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Trump has lost. Can we move on now?

I didn’t watch the debate last night, keeping my record of avoiding political bombast intact while retaining my own equanimity. But by all accounts I’ve read, Trump not only didn’t evince any semblance of a Presidential (or even rational) demeanor, but rather refused to say he’d honor the results of the election, and claimed that millions (yes, millions) of people […]

Election forecast: If you think Trump might win, bet Professor Ceiling Cat

Here’s Pivit’s latest elecdtion forecast, with a map and their notes. Note the “92.8% chance of Democratic victory.” Shown below is a forecast for the Electoral Map in the 2016 Presidential election between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. The prediction is updated daily, between now and election day (Tuesday, November 8). This forecast […]

Is there such a thing as a non-negative campaign ad?

Although I don’t watch much television, I do watch the evening news, and sometimes leave on the local news after that. And when I wake up, I listen to the morning headlines and weather as I get dressed. But even in this small window of time I hear plenty of campaign ads. And all of […]

A few more substantive things

I’m pretty busy with CoyneFest stuff, my upcoming trip to Singapore, Hong Kong and China, and other matters, so substantive posts are going to be scarcer than usual until I return from Asia in mid-November. Let me call your attention today, then, to three things that you might want to read: 1). Over at Heather’s […]

Tonight’s debate

UPDATE: And so the madness begins. From CNN: Donald Trump made a surprise appearance with women who in the past have accused Bill Clinton of inappropriate sexual activity. The women are expected to attend Trump’s debate with Hillary Clinton, which is airing on CNN at 9 p.m. ET. The town hall forum is co-moderated by […]

Media goes into paroxysms of joy and fury

by Grania Depending on what side of the fence you are on this election cycle, you probably read at least one of the following sites from time to time, if only because your friends and family on Facebook keep posting links to one or the other. This is not a claim that either Breitbart or […]

Trump loses the election

Knowing Donald Trump, my guess was always that he would make a gaffe so inexcusably insensitive and large that it would cost him the election. He’s made a number of these, but so far has had a Teflon patina. The latest, however, will cost him the endorsement of both Republican newspapers and fellow Republicans throughout […]

Hitchens on “identity politics”

Reader John S. called my attention to this addendum to chapter 15 of Christopher Hitchens’s Letters to a Young Contrarian, which I haven’t read in a long time.  It’s fifteen years old now, but rings especially true these days—a time when the Left is divided into mutually carnivorous factions, feasting on the “small differences” Hitchens mentions. […]

Donald Trump and taxes: did he do anything wrong?

I feel it essential to begin, as usual, with an asseveration that I despise Donald Trump and all that he stands for, that he appeals to the worst instincts in Americans, and that I will certainly vote for his opponent. But I also dislike the deification of Hillary Clinton—adulation that has gone so far that one is […]

HuffPo stupidity of the day

I can’t really find anything to admire about Donald Trump (except, perhaps, how he keeps his hair on), but it does bother me that many Democrats and organs like the HuffPo are obsessed with finding fault in his every statement. It’s an obsession, and an unhealthy one, for it’s turning our political system into a […]