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“Obamacare is the law of the land”

. . . or so said Speaker of the House Paul Ryan after Republicans, unable to present a credible alternative to the Affordable Care Act, pretty much gave up. As CNN reports: Repubicans were unable to muster enough GOP support to bring their health care bill to a vote. “We came up short,“ Ryan said, a […]

Gorsuch nomination in danger, and other news

As my CNN news bulletins tell me, Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court justice is in serious danger. Gorsuch needs 60 “yes” votes in the Senate for confirmation, and there are only 52 Republicans. Further, several key Democrats, including Chuck Schumer, have already said they’ll vote no on Gorsuch. So did Bernie Sanders. My view? […]

Iran sentences art gallery owners to death

By Grania Although it has been not been reported very widely in the Western press, on March 12th Iran sentenced Iranian-American Karam Vafadari and Afarin Nayssari to death. They were originally arrested on charges of serving alcohol in their home and hosting mixed-gender parties. Vafadari is Zoroastrian and thus is technically not bound to these Islamic laws. […]

Heather Hastie on why Europe has benefited from the Trump administration

No, it’s not what you think, but you should read this nice and well-researched post at Heather’s Homilies. Think about what is happening to the far right parties in Europe before you click over to her post. The upshot; her conclusion. Not long ago, there were worries that far-right nationalist and anti-EU parties might sweep […]

A US Attorney refuses to resign

UPDATE: Bharara announced on Twitter that he’s been fired: I did not resign. Moments ago I was fired. Being the US Attorney in SDNY will forever be the greatest honor of my professional life. — Preet Bharara (@PreetBharara) March 11, 2017 _________ As I noted this morning, Trump, or rather his minion Dana Boente, asked […]

Thanks to The Donald, the U.S. goes further down the tubes

As a secular Jew (yes, Dave Silverman, we exist), I have the right to utter a loud OY! Donald Trump is now trumpeting loudly—on Twitter, of course—that his campaign phone lines were tapped by Obama. Here are four tweets in reverse order, and OY, are they strong! McCarthyism! Obama is a “Bad (or sick) guy!” And […]

NYT rates 20 events of the Trump presidency on two axes: 70% are both important and abnormal

This figure (at the bottom of the post) was in today’s New York Times‘ “The Upshot” section, and rates 20 events of the Trump presidency on two axes: “normal —> abnormal” and “not important” —> “important.” The rankings were determined by polling “experts across the ideological spectrum”, with “experts” being either in government or having studied […]

New National Security advisor rejects connection between Islam and terrorism

On February 13, Michael Flynn resigned as Trump’s National Security Advisor, and he’s now been replaced by H. R. (Herbert Raymond) McMaster. Nobody can argue that McMaster is not qualified, what with his extensive experience in the military and as a security specialist in the Middle East. Even Slate approves of him, calling him “the Army’s smartest officer,” though […]

Jeff Tayler on what the US should do about Russia

Jeff Tayler has lived and worked in Russia for many years, writing for The Atlantic as a correspondent and editor.  (He also promotes atheism and criticizes religion at places like Slate and Quillette).  This is to say that he has considerably more experience and knowledge about Russia than those of us who rely on the […]

Does demonizing Trump supporters help the Left?

As you will know from reading this site, I have no love for Donald Trump. I fear he’s going to destroy America, and that this comes from his narcissism—his caring more about being loved and admired than about the welfare of America (or anyone but himself).  But what I see now among the Left is […]