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Tina Fey returns to SNL season finale, playing Sarah Palin with a cast of Trump lackeys

Since I saw the first season in graduate school (was it really 43 years ago?) Saturday Night Live has become a mere shadow of its former self. But it would be impossible to replace that first cast, which included Laraine Newman, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, Garrett Morris, and Chevy Chase. Still, there […]

Bill Maher: Why Trump won’t be forced out of office

If you think Bill Maher is alt-right, have a listen to this clip in which he strongly denigrates Trump and the Republicans, but also argues that given Trump’s disdain for the law, there’s no way he will be impeached or forced out of office by criminal behavior. I’m not so sure that that’s the case: […]

U.S.-North Korea summit may be canceled

Already, without anything substantive happening save joint U.S.-South Korean air force exercises (perhaps unwise, but not a deal-breaker), Kim Jong-un is messing with the scheduled peace talks, canceling the ones with South Korea and threatening the ones with the U.S. As usual, the Dearest Leader is messing with the U.S., and nobody knows if he’s […]

The U.S. and South Korea get conned again

UPDATE: In an overly optimistic (but still guarded) op-ed on these talks, the New York Times‘s Nicholas Kristof seems to think that the big benefit is that we are moving away from the brink of war. But is that the case? Were we really in danger of an armed conflict? I don’t think so, as […]

New York Times cries “fake news” about real news from Palestine

You may remember the reporter and anchor Campbell Brown, who worked for NBC and then CNN before the latter dropped her for low ratings (I liked her reporting). She then took to writing op-eds and turned herself into a well-known advocate for school choice, becoming more openly conservative along the way. Now, as Nellie Bowles […]

Yesterday’s poll: Prognostications about Trump

My poll yesterday, “Is Trump toast?” came from my feeling—which I still hold—that he won’t last his first term: that he’ll either resign or be forced out of office.  I asked readers their opinion, and here are the results as of 8 a.m. today: Only about 28% of respondents agree with me, 43% think he’ll get […]

Poll: Is Trump toast?

What with the unprecedented FBI raids on the office, home, and hotel room of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen (see here and here for good analyses)—raids that wouldn’t have been authorized unless there was some suspicion of illegal activity—things are looking worse than ever for the First Moron. The raids are apparently in connection with the […]

Andrew Sullivan reviews two books on whether Trump can be impeached

In today’s New York Times, writer Andrew Sullivan reviews two books by Cass Sunstein (one authored, one edited) about whether Trump is impeachable given what we know. The verdict is “probably not.” Here are the two books, and click on the screenshot below them to read Sullivan’s take. As a highly respected Constitutional lawyer and […]

Trump’s getting scared

The Mueller investigation is drawing ever closer to Trump, whose administration is simply coming apart at the seams. It’s accomplished nothing save appointing a Supreme Court judge as right-wing as Scalia, and people are fleeing the government like rats from a sinking ship. We may live to see Trump impeached for obstruction of justice, something […]

Bill Maher offers some constructive criticism to Democrats

“The Democrats are to political courage as Velveeta is to cheese.” —Bill Maher In this segment of Bill Maher’s latest show, he calls out Democrats for their lack of courage.  To a large extent I agree with him. Americans are in favor of more gun control, want reasonable controls on immigration, and yet the Democrats […]