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Andrew Sullivan sees Joe Biden as the most viable Democratic candidate

In his latest weekly “Interesting Times” column in New York Magazine, Andrew Sullivan lays out why he thinks Joe Biden might be the best candidate to beat Trump in November, 2020.  I think I agree with him, though it’s certainly early days. Some Leftists, though, are saying we need a woman candidate or a minority […]

Live feed: Uprising in Venezuela

Right now there are huge clashes in Venezuela between the government and the people after the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, as the NYT reports, “showed up with soldiers at a military base and called for the population to rise up against the president, Nicolás Maduro.” That’s exactly what they’re doing. Maduro is an autocrat and […]

Once again: should Trump be impeached?

Here’s a short video on CNN by the always sensible Fareed Zakaria on the possibility (and desirability) of Trump being impeached. He’s also put the text of this talk in a Washington Post piece called, “Democrats, there’s a better strategy than impeachment.” Listen (click on the screenshot to access the video) and/or read: What is “Fareed’s […]

Why the Democrats won’t win the Presidency in 2020

There are many reasons why I despair of the Democrats recapturing the White House in 2020, and this is the latest one of them. Click on the screenshot: Yes, Biden may be a creepy groper, but we don’t know that yet, nor does Elizabeth Warren. (Biden says he doesn’t recall doing this, and denies acting […]

Brexit Twitter

by Grania In case you are sick of it already, you can safely skip this collection of Brexit-related tweets. I think everyone in Europe is sick of it, but we can’t ignore it for it affects us all in one way or another even if we live outside the UK. It is not fair to say […]

Theresa May to resign as Prime Minister

UPDATE: Grania suggested that I add this to the post (her words): James O’Brien has written a book about Brexit and fields calls from Brexiteers every day on his talk show. The video at the link shows that there is no coherent plan among pro-Brexit proponents of what Leave means. “Leave means leave” is a […]

Trump instantly reverses new sanctions on North Korea

The “President” has made a ton of ridiculous political decisions in his time, but this one, to which Grania alerted me as a tweet, has to number among the stupidest.  The sanctions were imposed just yesterday, and their reversal appears to be because our own maniac likes the DPRK’s maniac: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White […]

Ken White’s article on the Cohen testimony: Everyone needed advice from lawyers

Ken White, who writes on the legal website Popehat, has a very good article in The Atlantic about Michael Cohen’s cross-examination by Congress yesterday.  His take is that the Republicans completely failed to destroy Cohen’s credibility, but that Democrats largely blew the chance to make a case against Trump. Click on screenshot (h/t: Grania): One […]

Michael Cohen testifies

I’m watching Michael Cohen’s live testimony before the House of Representatives, and you can follow it, along with commentary, at the New York Times site. What he has to say is chilling, and it’s not over yet. I can tell the party of any Representative questioning Cohen simply by the loudness of their voices (the […]

A thinking liberal spanks the Democrats

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything that Fareed Zakaria ever said that I disagreed with, and I can’t think of another liberal journalist of whom I can say that. (Granted, I haven’t heard more than a fraction of what he’s said!) At any rate, in his latest Washington Post piece he goes after the […]