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Monica Crowley, accused plagiarist, quits position with Trump administration

As I’ve reported previously (here and here), Monica Crowley, whom Trump’s appointed to be senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council, was accused of extensive plagiarism not just in a 2012 HarperCollins book (which has since been pulled), but also in her Ph.D. thesis at Columbia University. Now, according to CNN and the […]

U.S. Congress begins its repeal of Obamacare

I can’t tell you how much dread I feel knowing that, one week from today, Donald Trump will begin his first full day as President of the United States. “President Trump”! Would any of us have not laughed at that possibility a year ago? Well, the nightmare is about to begin. We’re going to get a […]

Maajid Nawaz on the US’s vote on the UN resolution

Maajid Nawaz (I hadn’t realized that he was only 38) is, as most of you know, a former Islamist extremist and now an Islamic moderate who runs the anti-extremist Quilliam Foundation. And he’s a brave man. I don’t know if he has bodyguards, but given his calls for moderation in Islam and his vigorous condemnations of Muslim […]

America’s cultural divide as evidenced by television viewers

The New York Times gave graphic results of a survey (using Facebook and ZIP codes) of how popular an array of 50 U.S. television shows were in different areas of the U.S. The results are more or less as you expect, and display a cultural divide manifested largely by geography. For example, here’s the popularity of “Duck […]

Malgorzata Koraszewska on the UN’s new Israel resolution

My adopted Polish mother, Malgorzata, emailed me about the recent UN Security Council Resolution 2334 on Israel and Palestine, which you can find here.  Among its stipulations are these (taken from Abu Yehuda’s site; Yehuda also has questions and answers about the resolution, which he considers “unbalanced”, while CNN lists other questions and answers): The […]

Journalism sinks to new low as Julia Ioffe accuses Trump of incest

Twitchy (here and here), as well as many other outlets, reported that journalist Julia Ioffe made a rather substantial gaffe on Twitter. Ioffe was the Russian correspondent for the New Yorker, then a senior editor for The New Republic, and most recently wrote for Politico. I’ve previously taken apart one of her religion-coddling pieces that was published […]

Krauss on Trump’s anti-science cabinet (and on Rick Perry as Energy Secretary)

Physicist Lawrence Krauss, always a writer, has now in the Age of Trump become a pro-science activist as well. Wearing that hat, he published two articles just yesterday, one in the New Yorker and the other in the New York Times, both about Trump’s missteps in choosing his cabinet.  The New Yorker piece, “Donald Trump’s war […]

Adam Fisher: The “diversity” trope neglects class

Jacobin Magazine bills itself as a left-wing site with a socialist slant, so you can’t write off this piece, by Adam Fisher, as expressing the biases of a right-wing writer. I can’t find much about an “Adam Fisher” on the Internet, but that’s not surprising given his subject: his upbringing in a small and impoverished town […]

Heather Hastie on North Korea, China, and Donald Trump

Over at her site Heather’s Homilies, reader Heather Hastie has a long (4000-word) but thoughtful, informative, and well-researched post on the issue of North Korea, the ineffectiveness of sanctions against that state (the world’s most repressive, in my view), and the need for the U.S. to keep good relations with China, our one go-between with North Korea. […]

Trump puts evolution-denier Ben Carson in his Cabinet!

According to CNN, Donald Trump has tapped former neurosurgeon and present-day creationist, Seventh-Day Adventist, believer in Satan, global-warming denialist, and flat-out abortion opponent (including in cases of rape or incest) Ben Carson to be his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  His job? to “oversee federal public housing programs and helps formulate policy on homelessness and […]