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Open thread: change the law

by Grania Here’s a question Jerry posed this morning: If you could change one law in your country, what would it be and why? Please say which country you are in too, seeing as this is a multi-national website (ahem). There are a bunch of laws that I would like to change in Ireland which […]

Obama gets praise for pulling out the religion card

by Grania There is nothing like a heartfelt appeal to God to stir the loins and get the heads of the voters nodding in approval. In an otherwise admirable speech about gun violence, poverty and race relations in the USA, Obama referenced God on a number of occasions. I never quite know whether politicians are […]

What a deal! White House announces it will negotiate with terrorists for American hostages, but give up prosecuting Americans for doing the same thing

This just came over my CNN feed, and I find it totally bizarre: White House has announced a presidential directive and an executive order that will allow the government to communicate and negotiate with terrorist groups holding American hostages. Officials will now be allowed to talk to those terror groups and discuss ways to secure the […]

Once more with feeling: final thoughts on Ireland’s Marriage Equality referendum #MarRef

by Grania Spingies Terry Pratchett once wrote: “Words have power, and one of the things they are able to do is get out of someone’s mouth before the speaker has the chance to stop them.” Pratchett was right, of course. I don’t think the Vatican can help it much, for Terminal Foot-In-Mouth Disease seems to […]

One of those days

Today we have a report from On the Spot by our Official Ireland Correspondent, writing about the gay marriage referendum, which just won approval in that Catholic country. by Grania Spingies Every once in a while you have a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. Sometimes it’s because of something […]

Tragedy in Paraguay

by Grania On Friday CNN reported a tragic case of a 10 year old Paraguayan girl who was raped by her stepfather and is now pregnant. The child has already been betrayed in the worst possible way by the adults in her life who should have protected her, and now it seems she will be betrayed […]

Philomena explains the election

It’s less than an hour and a half until Philomena is on Charlie Brooker’s “Election Wipe” special in the UK (BBC2, 9 pm). So make your plans now, have a Sambuca and a gin-and-tonic, and read Philomena’s guide to the election from yesterday’s Guardian.  An excerpt: Can you explain Farage, Clegg, Cameron, Sturgeon and Miliband? Farage […]

Republican barrel-scraping: Ben Carson’s running for President

Should we take into consideration someone’s religion when we decide to vote for him or her? I’ve decided that we should. All things equal, an atheist (especially one who gives good reasons for nonbelief) is preferable to a believer, especially an ardent one. And, among believers, some are more delusional than others: I’d prefer, for instance, […]

Obama lets us down on capital punishment and Afghanistan

Oh, what high expectations we had of Obama, and how little they’ve been fulfilled! Granted, he’s come through with healthcare, and the Republican Congress often stymies his good efforts; but lately Obama seems to be phoning in his performance. Yesterday the New York Times called him out on two accounts: his failure to fulfill his promises to work against the […]

Jeffrey Tayler rides again, assessing the religiosity of the Presidential candidatews

I’ve learned that Atlantic correspondent Jeffrey Tayler is writing an anti-theist piece every Sunday in Salon. Perhaps this is their way of making amends for all the rump-osculation that they’ve done towards faith, and all the animus they’ve shown towards New Atheists. (His pieces are a great substitute for that church sermon.) For Tayler is, if anything, […]


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