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You can’t win

When I criticize Ilhan Omar, I get faulted for not mentioning Trump or Omar’s death threats. Now, when I criticize Trump, I get this (not posted, of course): As the saying goes, you can’t satisfy all of the people all of the time.  But I’m sick and tired of this kind of stuff, and of […]

Trump aims an old bigoted trope at Justice Democrats

As you know, “President” Trump issued some disgusting tweets the other day, telling the four Justice Democrats—Representatives Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley (he didn’t mention names, but it’s clear who he meant— to “go back to where they came from”. Here is some of what he said, and the New York […]

Pelosi versus the Justice Democrats: What does it mean for 2020?

As you surely know if you’re a Democrat, the party is fracturing along progressive/moderate lines, with the “progressives” comprising four newly-elected but vociferous members of the Justice Democrats (JDs): Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, Ilhan Omar from Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib from Michigan and Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts. Their stance to the left of “mainstream” […]

Are our political views encoded by our DNA?

There’s a new op-ed in the Washington Post, “Our politics are in our DNA”, written by Sebastian Junger, an American journalist and author.  His primary data, which, based on the article, seem reasonable, suggest that a large part of the variation among Americans in their political attitudes—conservatives versus liberals—resides in our DNA, with roughly half […]

A discussion thread

I know the news is full of things I’d normally be commenting on, but I’m on vacation and a). don’t have time to write nearly as much as usual, and b). much of the news is depressing and I’d rather look at tropical reef fish than be splenetic. HOWEVER, there are several items that readers […]

Trump duped again by North Korea

As you probably know, Trump just became the first U.S. President to actually set foot in North Korea, meeting the odious Kim Jong-un after stepping over the border in the demilitarized zone, and then meeting privately with the dictator. You can see a number of reports at the CNN site below (click on the screenshot): […]

David Brooks on the Dems

Read this op-ed by David Brooks in today’s New York Times (click on screenshot) and see if you disagree with it. His fear, which is also is mine, is that the Dems, by moving ever further left in an effort to out-woke each other, will improve the prospects of Trump: An excerpt (Brooks is a […]

The first Democratic debate: your take

I missed all but the last ten minutes of the first Democratic Presidential debate, as I was out and about. All I saw was a bunch of self-promotion, and some heated moments as the Dems attacked each other. Well, that’s to be expected. Weigh in below with your opinion, though it’s early days. Who did […]

HuffPost’s repeated smears of Joe Biden

HuffPost, of course, is not a source of news, but an Authoritarian Leftist rag where opinion masquerades as news. Their agenda is so transparent that you can see it simply by scanning the “headlines.” Right now the site is busy smearing every Democratic candidate save Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and it especially hates Joe […]

Andrew Sullivan on the Democrats and immigration

I enjoy reading Andrew Sullivan’s weekly “Interesting Times” columns, and they’re worth following. Each Friday column covers three subjects, and although I don’t agree with Andrew all of the time, more often than not I do. You may still count him as a conservative, but he sure doesn’t sound like one, especially when, as he […]