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Bernie deep-sixes Cenk Uygur

Well, I couldn’t resist some politics. I recently wondered, “How is Young Turks host Cenk Uygur faring in his campaign for a Congressional seat?” You may know that Uygur is running for the House seat vacated by Democrat Katie Hill after she was involved in a bit of a scandal. So I looked him up […]

NYT endorses both Klobuchar and Warren for President

Today’s New York Times broke with precedent, endorsing two candidates for President as the Iowa caucus approaches.  Those candidates are Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren. (Read the editorial for why they don’t endorse the others: Biden and Sanders, for instance, are deemed too old, and should make room for younger folk). It’s curious that the […]

Andrew Sullivan on the Democratic candidates

Andrew Sullivan’s “Intelligencer” column is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly woke New York Magazine. His Friday pieces are usually in three parts, and this week’s (click on screenshot below) is no exception. The three topics are, in order, the progress we’ve made in gay rights and women’s rights, and those who deny […]

Which Democratic candidate best aligns with your views?

Reader Simon called my attention to this quiz in the Washington Post that asks about your views on issues like gun control, immigration, government-sponsored health care, voting rights for felons, the Electoral College, and other stuff that we’ve been talking about. You get to answer 20 multiple-choice questions, and after giving each answer you are […]

The decline of civility, Democratic version

Here’s a short video of Elizabeth Warren refusing to shake Bernie Sanders’s hand after last night’s Democratic debate. Apparently they exchanged some serious words after the declined handshake, but we don’t know what was said. Regardless, it was over a year ago that Sanders supposedly said that a woman couldn’t be elected President, and I […]

Your take on the debate

I’m on my way to the airport, and, as I mentioned, didn’t watch the Democratic debate last night. But if you did—and I”m suspecting many did—please write your take briefly in the comments, and you can also note your “dream ticket”, including your vice-presidential favorite. Oh, hell, let’s have some polls, too. Who do you […]

New York Times tells Democrats how to regain the White House

All of us who identify as Democrats or liberals are biting our nails about this November’s elections. Can Trump possibly win again? I go back and forth on this, but lately am more optimistic that, because of the impeachment proceedings and Trump’s unhinged behavior about Iran and international affairs in general, the Democrats have a […]

It’s time to move the impeachment proceedings to the Senate

Many liberals think that Nancy Pelosi is being very clever for refusing to move Trump’s impeachment proceedings over to the Senate, who have the power to convict him, unless that body agrees to meet certain conditions for a trial (these conditions include the testimony of specified people). In today’s New York Times’s conversation between liberal […]

Live feed of House impeachment vote

The full vote apparently hasn’t yet taken place, but here’s a place to go to see the action in the House. Representatives are declaring their stands, and people are worked up. Here, from the New York Times, is where members stand on the vote. It’s going to be pretty much this when the votes are […]

Trump sends 5-page letter to Nancy Pelosi protesting his impeachment

Well, the letter isn’t completely unhinged, but it’s very vitriolic and accuses the Democrats in the strongest possible terms of playing politics. Trump also sent this screed to every member of Congress, both House and Senate. You can see it at CNN by clicking on the screenshot below. I have no reaction save incredulity. But […]