magazine (h/t Simon). It’s worth keeping […]