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Jonathan Chait: the Trump Bump is temporary

Lately, Trump’s behavior relative to the pandemic has not only not been Presidential, but positively puerile. He’s trying to deny New York the ventilators it needs, he’s dissing CEOs, and—what really irks me—he’s threatening to punish states whose governors don’t toady to him. What kind of leadership is that? And yet we know that his […]

Andrew Sullivan on Trump’s bungling of the pandemic crisis, face masks, and the silver lining

Every Friday reader Simon sends me a link to Andrew Sullivan’s New York Magazine column, which is always a good read, even when you disagree with him. Over the years, Sullivan seems to have not only moved to the Left (or perhaps the Left just moved further Left while he stayed where he was), but […]

Two congresspeople, including AOC, threaten to delay passage of stimulus bill

I’ve pretty much written off Republicans, but among us Democrats there’s one annoying snake in the grass, a snake who goes by the monicker of AOC. Truly, I am amazed at the number of people who admire her, and even suggest she’d make a good president. I see her as having some good positions. and […]

I made a bet against Trump

Even before the pandemic struck, I was fairly certain that Donald Trump would be defeated this November. Well, least the polls—which of course are not 100% trustworthy at this point—said so. As I recall, both Biden and Sanders were potential defeaters of the Orange Maniac, and the various polls were fairly consistent, and remain so […]

The Biden/Sanders debate: weigh in

I was too dispirited last night to watch the Biden/Sanders debate, and I haven’t watched many of the Democratic debates anyway. I had called several of my friends, who were also dispirited, and decided to have half a bottle of cava and the leftover carnitas I ate for lunch on Saturday. If there’s one silver lining […]

Yesterday’s primaries

I refuse to weigh in on whether Joe Biden has dementia, which is the current rumor being circulated about his verbal gaffes on the campaign trail. After all, he’s been making gaffes for decades. If he does suffer from dementia, we should hear that from his doctors. But even if he does have early-stage dementia, […]

A sensible column by David Leonhardt

From occasionally reading his columns in the New York Times, I see that David Leonhardt’s political views are clearly liberal.  I suspect he’s a Democrat, though a quick search didn’t turn up much about his political affiliation. But then again, do we always need to scrutinize someone’s ideology before we judge their assertions? I don’t […]

Trump’s new chief of staff is a young-earth creationist who lied to the government and helps promulgate lies to children

One thing that’s been missing from this election cycle—as it’s been missed in nearly every Presidential election—is questioning the candidates about their acceptance of evolution. In fact, I don’t remember Trump ever being asked this question. In 2016, the other Republican candidates mostly ducked the question (see also here), and for the life of me I […]

Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden

This happened just 45 minutes ago (click to read the post, though there’s not much):  Is this the end for Bernie? One thing we’ve learned about this campaign is that there’s a fluctuating momentum, so that the last candidate to win anything is seen as the front-runner who is likely to secure the nomination. Ergo, […]

What did in Elizabeth Warren?

  Elizabeth Warren’s withdrawal from the Democratic Presidential race wasn’t surprising. After all, she hadn’t won a single state after Super Tuesday, and she finished third even in her own home state of Massachusetts—a real embarrassment.  It’s clear why she withdrew, as by Thursday she didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the […]